Friday 13th of December 2013
Volume 277

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Today we highlight the new ACS fees due to start on the 15th January 2014 


  ACS to change its fee structure  

ACS: Current Migration Skills Applications Charges

Application Type


Recent Graduate of an Australian University


Recent Graduate of an Australian University, wanting ICT experience considered


Skills (general application) 


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Recognition Letter


Review Application


Appeal Application


Revalidation Application


All application fees are in Australian dollars $AUD


ACS: 15.01.2014 increase to Migration Skills Assessment fees  
$475 Temporary Graduate - 485 Skills Assessment (replacement for Recent Graduate no experience)
$500 Post Australian Study Skills Assessment (replacement for Recent Graduate with experience)
$500 Skills (general application)
$550 Recognition Letter
$550 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
$395 Review Application
$395 Appeal Application

Application types discontinued:   


  • Revalidation Applications; with new criteria for Graduate skills assessment criteria, it is not possible to provide revalidation (against old criteria).
  • Discounted migration skills assessment for Professional Year Program participants.
So those former students who may plan to use their old skill assessment into the future, past its expiry date, it may pay to apply for a revalidation ASAP. After the 15th January this will no longer be possible.


Karl Konrad
Karl Konrad

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This Sunday we will bring you a special story of a tourist locked up for 3 nights at the Immigration Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney instead of being allowed home on the next available flight. 
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