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22nd August 2013
Volume 258

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In this edition we cover the latest eMedical updates that apply to Australian Visa Applicants.


eMedical Updates


There are specific requirements for arranging health checks when one applies for an Australian visa and the recent updates to the eMedical processing system mean that most health examinations will be processed online in Australia.


The new process is confusing to many and the system is at times erratic. In theory its all quite simple, all visa applicants now need a Health Assessment Portal (HAP) ID or Health Requirement (HRI) ID issued by the DIAC so their medical results are saved and processed online.


In reality a lot of applicants are facing an indifferent system where the online portal is inconsistent at best and even case officers have no idea what is happening.


We have briefly tried to outline the process to help those currently struggling to understand the new updates.


Pre July 2013 applicants outside Australia needed to visit an Immigration Panel Physician; that is a Physician who is currently a member of Australian Panel of Medical Examiners. 


Only applicants outside Australia needed to get a HAP ID in order to identify them on the online system.


All applicants in Australia had to do is contact Medibank Health Solutions and book an appointment.


The new updates mean that the health exam process is the same if the tests are done in Australia or outside Australia (in countries that have the Electronic Health Processing). Which means both onshore and offshore applicants need to have a referral letter in order to book a Health Test.


Depending on the visa subclass as well as whether the application was made online or on paper the method of getting the HAP Id differs.


Currently applicants who have made their applications online are able to log on to the eMedical system with the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) and Password to generate a referral letter containing the information required to book a Medical Test.


Applicants who have applied under the old subclasses of visas (885, 886) who are currently waiting to be processed can in some cases log on to the eMedical system.


But most applicants who applied under the old subclasses as well as applied by paper need to wait for a case offer to issue the referral letter/ Id.


Please do not panic if you are trying to book your medical test online before your case officer has been assigned and are unable to do so because once an officer is allocated they will be able to issue you an ID to complete you medicals.


For a list of Panel Physicians to conduct a Health Check outside Australia please click on the following link:


Applicants who need to arrange a health examination in Australia need to contact  Medibank Health Solutions (MHS). 

  •  Medibank Health Solutions


    You can find information on the MHS website about:

    • the fees and charges associated with visa medical appointments
    • MHS locations in Australia
    • access to, and use of, interpreters during visa medical appointments.

    You must take the following to your health examination:

    • an eMedical referral letter, a Health Examinations list or other equivalent documentation provided to you by the department which indicates your HAP ID, HRI or TRN
    • a valid passport
    • your prescription spectacles or contact lenses (if applicable)
    • existing specialist and/or other relevant medical reports for known medical conditions
    • any previous chest x-rays.


    If you complete your health examinations online, once your results are submitted by the panel clinic or provider in Australia, your results will be auto-cleared in minutes or transferred automatically for processing.


    If you are in Australia and receive your health report by post in a double sealed envelope please do not open the envelope till the decision on your application has been made.

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