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Thursday 10th May 2012
Volume 216

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Extension of time to lodge onshore GSM applications
Priority Gruop 5 Processing Update
Price Increases
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Today we discuss the extension of time granted by DIAC so sudents can still lodge their residency visas until the end of this year without using the EOI starting on the 1st July.


DIAC will have a new pricing structure for visa applications from the 1st July this year and we take a quick look at RCB certification and

Extension of Time to Lodge 885, 886 and 487 Visas 
It is not easy keeping up with all the DIAC changes


Initially when DIAC released the information regarding the new Expression Of Interest (EOI) pathway and then applying for the new visas (189, 190 and 489) introduced from 1 July 2012, it was noted that all applicants except those onshore former students who were covered by the "Transitional Arrangements" would have to use the EOI.


DIAC has now granted an extension of time till the 31st December 2012 to all former and current international students to apply for the current 885, 886 and 487 visas if they meet the relevant criteria and the current pass mark of 65.


For example if you are completing your two years of study in November 2012 and meet the relevant criteria you may still lodged one of the onshore 885, 886 or 487 residency visas before the 31st December2012. An application for any of these visa classes will generate a Bridging Visa A so you can stay in Australia until a decision has been made or until the end of a review procedure via the Migration Review Tribunal.


Remember do not confuse this with the Graduate 485 visa which will still be available for a considerable period after the 31st December 2012.

There will be no extension for time for the offshore 175 and 176 visas as they will close for applications at midnight on the 30th June 2012.



Priority Group 5 Processing


These kids were born by parents waiting in the PG5 immigration que.

DIAC has sent out this information for Registered Migration Agents (RMA) through the professional membership body Migration Alliance.


We have recently commenced allocating Offshore Priority 5 GSM applications.

This is reflected in the information in the GSM Allocation page


and the Processing of Priority 5 GSM Applications information


on the website.


As indicated in that information only State Sponsored Offshore Priority 5 applications are currently being allocated and allocations of Skilled Australian Sponsored applications on and offshore in Priority Groups 4 and 5 are on hold as we seek to ensure sufficient State Sponsored and Skilled Independent applications are in the processing stream to deliver the 2011/12 Migration Program according to the planning levels set by Government.


The issue of balancing the Priority Direction and the Migration Program will shortly be discussed on DIAC's Skilled Migration Blog


I would expect the allocation of current Priority 5 applications both on and offshore will continue throughout the 2012/13 Program Year in line with available Migration Program places in specific GSM categories and any Ministerial Processing Directions.


I hope to be able to discuss this in forthcoming Skillselect RMA information sessions planned for May/June.

I would be grateful if this information could be drawn to your members attention.



Obtaining RCB certification for RSMS visa


Our newsletter <Vol.209> covered the requirements and process for RSMS visa application. We also introduced the new changes for employer sponsored visa in <Vol.212>.Today, we are going to explain the first stage of RSMS visa application in details. For those who did not read these newsletters, all our past newsletters can be found in our Newsletter Archives.


As we explained previously, RSMS visa application involves three stages. That is; RCB certification of the employer nomination, Employer nomination and Nominee (applicant)'s visa application.

If you decide to apply for a RSMS visa, first, the nomination needs to be certified by a Regional Certifying Body (RCB) before your employer lodges the certified nomination to DIAC.


Although RCB assess the nomination against the general requirements set out by DIAC, each RCB has its own criteria. Therefore, the application fee, processing time and required documents vary depending on the RCB. There are over 50 RCBs nationwide. You need to check the requirements of the relevant RCB for your employer's business.


General Requirements for obtaining Certification


Although each RCB has slightly different requirements, generally speaking, your employer needs to meet the following criteria by providing relevant documents.


- Evidence that the business is actively and lawfully operating in regional or low population growth area of Australia


- Evidence of the need for a paid employee (full-time basis for at least 2 years)


- Evidence that the business requires a person with diploma level qualifications or higher (unless the appointment is exceptional)


Some RCBs also require the evidence that the position cannot be filled from the local labour market unless the position is on the State Migration Plan Occupations List. These documents include a statement from employer or results of recent labour market testing.



Requirements for Start-up Business


Some of you may have friends or family who are starting new business in a regional area. Again, it depends on each RCB; however, quite a few of them can provide certification to new business. Start-up business refer to people who are planning and preparing their business in the near future or those who have just started operating their business.


They require additional documents such as detailed business plan, evidence of funds/ capital investment and lease agreements. Once they are satisfied with them, they can certify the employer's nomination.



New Pricing Structures Begin 1st July 2012


It seems DIAC has been rattling the coins of its piggy bank recently and decided it is not as full as should be. A new pricing system will introduced on the 1st July this year with further changes due 1st July 2013. You can read the full public relations blurb where they justify in probably charging you more  click here

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 Our usual readers probably noticed there has been a quite a gap between newsletters. Unfortunately a skiing accident left me with a few broken ribs and collar bone looking like my cats chicken wing leftovers. I have a letter from the hospital now to explain to the burly guards with the scanning wands at the airports, that the titanium plate under the scar is not an attempt to smuggle nuclear bomb parts.


I was worried that I was going to miss detailing a few changes since my last edition but in reality not much as has passed. Well, DIAC has developed its own blog so you can write direct and get the same vague and mysterious answers as once obtained on the telephone. Just don't ask any questions in relation to your already lodged application. I suppose next DIAC will be leaking policy advice to all the twits on twitter to gage public reaction before they make any laws.


The good news of course is the extension of time granted to those who can apply for the onshore GSM visas. You now have until the end of the year to escape the new EOI system which starts on the 1st of July. The bad news it that DIAC will be no doubt increasing their fees in the first of July and be charging more if you have additional family members. How about a refund first to all those applicants where they waited years for any processing to commence? So much for the DIAC customer service charter.


Stay tuned for more interesting news next week.





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