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7th July 2012
Volume 221

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DIAC Quota's on Occupations
GSM Processing Times
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Today we cover the quota system for each occupation for the current GSM program. DIAC calls it the ceiling for each occupation and these numbers will be set for each financial year. Read below for more details.


DIAC Quota's on Occupations Released

Medical professionals are high in demand in Australia.

In our last newsletter we discussed the EIO system regarding the lack of transparency. One of the issues was regarding the quota system for each occupation on the SOL and CSOL. To read this news letter click here. 


New information has been released on the DIAC web site and one of the interesting features is that DIAC is going to produce a number of reports each month or so, one being the number of applicants which have nominated particular occupations.



At this stage we would imagine that the figures will represent the number of individuals that have been granted a visa using a particular occupation rather than those who have just lodged applications. 


One important fact to note about the list below is that this quota system is also includes the CSOL for the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). For example the number of occupations for Cooks, Retail Managers, Office Managers (etc) that are not on the current SOL but can be sponsored under the ENS program



A summary of occupations most useful for international students;


10,440 Accountants

13,380 Registered Nurses

1,800 ICT Business and Systems Analysts

420 Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers

5,160 Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers

2,400 Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists

1,740 Computer Network Professionals

360 ICT Support and Test Engineers

480 Telecommunications Engineering Professionals

3,060 ICT Support Technicians

2,040 Bakers and Pastrycooks

1,800 Cooks

3,120 Welfare Support Workers

6,420 Contract, Program and Project Administrators

9,600 Office Managers

3,360 Cafe and Restaurant Managers

13,140 Retail Managers




For the full list you can read it here as a word document (click here) or you can find it on DIAC's web site by clicking here.

Skilled Migration Visa Processing Times


 DIAC has released a table to explain the processing priority groups and order of Processing. This in particular covers the new Priority Processing.


Basically no real benefit to those already waiting for years for their files to be processed.


Even worse and unexplained, why the Family Sponsored 886 visa seems to be the worst off in this sad Priority Processing saga. For more comments on this you can read our Editorial on the right.


You can find this information on DIAC's web site by clicking here.


Allocation Dates for GSM Applications


DIAC has also published it new Allocation Dates for GSM Applications. This will let you know where DIAC is up to in processing applications and how long they will expect to process any new ones lodged. It is useful information and at least it gives some benchmark for those who have been waiting patiently for years already.


Check out the new information on DIAC's web site by clicking here.

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SO some transparency will shine through from DIAC regarding some of the data concerning the EOI system. However as mentioned in my last there seems to be more that we will not know rather than know.


There is also no relief in sight for those visa applicants in the PG5, predominantly the 886 family sponsored visa class. Now forgive me for saying it, all those in PG4 and above, but shouldn't those who are permanent residents or citizens of Australia have some benefit from the status. Why are they actually treated worse off than anybody when it comes to the priority processing arrangements?


In the past these applications were given on of the highest levels of priority but now, for some time, they have the worst. Can anyone in DIAC explain the reasoning for this?


DIAC's current policy to withdraw the points allocated if you have an Australian resident sponsor and to put them last on the list altogether seems to me that they have been discriminated against rather that rewarded for their loyalty to Australia. It would seem on face value that this government is shunning a scheme which brings together families through the skilled migration system.


Now I am certainly not a fan of the old Family Reunion program that flooded migrants to our shores who had few skills and virtually no English, but the Skilled 886 was a bonus for this country where family settled here could bring their immediate family to study gain or enhance their skill level and then apply for residency. The immediate family support these applicants have helps them adapt to Australia quickly and often gain employment smartly due to the professional contacts of their relatives.


It created a win win scenario which for an unexplained reason has not only been dumped, those who used it have been unfairly penalized.

For all those relatives who are citizens out there, time to visit your local Federal MP and tell them in no uncertain terms how unhappy you are about this system.





Karl Konrad

Managing Director 

Karl Konrad



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