Monday the 25th of August 2014
Volume 332

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DIBP's secret assessment criteria

The Australian - 457 visa demand plummets

SMH - Agents of Concern List dubbed "The Shit List"  



DIBP's Secret Assessment Criteria    business-meeting-convo.jpg


The DIBP has been exposed today for it's secret risk assessment program used to assess Partner 820 visa applications.


Peter Bollard of Lewis and Bollard released today in his newsletter a little known assessment criteria uncovered in a MRT review application they were representing this year.  


This assessment criteria has never been publicly released until today and it can be seen that the much publicised Migration Agents of Concern list plays an important role. In this assessment process it indicates there existed two lists, List A and List B. Agents in List A automatically place the application into the "High Risk" assessment criteria.


The risk factor assessment is reported to be as follow's;


1) Allegation received                                          High Risk
2) Last substantive visa held
       Student visa                                                               2
       Subclass 300 visa who did not marry           High Risk
3) Client History
       Refused a Protection Visa                                         2
       Judicial Review Application made                             2
       Ministerial Request Intervention made                      3
4) Migration Agent or authorised person of Concern
       List A                                                             High Risk
       List B                                                                         3
5) Age difference
       10-15 years                                                               2
       More than 15 years                                                   3
6) Applicant or sponsor previously in a married
       or defacto relationship which has ended
       1 -5 years ago                                                           1
       Less than 1 year ago                                                 2
7) Child of the relationship                                               -5
8) Length of the relationship   
       More than 10 years                                         Low Risk
       3-10 years                                                                -1
       2 - 3 years                                                                 1
       1 - 2 years                                                                 2
       < 1   year                                                                   4
9) Internet relationship                                                     1
10) Sponsor previously sponsored
        or nominated a partner                                            2
11) Sponsor was sponsored by a partner                        2
12) Sponsor received government benefits
        in the last 2 years                                                    1

High Risk Score 9 or higher
Low Risk Score 8 or less 

According to the DIBP this assessment criteria is no longer in use, but can we trust that this is true?   



457 Visas  numbers take a hit 

Today The Australian Reports on the statistics which demonstrate the demand in 457 visas has dropped considerably in the last 12 months. The statistics make interesting reading along with the theoretical causes for such a decrease.  


Demand for 457 visas plummets - The Australian


"The Shit List" 
Christopher Levingston at a Migration Alliance meeting

Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald published a story regarding the "Black List" or as Christopher Levingston from Migration Alliance colourfully dubbed it, the "Shit List".


The article portrays that the DIBP is under fire from a possible class action against if from migration agents on the existence of the Migration Agents of Concern list. Mr. Levingston describes the list as "a complete disgrace and shows the absolute contempt that the department has for the profession".



You can read the full SMH story Agents on secret list have their names published




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So the plot thickens.


Today we shed light on how the Migration Agents of Concern list was used by the DIBP.


Now dubbed "The Shit List" in the SMH on Sunday, its mere existence has been used to inappropriately to classify applicants of Partner applications into a high risk assessment criteria.


How this may have disadvantaged some applicants has not been adequately explained by the DIBP.


We can see this is a story that is not going away in a hurry with a class action planned against the DIBP for migration agents who were on that list.  

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