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Sunday, 20th of October 2013
Volume 268

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In this issue we raise the serious question of what is the Australian Computer Society (ACS) trying to hide in its new assessment procedures affecting international students.


What is the ACS up to?  
Why is the ACS keeping us in the dark?

Following Volume 267 we released on Friday afternoon the ACS has now quickly modified their web site.

We are suspicious that our criticism of the ACS in Volume 267 must have jolted them to make the change.

We note for the record there is no mention on their web site that these changes actually occurred. In our newsletter we normally just place in the html link which led to the ACS News Update page. By making the change so quickly it would seem on the face of it that perhaps IMMIGRATION NEWS got it wrong.

We can assure readers that we haven't and we can provide evidence of the announcement as it was before.

Click on this link here and you will see that it takes you to the Migration Alliance web site who were very quick to post the original announcement on the day it came out on the 16th October.

So what has the ACS changed?

These important sections of the original ACS announcement has now been removed

"Only applicants that hold a valid Recent Graduate or Temporary Graduate - 485 skills assessment will be eligible to apply for a Graduate Skills Assessment. 


The Graduate Skills Assessment is to allow applicants that have previously applied for a Temporary Graduate - 485 to have their work experience assessed for a permanent skills assessment."


They have now added

"Please Note: Further announcements will be made in the following week regarding this change."

Hmmmm, so what can this mean?

This short quiz may help solve the riddle.

1) Why is there no admission on the ACS web site which states those two paragraphs included in the media release on the 16th October was incorrect? Answer;
a) That the information they released on the 16th October was incorrect and they are too embarrassed to admit it, or
b) It was correct and for some reason the ACS are now trying to hide this information

2) Why is the ACS trying to hide this information? Answer;
a) The ACS think international students are a little slow and perhaps they cannot absorb too much information at once, or
b) The ACS are trying to avoid many complaints and objections from international students before any new rules become activated since it will mean every student who receives their result after the 28th October will be devastated.

3) Why is the ACS delaying the release of the information by saying further announcements will be made this week? Answer;
a) The ACS has foolishly made an announcement before they have actually worked out their policy for the new criteria of the Graduate Skills Assessment, or
b) The new guidelines have been discussed within the ACS and decided upon but they are deliberately keeping this from international students so they do not receive a rush of applications before the 28th.


We are sure readers can assess what we think the answers are without spelling it out. I guess we shall have to wait and see.


Our Advice?


If you can lodge your skill assessment before the 28th October then get into gear and make sure you do!

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This really is a bizarre chain of events regarding the ACS. Her we have a major skill assessment body seemingly acting like a two year old.


Really, guys if you made a mistake just come out and say so.


However if you are going to make a major change that will effect every international student studying an IT course in Australia then at least do it in a professional manner.


If you are going to make a change that will effect students then why not give them plenty of warning?  


To leave it a few days before the implementation date seems unjust. 


Of course we can't be sure yet of what the new change will mean but as we stated in the article if you can apply for your skill assessment  before the 28th it may be in your best interest to do so. 




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