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In 2009, a tuff decision had to be made regarding the publication of the monthly M.S.N. NETWORK NEWS newsletter.  Postage costs were becoming a larger and larger part of our expense budget.   Doug Martin, long time editor of the monthly wanted to retire from the duty he had assumed when Les Elliot gave up the position after Jerry passed.    The February, 2009 edition was the last of Doug's editorial accomplishments for our gang.  

A survey was prepared by the Steering Committee and sent to all members.  One of the questions being that if we went "green", that is, publishing a newsletter on line or by email, would the member be able to print their own copy at home.  The majority replied that they could.   

Next problem, finding a new Editor and getting a new start for some type of on line e-news that was simple to use and inexpensive but effective.  To date, we are still without an official "Editor" and are still looking for that special guy to come out of the closet and get into the M.S.N. spot light!!!  Thom Goodrich has been temporary editor, and for years has been taking care of our Yahoo Group sites and various other  communications efforts including these that are a part of our M.S.N. Email Archives Files - -

Davis Palmer has been a contributing editor.  Together, Davis and Thom attempt to keep Communications rolling to our membership family.  If anyone would care to assume full responsibility for Editor of our eNEWSLETTER - please talk to Thom for information and orientation.

If anyone has any suggestions, things they would like to see added to or taken away from our current formats, articles you would like to have published -- please contact either --

Davis Palmer, Contributing Editor
 at or phone at 325-4754


Thom Goodrich

Thom Goodrich, Temporary Editor,
 at or phone at 305-6976
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