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Volume 341

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Cost of living in Australia, who can students beleive?   

By Tanaya Das


Increasing fees, spiraling costs of living, rental increases and lack of adequate student accommodation defines student living in Australian cities. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne who host the maximum number of international students are

Stress - business person stressed at office. Business woman holding coffee cup with STRESS written.
Many international students study while under financial stress

expensive cities with increasingly higher costs of living. For years international student advocates as well as various student associations have been lamenting the lack of adequate information and support as these leave foreign students open to exploitation.


In March of 2013 (Volume 237) we reported on the overcrowded living conditions  many students are forced to endure due to lack of affordable student housing. It seems surprising that so many students would be ill-prepared with adequate resources to maintain a decent standard of living in Australia.


Ayub* a Pakistani student studying in Sydney says "When I came to Australia I was told by my education agents that $1000 was enough to live well in Sydney, $1000 a month for a single person is a lot of money back home so it didn't seem surprising. I checked the Department of Immigration website and was told I needed $1550 a month for living costs, I found similar information on the University website in fact the university website claimed one could live well within $1200 a month. The University representatives at Education fairs also said it was easy to find cheap accommodation close to Uni and $1500 was more than sufficient a month. I assumed the government and the university must factor in the effects of inflation etc to reflect a realistic amount which would ensure I would be comfortable. The reality was a rude shock."


UTS website states "An international student requires a minimum of A$14,786 to A$25,680 for living expenses for each academic year." Currently the living costs requirements for a student visa applicant on the DIBP web site is as follows:


ApplicantAUD18610 per year
PartnerAUD6515 per year
First childAUD3720 per year
Each other childAUD2790 per year

$18610 means $1550 per month to pay for accommodation, food, transportation, utilities, groceries and miscellaneous. To those living in Sydney these costs seem too low for decent survival which Ayub found hard to deal with. 


He says "University accommodation costs are outrageous at a minimum of $250 a week plus internet, electricity and a host of other costs like a non-refundable acceptance fee, change of room fee, unauthorized overnight guest fee etc. Single rooms in and around the university are hard to come by plus cost at least $300 a week and since my university is close to the city I am stuck between spending increasing amounts on rent or paying exorbitant weekly transportation costs. International students don't even get travel discounts on weekly tickets! So I pay a minimum of $1000 on rent and then have $550 left a month for all my other expenses, its like having to fast all year round because I certainly can't afford food like this."



Australia's top Universities?  
In case you were wandering which university to study in Australia you may be interested in the latest world rankings released by the Times Higher Education report.

Surprisingly the University of Sydney is trailing considerably behind its rivals. Perhaps Melbourne and Canberra are cheaper places to live so you and you can spend more to gain the best standard of tuition.

2014-15 WORLD RANK2013-14 WORLD RANK
1University of Melbourne3334
2Australian National University4548
3University of Sydney6072
4University of Queensland Australia6563
5Monash University8391
6University of New South Wales109114
7University of Western Australia157168
8University of Adelaide164201-225
9University of Technology Sydney226-250301-350
10University of Newcastle251-275251-275
11Queensland University of Technology276-300276-300
12University of South Australia276-300301-350
13University of Wollongong276-300276-300
14Charles Darwin University301-350351-400
15Deakin University301-350301-350
16Macquarie University301-350276-300
17Curtin University of Technology351-400Not ranked
18Murdoch University351-400301-350
19Swinburne University of Technology351-400351-400
20University of Western Sydney351-400Not ranked


And while your waiting.....  
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Unfortunately our news regarding the 56 years of waiting turned out to be correct! If you do happen to have another 56 years to wait for your visa processing, you may be interested to pass the time reading our IMMIGRATIONews archives.

The recent ones can be found here and the older historic editions can be located here.
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SO the excessive waiting times posted by the DIBP turned out to be true after all.


Since our reporting on the 56 year waiting time for certain visa grants, the DIBP has modified its web site to give waiting periods for the Contributory Parent at 30 years as well!


How can the DIBP justify taking thousands of dollars in application fees with the full knowledge that most of these applicants will not be alive to see their visa  granted.


If this were to happen in the private sector the Department of Fair Trading would have the business owner up in court charged with fraud.


This Minister needs to think carefully about setting up an system of government whereby the average people out their think they are no better than thieves.  



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