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MSN April Pot Luck and Social  
MSN Annual Spring Picnic 
MSN Annual Memorial Pot Luck and Social

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MSN April Pot Luck and Social
April 6th, 2013
Comedy + Egyptian Travelogue!
Please join us, Ike and Ken, as we host this month's potluck.

Right after dinner (as we have dessert) we will show a brief comedy sequence of bawdy songs, by singer-comedian Stephen Lynch.

Then, for those who are interested we have a video of sights and sounds in Egypt. This includes the major temples and pyramids. The video is narrated by Ike's sister, Kitt, who is a professional voice over, and was made in 1989 when Ike and Ken lived and worked in Egypt, and Kitt and family visited us.

This is a regular potluck, but we do plan to bring a sample of a couple Egyptian dishes.


(If anyone has an Egyptian favorite dish that they would like to share, please plan on bringing it, too.)


Be sure and plan to attend for a fun filled evening.


Thanks much,  

Ike and Ken.



6th - 7PM

Casas Adobis Congregational Community
6801 N. Oracle Rd.



8300 E Stella Rd

Saturday April 13, Noon to ?


Yes, it is that time of year again, but with a new location and a new format! 


Lakeside Park is located on the East Side, south of Golf Links on Sarnoff.  Our Ramada is off Sarnoff at the second entrance, right before the intersection with Stella.  We have a great view of the lake and are convenient to the restroom.


This will be our first complete pot luck style picnic.  Bring your own main dish, meat or vegetarian, and a dish to share.  We will have a grill available for cooking your meat!


As in a traditional pot luck, MSN will supply plates, cups, drinks, utensils, and napkins.  We have the Ramada for the whole day, but festivities will begin around noon. 


This event is for current MSN Members and their guests. 




Please contact Davis at 325-4754 ([email protected]) or register through the MSN RSVP email (which will be sent in the near future) for reservations.  Please be prepared to tell us what dish you plan to bring to share.  


Annual MSN Memorial Pot Luck  
and Social

If anyone (MSN Current or Past Member) has a partner (spouse) or family member that has past on and was gay/bi and you would like to have a place setting in their memory at the MSN Memorial Dinner Table, please contact me ASAP.


Below is a list of those that I have been able to obtain some information on (from newsletters that I have from May, 2002 to the present) they will be recognized at the table with information that we have available, BUT if anyone has additional information OR favorite photo, please contact me ASAP or bring it EARLY on Saturday the 4th so it can be added to the table.


Allen Dankworth (Thom Goodrich's Spouse) - March, 2001

Stephen Hall (MSN member) - September, 2001

Don Durant (Jerry Shaughnessy's Partner) - December, 2001

Don Gilroy (MSN member, Gi Taylor partner) - March, 2002  

Steve Schonberg (MSN member) - May, 2002

Fred Hagen (MSN member) - December, 2002

John Potter (MSN member) - January, 2003

Richard Holmes (MSN member) - July, 2003

Jerry Curl (MSN Founding member, Les Elliott partner) - March, 2004

Robert Moore (Presbyterian Minister) - April, 2004 

Bill Zach (Past Pres. TPTimers) - May, 2004

David Eyde (Wingspan) - June, 2004

Triton Elliott (MSN Pizza Night mascot) - April, 2005

Bo Linus Orsjo (MSN member, Vaughan Thompson partner) - March, 2006

Robert Chapman (Lloyd Chapman's nephew) - June, 2006

Jerry Burley (MSN member) - June, 2006

Gi Taylor (MSN member, Don Gilroy partner) - September, 2006

Will van Asdell (MSN member) - June, 2007

John Thomas Doney (Thom Goodrich's nephew) - December, 2007 

Jim Valiton (MSN member) - March, 2008 

Garland Chapin (David Hensley's partner) - May, 2008    

George Howser, Jr. (MSN member) - January, 2009

Maurice Grossman, (MSN member) - January, 2010

Richard C. Jensen, (MSN member, AmriTam partner) - August, 2010

Harris Flanigan "Willey" Wilson, (MSN member) - January, 2011   

Bear Palmer, (Companion to Davis Palmer) - December, 2011  

Lloyd Chapman, (MSN member) - December, 2011

Orn S. Huntington, (MSN member, Ernie De La Vara, spouse) - February, 2012

Vern Holmes, (MSN member) - November 2012

Floyd Sullivan, (MSN member, Bradford Morgan, partner) - December, 2012


I am sure there are other deceased past or former members or their family members that you may have an obituary about that might not be on the above list, please let me know -- email Thom at [email protected] or phone:  305-6976.