Friday the 23rd of May 2014
Volume 304

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Today, we highlight the fact that on the 1st of July 2014 you will no longer be able to lodge certain family stream visa applications.


A Stop on certain visa applications 


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A few of the expense measures are listed as under, you can access the full paper here


The Government will achieve savings of $305.2 million (including a reduction in revenue of $112.9 million) over five years, by modifying the size and composition of the 2014-15 Migration Programme.


The 2014-15 Migration Programme will have 190,000 places and maintain the composition of 128,550 Skilled Stream places, 60,885 Family Stream places and 565 Special Eligibility Stream places.


The Skilled Stream will continue to focus on Australia's longer term skills needs, including addressing skills shortages in regional Australia.


The Family Stream will refocus on meeting the increasing demand for close family reunions. The additional partner and child places will be made available as a result of the cessation of new applications from the other family and parent (non-contributory) places. This cessation will also enable faster processing of existing applications.


The Government will reverse the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2012-13 measure titled Response to the expert panel - Permanent migration programme - additional family stream places and remove 4,000 places allocated to Illegal Maritime Arrivals in the Family Stream (not previously accounted for in total programme numbers).


The savings from this measure will be redirected by the Government to repair the Budget and fund policy priorities


The 'other family' and non-contributory parent visas include the following:

  • Parent -Subclass -Subclass 103
  • Aged Parent- Subclass 804
  • Aged Dependent Relative - Subclass 114
  • Aged Dependent Relative -Subclass 838.
  • Remaining Relative- Subclass 115
  • Remaining Relative -Subclass 835
  • Carer-Subclass -Subclass 116
  • Carer - Subclass 836  

 If you were planning to lodge any of these visa classes then make sure you do before the 30th of June 2014. 

Today's Definition Tip  
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From today we will include in IMMIGRATIONews a useful legal definition from the Migration Regulations 1994.

Today we look at the definition of "Work"

 "Work" means an activity that, in Australia, normally attracts remuneration. 

This is why voluntary work is often classified as working


"Working age" means:

(a)      in the case of a female, under 60 years of age; and

(b)      in the case of a male, under 65 years of age.


"Working age parent" means a parent other than an aged parent.

(aged parent means a parent who is old enough to be granted an age pension under the Social Security Act 1991.



Virgin's latest blunder highlights the discrimination Passport holders from certain countries face
Lam-In and her daughter Betty with their Indonesian passports / Picture: Bob Barker Source: News Corp Australia

The Daily Telegraph's opinion section contained a piece by John Rolfe that highlights the sheer blunder of overzealous airlines staff making lives of visa holders miserable.

INDONESIAN tourists Betty and her mother Lam-In are in Australia on 12-month multiple-entry visas that allow stays of up to three months at a time. 

Last month they planned to fly Virgin to Fiji with friends for a long weekend then ­return to Sydney. But at Sydney Airport, a Virgin employee refused to check them in insisting the visas were no good ­because the date of return was more than three months after they last ­entered Australia. Betty tried to ­explain this interpretation was wrong but was ignored. 


Eventually due to the persistent queries by the public defender this statement was released: "Virgin Australia has conducted a thorough investigation and we recognise a mistake was made on this occasion. We sincerely apologise to the guests involved ... and we have since arranged a full refund as a gesture of goodwill."


Such experiences are unfortunately common for Passport Holders from certain countries, I remember on my way back from Europe we were staying over in Kuala Lumpur for a day and I was told I couldn't board due to the lack of visa.

Visa on arrival (VoA) facility was available in Malaysia for passport holders from my country as long as one entered Malaysia through a third country or had onward tickets to another country.


I explained that it was just a transit and on the way over I'd already been given a Transit visa on arrival to go out and sight see but the lady at the counter would have none of it.


Of course I wasn't going to be held back for something incorrect and in spite of showing her the relevant websites it took a long time for her to finally decide to let me board the aircraft. It was annoying, beyond exasperating to argue with someone who had decided on the basis of my passport that I was a risk and generally completely unnecessary.


Because of this delay our good byes were abrupt and thankfully all it did was leave me grumpy but in some cases it can mean much more.


It is always advisable to be sure of one's rights and keep paper work handy to prove that pesky airline staff DO make mistakes!


Tanaya DAS  

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