From my mouth to yours: FORKPLAY, my weekly newsletter, is my voice on the fooderati cultural ferment. Pointed opinions on food and dining trends, news breaks, the hottest diet debate, restaurant peeves or dinner-dating dilemma are all here. Discover with me exciting new restaurants, favorite chefs on the rise (or fall) and the thrill of tasting an astonishing new dish. Join me at my table.

Break an egg,

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  • Forkplay 4/15/ 2015   (null)
  • ChildFree Joys. LoLo's Seafood Shack. HarlemEatUp! The Dance of the Carnivore.

  • Forkplay 2/18/2015   (2/18/2015)
  • Bâtard, Georgette Is Cool. Saving Soul.
    Why is a Doughka? Harlem EatUp!

  • Forkplay 1/12/2015  (1/13/2015)
  • My Birthday Parties, La Savane, Laurent Tourondel Goes Italian, Parm

  • Forkplay 12/15/14  (12/15/2014)
  • My Most Excellent Finds of 2014

  • Forkplay 12/4/14  (12/4/2014)
  • Thanksgiving Orphan. Monster Truffle Auction. Upland Roars In. Cosme in Proceso. David Asks What If. Eating Delancey.

  • Forkplay 11/19/14  (11/19/2014)
  • Thanks for the Memory. Rainbow Brunch. Olá Brazil. Chaating about Tulsi. Flushing.

  • Forkplay 10/21/14  (10/21/2014)
  • Feeding Frenzy. Bouley's Pharmacopia. Ducasse and Friends. Aldea's One-Man-Show, Shun Lee Sees Red.

  • Forkplay 10/8/14  (10/8/2014)
  • The Incautious Flack. My Taco Crawl. Where I Eat Now. Geoffrey Holder. Street Eats.

  • Forkplay 9/23/14  (9/23/2014)
  • Farewell to Bunny. Buss Up Shot @Miss Lily's. Gallic Pranks. Place Invaders. Balvanera.

  • Forkplay 9/4/14  (9/4/2014)
  • Autumn Flea Market: Antique Sausage Stuffer. Coffee Bin. Princess Waghump. Kingston Harbor. Vintage Snuff Boxes and Vanity Treasures.

  • Forkplay 8/27/14  (8/27/2014)
  • My Summer Flea Market: Fish Poacher. Bob Wade Prints. Carpenter's Sign. Antique Pasta Machine. Coal Scuttle. Vintage Evening Bags. Brooches. Rooster Weather Vane.

  • Forkplay 8/12/14  (8/12/2014)
  • Curdled Hollandaise. Bodega Negra. Bâtard. Café Asean.

  • Forkplay 7/29/14  (7/29/2014)
  • Whatjasay? The Cornivore's Dilemma. Drew's Revenge. Eating with the Nawabs. What Went Wong?

  • Forkplay 7/7/14  (7/7/2014)
  • Starting Over. Family Ties. Valet Parking. Eating Around in Chicago.

  • Forkplay 6/17/14  (6/17/2014)
  • Remembering My Father. Cherche Midi. Eating Sardinia. Status Crocodile Madness.

  • Forkplay 06/02/14  (6/3/2014)
  • Death is Dangerous.Tavern on the Green. Lobster Afloat. The Flexitarian. Summer by the Sea. Hudson Eats.

  • Forkplay 5/6/14  (5/6/2014)
  • Aging Gigolos. Gotham Is 30. My Favorite Chickens. Summer Bags.

  • Forkplay 4/28/14  (4/28/2014)
  • Counting My Favorite Chickens. Desperately in Need of the Sensuous Bagel.

  • Forkplay 4/15/14  (4/15/2014)
  • Memory Games. Sexy Lingerie. Bustan is a Garden. Sticks and Stones. Quality Supper. Porter House.

  • Forkplay 4/1/14  (4/1/2014)
  • Where Does Urban Start? The Cecil. Gato. Larder Inspiration. The River Café. Foodie Collection.