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news from the blue, the blue lotus monthly enewsletter, features inspiring and interesting articles that focus on the practice of yoga, teacher profiles, featured classes, workshops and events, and more!  We invite you to browse through our archived issues.

blue lotus is downtown Raleigh's urban sanctuary for yoga. We offer a full schedule of classes, including Vinyasa, Yin, Kids Yoga, Restorative, Foundations, Meditation, and more  for students of all levels and ages. All are welcomed as we use movement and breath to explore the mind-body relationship and uncover a new way of being in our bodies and in the world.

We also offer workshops, teacher trainings, and a full line of yoga clothing and props from socially conscious, ecologically responsible businesses in our blue boo-tique.

Enrollment options include: single-class drop-in rate and 10-class, 50-class, and one-month passes, as well as  annual memberships. Learn more at our website and at the blue community blog, check out our online WebScheduler, or stop by the studio. We're at 401 N. West Street in downtown Raleigh. See you at the blue!
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  • february 2017 - september 2007
  • february 2017
  • tic toc
    the blue turns 10
    freshen up your practice
  • january 2017
  • a new year's blessing
    BVX is coming!
    spotlight on katie
    welcome, keegan white
  • december 2016
  • letting go
    festivus mircale pass sale
    spring detox retreat
    new teachers
    blueversary 10 partner
  • november 2016
  • vata season - keep calm and swaddle
    retreats near and far -- emerald isle & peru!
    spotllight on bret
    free yoga for voters, vets and active duty military
  • october 2016
  • honoring who you are
    spotlight on nancy
    pranayama & meditation workshop weekend
  • september 2016
  • put your inner critic in the corner
    never-ending new-to-the-blue special
    spotlight on mary
    yoga for anxiety relief - the next level
  • august 2016
  • necessary next steps
    awesome august workshops
    spotlight on hayley
    rooftop yoga at skyhouse
  • july 2016
  • being happy where you are
    the blue hosts seane corn
    unlimited yoga summer sale
    welcome, emily!
    yoga vibe tribe coming august 6
    july 4 freedom flow benefits PCANC
  • june 2016
  • the beauty of impermanence
    spotlight on kristina
    meet bret!
    yoga fundraiser for deborah ross
    freedom flow with carrington
  • may 2016
  • do your practice. all is coming.
    farewell, sweet sona!
    forward bends and seated poses - always more to learn!
    spotlight on jen bluestone
  • april 2016
  • it is what it is
    prana: the power of becoming
    trainings, workshops & special classes!
  • march 2016
  • cultivating faith and devotion
    easing anxiety with yoga
    price changes, april 1
    teacher training & immersion info session
  • february 2016
  • gratitude for 9 years of community
    BV9 - free weekend of classes!
    first-ever YTT 3-week immersion program
    teacher training info session, march 20
    drop a note in our happiness jar
  • january 2016
  • what's next? on your journey to truly thriving
    new teachers & new classes
    class pass special
    BV9 is coming!
  • december 2015
  • thanksgiving continuum practice
    festivus miracle pass returns!
    stay OM for the holidays
  • november 2015
  • practicing loving-kindness
    the love of learning and teaching yoga
    helping our friends at CASA
    ground. heal. forgive. with warren grossman
  • october 2015
  • integrity and a yamas refresher
    meet our new studio manager
    pre-holiday 10-class pass special
    join jill for community -- satsang weekend
  • september 2015
  • fall is vata time
    back-to-school special for new students
    yoga for anxiety relief workshop series
    energetic living through pranayama & mantra
  • august 2015
  • expectations are premeditated resentments
    meet brian johnson, learn about bhakti yoga
    yoga foundations on tuesday evenings!
  • july 2015
  • life-affirming choices
    meet two new teachers - ashley & kristina
    july 4 freedom flow benefits food bank
  • june 2015
  • what sets your heart right?
    summer sale!
    a reflection on "a practice"
    blue community is the best
  • may 2015
  • observe, witness, watch
    spotlight on michele
    return to the roots of your practice
    congratulations, teacher training grads!
    running late? just give us a call.
  • april 2015
  • time out
    spotlight on kristin
    new bhakti class and more
    bali awaits!
    spring special: 3 months for $333
  • march 2015
  • aiming for balance
    spotlight on nicole folk
    kids yoga & art summer series
    new class & teacher: prana flow with jen bluestone
    register for yogafest nc 2015 - coming april 11
  • february 2015
  • listen to your soul
    come home to the blue for BV8
    anniversary sale - 3 days only!
    teacher training and immersion info session
    YogaFest NC 2015 - April 11
  • january 2015
  • welcome a new year
    bali retreat in june
    home is where your mat is: blueversary 8!
    new classes - heated flow, restorative, and yin
    awake your soul
  • december 2014
  • hardening from the uncomfortable
    meet teacher sona desai
    festivus miracle pass sale, dec 1-15
    yoga holiday party
    blueversary 8 donations
    voted best yoga in the triangle by Endurance
    updating newsletter preferences
  • november 2014
  • unplug to connect
    meet teacher amanda may
    gratitude pass special
    thank you, 40 Day yogis!
    blueversary 8: welcome CASA
  • october 2014
  • ahimsa for yourself
    autumn retreat to nc mountains
    global mala gratitude
    fall workshops: ayurveda-inspired asana and backbending from the heart for the heart
  • september 2014
  • change your mind.
    meet teacher jordyn "jo" matthews
    40 days of yoga - registration deadline
    global mala
    new fall classes
  • august 2014
  • operating in the present, committing to change
    40 days of yoga - starts in september
    spotlight on christy rutan
    freedom flow for CORRAL gratitude
    more youtube videos!
  • july 2014
  • deadline, timelines, and processes
    farewell to margot
    spotlight on julie realon
    understanding sthira and sukha
    40 days of yoga
    flip your chip for assists
  • june 2014
  • aligning with who you were meant to be
    spotlight on kathleen yount
    stop summer hunger food drive
    studio notes
    YTT graduates!
  • may 2014
  • when yoga works
    summer specials
    yogafest raleigh
    meet teacher kathy sell smith
  • april 2014
  • the breath - our one, true constant
    meet teacher mary scudella
    studio notes
    what is sadhana?
  • march 2014
  • waiting is the hardest part
    blueversary is a wrap!
    meet teacher kristin monk
    spring cleaning practices
    yogafest nc 2014
  • ytt info session for 2014-2015 program
  • info session sunday, march 2
    areas of study
    required readings for the program
    application and fees
  • yoga foundations now a weekly class!
  • yoga foundations is now offered as a regular, weekly class, as well as a monthly workshop -- or purchase together as a package!
  • february 2014
  • we're on YouTube!
    welcome teacher kathy sell smith
    blueversary 7 ~ celebrate with us!
  • january 2014
  • create your year
    spotlight on sandy
    new year, new classes, new intentions
    kids yoga + changing the world one life at a time
  • december 2013
  • every second counts
    holiday shopping at the blue
    the power of silence - reflection workshop
    lost & found liquidates monthly
  • november 2013
  • put the phone down
    meet teacher kate whitney
    unlimited pass - on sale!
    bluversary 7 announced
    retreat to nicaragua in january
  • october 2013
  • do the practice. all is coming.
    give yourself the weekend off ~ retreat to the mountains!
    spotlight on margot
    blue raises the roof for global mala
  • september 2013
  • step outside the Kingdom of Comfort
    michele shipley comes back to the blue
    global mala benefits liveglobally
    special program, special schedule
    hashtag us at #bluelotusnc
  • august 2013
  • deciding for your highest and best interest
    spotlight on leilani
    holistic yoga flow
    turn up the juice in your practice
  • july 2013
  • get out of your groove
    spotlight on jen
    therapeutic yoga training this september
    freedom flow 2013
    just getting started? check out these classes!
  • june 2013
  • seeing with new eyes
    congratulations, tribe 5!
    spotlight on suzanne
    summerasana special
    counting potatoes at the food bank and loving it!
  • may 2013
  • in the habit of busy?
    spotlight on jill f.
    teachers: learn and share yin yoga & meditation
    karma yoga at food bank
  • april 2013
  • svadhyaya when you least expect it (or want it)
    spotlight on carrington
    meditate to get to know you
    pangu shengong weekend with master ou
    yoga in action workshop
  • march 2013
  • when the universe sets the pace
    yoga for anxiety relief
    immerse yourself in yoga
    spotlight on yvonne
  • february 2013
  • a heart full of gratitude
    blueversary 6 this weekend!
    meet teacher angela hawkins
    meditate on compassion
  • january 2013
  • creating the life you want
    power yoga
    meet teacher christy rutan
    connected by compassion, coming feb 1-3
  • december 2012
  • living in the flow
    prop it up!
    meet teacher elizabeth upchurch
    5 ways to give
    diggin' where we live
  • november 2012
  • duty vs. desire
    meet teacher jennifer campbell-overbeeke
    volunteer a day at raleigh city farm
    new monday morning class
  • october 2012
  • how do you define who you are?
    new teachers, new classes
    giving back -- seva in our community
    retreat highlights
  • september 2012
  • the beauty of balance
    global mala
    embrace your journey
  • august 2012
  • let your sun shine
    seva ~ the yoga of service
    samskaras ~ get out of the rut (learn from the sutras)
  • july 2012
  • when it's hot, go inside
    independence day sale
    yoga explorations
    immersion and teacher training registrations
    go away to come home - fall & winter retreats
  • june 2012
  • watching your thoughts
    the nidra secret
    practicing pranayama
  • may 2012
  • concentration on the blissful inner Light
    a look at twists from the inside
    meet yoga peep cindy yandle
    a weekend in the fire with will duprey
    benefits of teen yoga
    tamal returns this month!
  • april 2012
  • putting your well-being first
    meet yoga peep lori harris
    "9 month yoga immersion" info session
    learning from the sutras ~ accepting life as it is
    warren grossman teaches healing
    yogafest nc increases awareness of yoga for all
  • march 2012
  • a little bit about faith
    meet yoga peep natalie winters
    refine & align weekend
    detox & recharge with a spring mountain retreat
    blueversary raises $5000 for raleigh city farm
  • february 2012
  • reflecting with gratitude on 5 years of the blue
    blueversary celebration!
    meet yoga peep paul paliyenko
    the sutras: finding happiness within
  • january 2012
  • meditate. every day.
    meet teacher julie realon
    new student offer
    yoga for golfers
    kids day at the food bank
  • introducing Studio Hargett Pilates @ Glenwood South
  • blue lotus yoga classes at Studio Hargett
    community yoga weekend, december 16-18
    six-week yoga series classes, starting in january
  • december 2011
  • deep gratitude for what is
    the sutras: pranayama and ujjayi breathing
    advanced training and YTT500 are here!
    yoga for women over 50
    new website goes live
  • november 2011
  • tracing seeds of desire
    meet yoga peep lisa ferrando
    the importance of savasana
    community service at food bank dec 3
    new website coming soon
    a word about props
  • october 2011
  • what we need need vs what we want
    five reasons to retreat
    meet teacher margot martin
    new prices november 1
    thanks for your generosity!
  • september 2011
  • is being happy as simple as choosing to be happy?
    meet teacher leilani walker
    salutation nation, the neverending OM
    global mala: six classes by donation, and more!
    progress report on our CORRAL student
  • august 2011
  • gratitude for difficult people
    what to do with time
    october mountain retreat
    meet yoga peep karie wik
    care for you and your little one (prenatal yoga)
    last chance for yoga immersion / teacher training registration
  • july 2011
  • the soul of yoga
    the sutras: four locks and their keys
    meet yoga peep carrie hoffman
    ask the teacher . . . about chanting
    tornado disaster relief support
  • june 2011
  • take time to play!
    the sutras: the asana is comfort & steadiness
    meet teacher & peep nicole folk
    ask the teacher . . . about daily practice
    congrats YTT Class of 2011!
    blue karma crew walks/rides for AIDS
  • may 2011
  • what does it mean to take care of yourself?
    the sutras: without identifiers, we are all the same
    meet teacher kris nelson
    tamal's master class
    yoga of gratitude retreat
    new yoga gear from kulae
  • april 2011
  • getting away from "it all"
    blue survey results
    meet teacher carson mather
    guest teachers: gil elhart & meghan de roos AND simon park & DJ HyFi
    n.c. mountains retreat
    AIDS walk+ride with the blue crew
  • march 2011
  • is being honest the same as being truthful?
    intro to the yoga sutras
    meet teacher sandy scherer
    special guest teachers: master ou and kristin cooper gulak
    blueversary gratitude from corral
  • february 2011 yoga immersion & teacher training info session
  • february 2011
  • the essential element -- community
    4th blueversary bash!
    meet teacher kathleen yount
    studio survey
    Pan Gu Mystical Qi Gong weekend in March
  • january 2011
  • letting go and making space for Grace
    meet teacher jen davis
    how often should i come to class?
    new year, new classes!
    heather tiddens and yin & yang yoga weekend
    belize retreat
    habitat for humanity build project photos
    blue lotus 4th anniversary coming in february
  • december 2010
  • make haste slowly
    sahasrara: crown chakra
    meet teacher alison darch
    karma yoga: habitat for humanity build
    new blue tees and gift cards in the boo-tique
    studio of the month at lululemon loft
  • november 2010
  • what yoga can do for your overall health
    sixth chakra: third eye
    meet teacher suzanne weiner
    loving level 1
    belize bound!
    moore square park clean up
  • october 2010
  • the power of what you love
    speak your truth: throat chakra
    rejuvenate~ retreat!
    why meditate?
    your questions: yin yoga
  • september 2010
  • teachers in our lives
    connection to the spirit: heart chakra
    meet teacher sidney julich
    fall retreat in n.c. mountains
    global mala to benefit women's shelter
    high-speed rail impact on the blue
  • august 2010
  • possibilities of emptiness
    fiery third chakra
    budokon comes to the blue
    karma yoga for kids
    unchaining jax -- seva summer continues
  • july 2010
  • sacral chakra
    meet teacher anisha desai
    new classes for kids!
    summer of service continues
  • june 2010
  • root chakra
    tamal returns!
    build a fence with the coalition to unchain dogs
    Walk with the Blue Crew for the Cure
    yoga immersion & teacher training info session
    yoga foundations I and foundations 2
    parking at the blue
  • may 2010
  • intro to chakras
    kids summer art & yoga camp
  • april 2010
  • yogic spring cleaning (kapha dosha)
    meet teacher stacy ingham
  • march 2010
  • purusartha: four aims of life
    spring rituals
  • february 2010
  • samadhi, the eighth limb of yoga
    meet teacher jill braly
    join us on facebook
    third birthday bash!
  • january 2010
  • dhyana, the seventh limb of yoga
    blue lotus voted best of citysearch 2009
  • december 2009
  • dharana, the sixth limb of yoga
    heart-centered giving
  • november 2009
  • pratyahara, the fifth limb of yoga
    practicing gratitude
    suzanne's spicy lentil curry recipe
  • october 2009
  • pranayama, the fourth limb of yoga
    meet teacher michele shipley
    winds of change: the vata Season
  • september 2009
  • asana, the third limb of yoga
    meet teacher julee snyder
  • august 2009
  • niyama, the second limb of yoga
    meet teacher yvonne cropp
  • july 2009
  • yama, the first limb of yoga
    meet teacher conni sithes
  • june 2009
  • intro to eight limbs of yog
    meet teacher carrington jackson
  • may 2009
  • april 2009
  • free community yoga classes begin!
  • march 2009
  • february 2009
  • the blue turns 2!
    kathleen’s raspberry berets cupcake recipe
  • december 2008
  • november 2008
  • october 2008
  • teachers' music picks
  • september 2008
  • teachers' music picks
  • august 2008
  • immersion and teacher training info session
  • august 2008
  • teachers' music picks
    chitra's spicy potatoes, peas and carrots recipe
  • july 2008
  • yvonne's quinoa mix recipe
  • june 2008
  • may 2008
  • teachers' book picks
    blue blog launched!
  • april 2008
  • march 2008
  • sandy's mom's apple cake recipe
  • february 2008
  • february 2008
  • one-year anniversary!
  • january 2008
  • december 2007
  • november 2007
  • october 2007
  • september 2007
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