Thursday the 21st August 2014
Volume 330

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Today we publish details of the Eddie Kang Business Model 


How to make millions;
Abuse the integrity of the Migration system;
Make the DIBP look like fools;
The Kang Business Model of Success

Kang running from the awaiting ABC cameras
By Karl Konrad - Editor

Despite the efforts of the DIBP Investigations Unit in the last 8 months to disrupt Eddie Kang's business, Kang is still out there, free to deceive honest people out of their hard earned savings, threaten them, and in many cases ensure they become unlawful.


The damage to the integrity of the migration system by this one individual is immense and his business model has been used by others intent to cashing in on legal loop holes and the DIBP incapable or unwilling to stop them. The harm inflicted upon the victims is immeasurable.


The Sydney Morning Herald exposed the inadequacies of the DIBP in past operations to stop migration fraud and the DIBP claimed this is because it all happened these examples happened under the Labour government.


Sorry Mr. Morrison, that excuse doesn't wash. The migration fraud is happening on your watch and by all accounts on a more sophisticated organised level designed to stump your investigators.



How to outwit the DIBP in 15 (or less) easy steps.


  1. Purchase a small businesses in a regional area (eg; an Adelaide Shopping Centre Food Stall) and a small business in Sydney (eg; Dental Laboratory in Chatswood). These businesses do not need to be large only 2-3 staff would be sufficient.
  2. Develop a web site (or two) mimicking a large corporation with plenty of large photos of impressive infrastructure. This company must be offshore so as to avoid close inspection and the discovery that it does not exist.  
  3. Register this company business name in the offshore country so as to ensure it is a legal entity on paper and will show up on internet searches. Use an offshore cheap local business rental postal address.  
  4. Set up a presentable office in North Sydney and use the offshore company name and signs on the door. Claim this is the Sydney regional area office of a large corporation.
  5. Set up an ASIC registered company that mimics the overseas company, let say Singapore Oil Pty Ltd as an example. This ensures 99% of people believe this is actually the local arm of a large corporation although it has no relationship at all.
  6. Use the two Australian businesses for a DIBP standard business sponsorship application for the 457 visa and the regional business for RCB approval.
  7. Use these DIBP approval letters to show and impress inquiring job and visa sponsorship seekers that you are a legitimate business person.
  8. Register 20-30 ASIC companies with various obscure names. These registered companies do not need to operate to be permitted to lodge sponsorship applications. Use each company for about 10 to 20 visa applicant to avoid suspicion.
  9. Set up a virtual office in Hobart, using Servcorp as an example.
  10. Register a business name in Tasmania.
  11. Set up an service contract that will evade efforts by the Police getting involved in fraud related complaints. For example; set the terms of the contract over more than two years with multiple chances to supply the visa and jobs. Ensure the contract ensures at least $15,000 by just signing clients up and just by lodging a sponsorship/visa application.
  12. Do not collect GST on these contracts to ensure the tax office doesn't get involved chasing down their percentage.
  13. Advertise on Gum Tree, Job Seek etc that you can provide 457, RSMS and ENS employment sponsorship.
  14. Use this business name and Servcorp office address as its trading site and lodge about 20 RCB approval applications for a business that does not exist.  
  15.  When clients deposit their hard earned cash into your business account move this money out so it can no longer be reached by legal challenges such as the CTTT.


The DIBP has not moved to make any of these steps illegal. They did not warn applicants that the individual lodging sponsorship applications for them was known to them as a fraudster.


The OMARA did not care less corrupt Migration Agents were assisting Kang.


The regional certifying bodies such as Tasmania will just refuse applications without doing anything or notifying anyone.


The tax office wont act on what they don't know.


And ASIC doesn't seem to care less how many companies an individual registers. They don't even bother to ask for proof of identity.


So there you go Australia, if your going to be apathetic and allow an international resident come to Australia and inflict harm, undermine the integrity of our migration laws, tax laws and corporation laws then please don't complain later when it hits the press.


Now finally, can I get on that bloody DIBP Blacklist! 


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Why publish details of how to commit migration fraud? 


Because we are sick of the DIBP doing nothing except trying to disrupt Kang rather than stopping him.


We want a system that protects the innocent and a body who can step in and stop them being harmed.


By publishing how easy it is to deceive and commit migration fraud in this country, evade tax obligations and to make a mockery of our company laws, perhaps someone will do something to fix it.


It seems stories we have published about the victims of Kang mean nothing to the department.


The Kang copy cats are already out there using this model and soon organised crime gangs will cash in on the act.


How easy it is to use the Kang model makes Australia a laughing stock and Morrison you wont be able to blame the previous government for too much longer.


Clean up this systemic abuse. If your not tough enough except to take on powerless Asylum Seekers then make way for someone who is.

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