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This page provides links to past e-bulletins published on the web by the experienced team at Biosensis.

Each month our BioSpeak e-bulletins highlight recent progress in important research areas such as:
  1. Avoiding manuscript rejection
  2. Autophagy
  3. Stem Cells
  4. Alzheimer's Disease
  5. Neurotrophins
  6. Motor Neuron Disease
  7. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  8. Trk Receptors
  9. Semaphorins
  10. Insulin-like Growth Receptors
  11. LRRK2
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  • BioSpeak e-bulletin archives
  • November 2016: CE Marked BDNF Rapid ELISA Kit
  • Topics included:
    . Why is there a need for a CE Marked Kit?
    . The New CE Marked BDNF ELISA Kit
  • October 2016: Want to detect Multiple Neurotrophins in your samples?
  • Topics included:
    . Latest publication
    . Are you missing important data?
    . Biosensis' fast and sensitive Rapid ELISA Kits
  • June 2016: Focus on BDNF in Blood
  • Topics included:
    . Reported BDNF concentrations in blood are highly variable
    . Sample preparation affects BDNF quantification in human blood
    . BDNF content varies among animal species
  • March 2016: Quantification of (Mature) BDNF
  • Topics included:
    . Biosensis Mature BDNF Rapid ELISA kit
    . Which BDNF Isoform am I measuring?
  • April 2015: Validated antibodies
  • Topics included:
    . M-006-100
    . M-009-100
    . M-1586-100
  • June 2014: Focus on Rapid ELISAs
  • Topics included:
    . Why Rapid ELISAs?
    . New Rapid ELISA Kits
    . Coming soon
  • May 2014: The Enigmatic p75NTR Neurotrophin Receptor
  • Topics included:
    . The role of p75NTR in pain signaling
    . p75NTR as a biomarker
    . p75NTR and beta Amyloid peptide
  • June 2013: Microglia
  • Topics included:
    . New insights into neuron-microglia interactions
    . Microglia: "Good cops or bad cops?"
  • October 2011: Adiponectin
  • Topics included:
    . Some excellent reviews on Adiponectin
    . The roles of APPL1 and APPL2 in adiponectin signalling
    . Adiponectin receptors AdipoR1 and AdipoR2
  • August 2011: IGF and IGFBP
  • Topics included:
    . Mutational studies unlock functional role of ALS
    . IGF signalling system: Some useful reviews
    . Therapeutic targets of the IGF system
    . Detecting critical components of the IGF system
  • April 2011: Autophagy
  • Topics included:
    . Is that extra cup of Starbucks really worth inducing apoptosis in your cells?
    . Targeting autophagy for the treatment of ALS
    . Enhancing autophagy to treat Alzheimer's disease
  • February 2011: Focus on LRRK2
  • Topics included:
    . Novel approach to generating animal models of Parkinson's disease.
    . LRRK2 kinase inhibition is protective in PD animal models
    . Two new reviews suggest intersecting pathways for LRRK2 and alpha-synucein
  • August 2010: Insulin-like Growth Factors
  • Topics included:
    . Two recent reviews examining IGF-I as a potential drug target
    . Surprising findings of anti-proliferative actions of high levels of endogenous IGFBP-3
    . IGF bioactivity is mediated more effectively by the IGF-I receptor than by the Insulin or hybrid receptors
  • June 2010: TRP Channels
  • Topics included:
    . TRPV4 mutations identified in channelopathies
    . Developing novel drugs by targeting TRP channels
    . Snakes see infrared through TRP channels
  • May 2010: ELISA kits
  • Topics included:
    . Accurate measurement of BDNF in blood is simpler than in brain extracts
    . Storage and handling of all BDNF samples is critical in preserving integrity to allow accurate estimation of BDNF concentration
    . BDNF measurement in blood as a biomarker of disease
  • March 2010: Quality Antibodies
  • Topics included:
    . Is your antibody fully characterized?
    . Knowing the immunogen is critical
    . Can you publish in NATURE?
    . The Biosensis Unconditional Guarantee
  • February 2010: Trk receptors
  • Topics included:
    . A surprising finding that the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), Amitriptyline, has potent neurotrophic activity via Trk receptors
    . Axonal transport regulatory mechanisms uncovered
    . New Trk mechanisms revealed in neural development
  • January 2010: Autophagy
  • Topics included:
    . Demonstration of NOD2-mediated autophagy requirement for both bacterial handling and generation of MHC Class II antigen-specific CD4(+) T cell responses in dendritic cells and its relevance for Crohn's disease
    . Identification of alternate autophagy pathways learned from analysis of embryologic development
    . A novel approach to the biochemical isolation of autophagosomal membranes using affinity purification allows identification of the dynamics of autophagosomal compartments
  • November 2009: Semaphorins
  • Topics included:
    . Semaphorin 5A is a key genetic player in autism
    . Identification of the role of semaphorin/plexin as a critical determinant of synaptic specificity and neural topography
    . Chemoattraction and repulsion actions of the semaphorins in the nervous system
  • October 2009: Stem Cells
  • Topics included:
    . Neural progenitor cells
    . The importance of mTor signalling in stem cell exhaustion and mammalian ageing
    . Stem cells and cancer
  • September 2009: Alzheimer's Disease
  • Topics included:
    . New genes associated with Alzheimer's disease
    . Progress towards therapeutic targets
    . Neurotrophins and Alzheimer's disease
    . Evidence for toxicity / protective profile of Beta-amyloid oligomers/monomers
  • August 2009: Neurotrophins
  • Topics included:
    . Advances in understanding the role of BDNF and/ or NGF in cognition and Alzheimer's disease
    . New activities for the ProNeurotrophins, ProNGF and ProBDNF
    . Receptor regulation of ProNeurotrophin signalling
  • July 2009: Autophagy
  • Topics included:
    . Neurons handle autophagy differently to other cell types
    . A surprising role for autophagy in metabolizing lipid
    . Autophagy in tumorigenesis and metabolic regulation
    . The search for a functional reporter in autophagy!
  • June 2009: p75NTR
  • Topics included:
    . Understanding the mechanism of p75NTR receptor activation
    . p75NTR and an interacting transcription factor promoting neuronal development
    . Two new important studies describing the function of ProNGF with P75NTR and associated receptors.....including one that may have therapeutic potential!
    . Characterization of the p75NTR-positive neural progenitor cells in adult brain
  • May 2009: Motor Neuron Disease
  • Topics included:
    . New genes linked to MND/ALS
    . Importance of glia in ALS
    . Prefrontal dementias linked to MND
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