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We send out e-newsletters about 3 areas:

1. Tools & Trainings for Organic Church Movements:   our regular e-newsletter with a goal to encourage organic churches and their leaders.

2. CMAResources Update: our periodic place to highlight resources which serve those who are starting or leading organic churches or movements.

3. Events Update:  our more infrequent updates which emphasize upcoming training events and conferences around the world.


Tools & Trainings  for  Organic Church Movements

is an e-newsletter by Church Multiplication Associates  which informs you about the following three things:
  1. Upcoming Training Events- we have trained thousands of people over the years but we probably haven't done a good job of letting people know when and where we will be next. We want to do better at this to serve you!
  2. Featured Resources- to spur on a movement we feel called to provide some tools to help on the way.  We want to provide access to tools that will bump us all forward. 
  3. Feature Article- we regularly post articles from the practitioners in our movement on our website.  We would like to shine a spotlight on some of the new and old articles to serve you in your journey.
  • T&T 2015_05-11
  • Free E-Book
    Updated Location for Greenhouse Training
    Great Resources
  • T&T 2015_03-19
  • New Book: A Personal Walk in the Presence of Your God: Principles for Listening to and Following Jesus
    Upcoming Church Transfusion Training and Greenhouse Story 1
  • T&T 2014_10-28
  • Cultivating a Life for God E-Book for Free!
  • T&T 2014_06-18
  • Cultivating a Life for God back in print! The Black Swan Effect, Primal Fire and much more.
  • T&T 2014_01-22
  • Pre-Order Primal Fire- Neil Cole's new book on APEST
  • Starling Initiatives - 2013_09-10
  • T&T 2012_11-20
  • How to Get Big
    Resources: Cultivating, MP3s, Church Transfusion
    Article: Old vs. New Leadership by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2012_07-16
  • How Big?
    Resources: Church Transfusion, Life Change Groups, etc.
    Article: The Power of Presence by Jay Stiegelmeyer
  • T&T 2012_06-15
  • Messy
    Resources: Cultivating SPANISH Translation, E-Books and MP3 Downloads
    Article: The Importance of Hospitality by Katie Driver
  • T&T 2012_05-23
  • Further than Some, Not as Far as Others
    Resources: Cultivating E-Book & Japanese translation; Upward, Outward, Inward and M2M Guides
    Article: A Humble Story of Missional versus Traditional by Katie Driver
  • T&T 2012_05-01
  • Are You Ready? by Chris Suitt
    Resources: Cultivating a Life for God Ebook, Church Transfusion Pre-Order
    Article: 6 Ingredients for Catalyzing Movements by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2012_03-21
  • How can we bear fruit like that?
    Resources: Highlighting Hirsch Books
    Article: Igniting Dreams by Katie Driver
  • T&T 2012_03-07
  • Raising the Bar
    Resources: Amazon Sale on LTG cards & TruthQuest
    Article: What is Church? by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2012_02-21
  • Finishing Well
    Resources: Organic Leadership, Untamed, & more
    Article: Our Role & God's Role in Disciple Making by Gavin Duerson
  • T&T 2012_02-01
  • Learning from History- Russian & China
    Resources: Letters to the House Church Movement & Upward, Outward, Inward + more
    Article: The Truth, Mystery & Adventure of Evangelism by Ed Waken
  • T&T 2012_01-19
  • Prisoners Coming to Christ
    Resources: Search & Rescue, The Rabbit & the Elephant, Organic Leadership
    Article: Dumb Mistakes in Starting Movements by Erik Fish
  • Merry Christmas
  • Feature Audio - Christ is the Gift
    Feature Article - Sending Capacity not Seating Capacity
    Coupon Code to Save15%
  • T&T 2011_11-28 - CyberMonday
  • Cyber Monday Deal on Truth Quest & $5 Deals
    Resources: Search & Rescue, The Rabbit & the Elephant, Organic Leadership
    Article: Church: No Longer "Business" As Usual
  • T&T 2011_11-14
  • What if...?
    Resources: Church 3.0 & Life Change Groups
    Article: Starting with "What If...?
  • T&T 2011_10-24
  • WOW!
    Resources: NEW Life Change Group Brochures & Sale Items
    Article: Paul's Last Missionary Journey
  • T&T 2011_10-11
  • Our Logo Explained by Neil Cole
    Resources: Sale Items including Blueprint & Grupos
    Article: So How Many Churches did the Apostle Paul Start? by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2011_09-16
  • Bon Voyage Party
    Resources: Journeys To Significance, The Blueprint & Shaping of Things to Come
    Article: Influential Success Is Not Always Measuring Positive Results by Neil Col
  • T&T 2011_09-06
  • Bon Voyage Party
    Resources: Sale -Shaping of Things to Come, Grupos & The Blueprint
    Article: CMA Going Underground
  • T&T 2011_08-16
  • Being Spiritually Fruitful by Ross Rohde
    Resources: Letters to the House Church Movement, The Bluprint $5 SALE!
    Article: Lessons Learned in the Fields by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2011_07-15
  • How does our church grow closer relationally? by Ed Waken
    Resources: Small Is Big, Making of a Leader, Journeys
    Article: The DNA of a Church Planting Movement by Rich Hagler
  • T&T 2011_07-01
  • Advance by Ed Waken
    Resources: Small Is Big, Making of a Leader, Journeys
    Article: Learning from the Front-Edge by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2011_06-09
  • Spurgeon Insights
    Resources: The Making of a Leader, Journeys to Significance & Life Transformation Groups
    Article: Conversations Not Conversions by Ed Waken
  • T&T 2011_05-24
  • ReThink Priesthood
    Resources: Life Transformation Groups, The Faith of Leap and more
    Article: Hanging Great Weight on Thin Wires: Can Small Groups Become Missional? by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2011_05-09
  • SAFE vs. DEATH
    Resources: The Faith of Leap, Live Sent and more
    Article: How do I make disciples and have a job too? by Dr. Traver Dougherty
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  • Special Story from Neil Cole and Free Search & Rescue
  • Limited time offer
  • T&T 2011_04-12
  • True Leadership Success by Neil Cole
    Resources: 6 Word Lessons on Mission, TruthQuest New Editions, Journeys To Significance
    Article: Do'in The Stuff by Katie Driver
  • T&T 2011_03-28
  • Journeys To Significance
    Resources: 6 Word Lessons on Mission, TruthQuest New Editions, Journeys To Significance
    Article: Nomad- A Church Without a Home by John Huddle
  • T&T 2011_03-04
  • ReThinking Leadership Training
    Resources: TruthQuest New Editions, Journeys To Significance
    Article: Are There Church Planting Movements in North America? by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2011_02-07
  • Caught on ABC News
    Resources: Army of Ordinary People; Right Here, Right Now; & Ordinary Hero
    Article: Movements that Move: Root Principles and a Study from Asia
  • T&T 2011_01-24
  • The Mission of God by Neil Cole
    Resources: Right Here, Right Now; Ordinary Hero; & Journeys To Significance
    Article: Matches & Movements: What Kind of Revival Do We Want? by Erik Fish
  • T&T 2010_12-21
  • Merry Christmas
    Resources: Ordinary Hero; Upward, Outward, Inward & Journeys To Significance
    Articles: What to Do with the Kids? & a Funny One too
  • T&T 2010_11-28 - CyberMonday
  • CyberMonday & Free Stuff
    Resources: $7 Search & Rescue; Upward, Outward, Inward
    Article: What do you do with the kids? by Erik Fish
  • T&T 2010_11-01
  • Where You Go, The King Goes
    Resources: Upward, Outward, Inward; TruthQuest; M2M Mentoring Guides
    Article: Planting Rapidly Reproducing Churches by Curtis Sergeant
  • T&T 2010_10-18
  • It Takes Longer Than I Want
    Resources: LTG cards, TruthQuest Facilitator's Guide
    Article: The Influence of Roland Allen on 21st Century Church Planting by Dr. J. D. Payne
  • T&T 2010_10-04
  • Refresher on Basic Math
    Resources: Starfish & Spider, TruthQuest Facilitator's Guide
    Article: The Gifted Teacher by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2010_09-20
  • Missional Shift - Action from Ed Waken
    Resources: New TruthQuest Facilitator's Guide & Sale on Organic Leadership
    Article: What is Organic Church? An interview with Neil Cole and Frank Viola
  • T&T 2010_07-12
  • God is on the Move from Katie Driver
    Resources: $6 Search & Rescue Sale
    Article: Dr. Wagner's Cart has been Pulling the Horse for Too Long by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2010_06-15
  • Story from the Field
    Resources: Church 3.0 & Untamed
    Article: Organic Evangelism Principles by Ed Waken
  • T&T 2010_05-11
  • Screwtape on How to Kill Church Plants
    Resources: An Army of Ordinary People & Untamed
    Article: The Dirt on Organic from Leadership Journal and a Response from Neil Cole
  • T&T 2010_04-20
  • Less is More
    Resources: Video intro to Church 3.0 & Untamed
    Article: Church Planting is Messy by Guy Muse
  • T&T 2010_03-31
  • Small is the New Big
    Resources: Church 3.0, Untamed & Missional Movements Audio
    Article: The Multi-Site Church Model by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2010_03-09
  • The Gathering in Globe, Arizona by Neil Cole
    Resources: Church 3.0 & Untamed
    Article: What's in a Name? Naming our Churches by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2010_02-02
  • It's a Great Time to be Alive
    Resources: Church 3.0 & Search and Rescue
    Article: Long Live the Organic Church! by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2009_12-29
  • I no longer try to start churches by Roger Thoman
    Resources: Organic Church on Audio, Missional Renaissance & Church 3.0
    Article: The Secret to Church Multiplication Movements by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2009_11-24
  • Imprinting on Jesus by Neil Cole
    Resources: Organic Church on Audio, Church 3.0
    Article: Stages in the Journey of Organic Church by Roger Thoman
  • T&T 2009_11-12
  • Secret to Church Multiplication by Neil Cole
    Resources: Church 3.0, Nexus
    Article: Email Dialogue with Neil Cole on LTGs
  • T&T 2009_11-04
  • Growth & Reproduction by George Patterson
    Resources: Church 3.0, The House Church Book
    Article: The DNA & CMA by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2009_10-12 #33
  • Duck Discipleship
    Resources: Your Organic Church on the Web, The House Church Book, Sale items
    Article: What are We Supposed to Do When We Gather? by Traver Dougherty
  • T&T 2009_09-25 #32
  • Movements & Map
    Resources: Starfish & Spider, Organic Leadership
    Article: The Journey of Discovery by Katie Driver
  • T&T 2009_09-11 #31
  • Risk by Alan Hirsch
    Resources: Organic Leadership
    Article: What is a Real Hero? by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2009_08-14 #30
  • Who owns the Great Commission?
    Resources: Movements that Change the World & Starfish and the Spider paperback
    Article: Simple Structures for a Decentralized Movement by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2009_07-30 #29
  • Little Jesuses by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch
    Resources: Movements that Change the World, There's a Sheep in My Bathtub
    Article: The Power of 2 or 3
  • T&T 2009_06-22 #28
  • Multiplication by George Patterson
    Resources: The Rabbit & The Elephant, Sale on Search & Rescue
    Article: The Most Ignored Words of Jesus by J. Guy Muse
  • T&T 2009_05-28 #27
  • Quotes from Susan B. Anthony and Jesus on Risk
    Resources: The Rabbit & The Elephant, The Forgotten Ways Handbook & Sale items
    Article: Life Transformation Groups by Neil Cole
  • T&T 2009_04-23 #26
  • Join the Church in Prayer
    Resources: The Forgotten Ways Handbook, The Camel & Sale items
    Article: Your Mama Told You Wrong by Erin McCrum
  • T&T 2009_03-19 #25
  • New Format
    Resources: The Camel, Organic Leadership, Missional Renaissance
    Article: 5 Things to Do Until an Organic Church Comes to Your Town
  • T&T 02.27.2009 #24
  • Conference Afterglow
    Resources: Organic Leadership, Missional Renaissance, Monkey & Fish, Church Leadership
    Article: The Word Became Flesh & Walked Into a Cocktail Party by Matthew Berry
  • T&T 01.18.2009 #23
  • R U Intentional? by Ed Waken
    Resources: ReJesus, Organic Community, Spontaneous Expansion
    Article: The Baby is Here by Neil Cole
  • T&T 01.09.2009 #22 CMA Conference is Coming Up!
  • Conference Speakers by Neil Cole
    Resources: Beyond Church Planting, Cultivating a Life for God & Grupos Que Transforman Vidas
    Article: Networking of Groups by Neil Cole
  • T&T 12.22.2008 #21
  • Merry Christmas
    Resources: ReJesus, Way of Jesus, Exiles, Meaning of Life
    Article: Missional Misgivings Conversations
  • T&T 12.12.2008 #20
  • Mysteries by Ed Waken
    Resources: NEW- ReJesus, Called Together, Pagan Christianity, Exiles
    Article: Search & Rescue Learning Podule
  • T&T 11.24.2008 #19
  • Jesus and the Body by Mike Jentes
    Resources: Organic Leadership, Raising Leaders from the Harvest, OCM Conf. CD's clearance
    Article: Webster has it Wrong by Roger Thoman
  • T&T 11.07.2008 #18
  • Health by Katie Driver
    Resources: OCM Conf. CD's & DVD's
    Article: Unstoppable Multiplication by Neil Cole
  • T&T 10.20.2008 #17
  • Autumn by Katie Driver
    Resources: Raising Leaders, Making of a Leader, M2M Guides
    Article: Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders by Neil Cole
  • T&T 10.02.2008 #16
  • Waiting on God by Maurice Smith
    Resources: Cultivating a Life For God, Way of Jesus & Baghdad Believer
    Article: Dangerous Question by Neil Cole
  • T&T 09.15.2008 #15
  • Jesus and the Church by Neil Cole
    Resources: Organic Church & Jim & Casper Go to Church
    Article: From Seating Capacity to Sending Capacity
  • T&T 08.29.2008 #14
  • Bible, Whole Bible, Nothing but the Bible by Mike Jentes
    Resources: TruthQuest & 30 Days to Understanding the Bible
    Article: To Network or Not To Network? by Traver Dougherty
  • T&T 08.13.2008 #13
  • Transition to Long Beach by Mike Jentes
    Resources: Organic Community & Spontaneous Expansion
    Article: Keeping Heresy Out
  • T&T 07.09.2008 #12
  • What is Faith by Robert Caldwell
    Resources: Search & Rescue & Missional House Churches
    Article: Legacy of Roland Allen
  • T&T 06.24.2008 #11
  • Missional ministry by Traver Dougherty
    Resources: Missional House Churches & Search & Rescue
    Article: Innovative Leaders by Dr. Jerry Porter
  • T&T 06.10.2008 #10> Search & Rescue
  • Release of Search & Rescue by Neil Cole
    Resources: Search & Rescue & OCM 08 CDs
    Article- Jesus and the Kids by Jason Evans
  • T&T 02.21.2008 #9> Organic Church Movements Conf. Wrap-up
  • A wrap up of links/resources from the Organic Church Movements Conference 2008.
  • T&T 01.24.2008 #8> Church Life
  • Church Life
    Resources: The Tipping Point & The Way of Jesus
    Article: The Unbeatable Foe by Neil Cole
  • T&T 01.04.2008 #7> What is CMA?
  • What is CMA?
    Resources: Organic Church & Conference CDs
    Article: Crucified Giving by Wolfgang Simson
  • T&T 10.29.2007 #6> Clueless
  • Clueless and Sleeping on the Job
    Resources: Life Transformation Groups & Organic Church
    Article: A Glorious Mess by Shauna Bowman
  • T&T 10.04.2007 #5> Reminders
  • Reminders so we don't forget
    Resources: Organic Church & Hell's Best Kept Secret
    Article: Conversations Not Conversions by Ed Waken
  • T&T 09.19.2007 #4> Having Babies is Fun
  • Thots from Alan Hirsch
    Resources: The Forgotten Ways & Beyond Church Planting
    Article: Excuse Me While I Single-Handedly Neutralize Al-Qaeda by Brant Hansen
  • T&T 09.01.2007 #3> Feedback
  • Thanks for the Feedback
    Resources: Raising Leaders for the Harvest & The Blueprint
    Article: The Battle We Find Ourselves In from Neil Cole
  • T&T 08.21.2007 #2> Highlight 3 Things
  • We highlight 3 things in these e-newsletters
    Resources: The Blueprint & OCM Conf CDs
    Article: Postmodern Opportunities by Neil Cole
  • T&T 08.14.2007 #1> First Issue
  • First Issue
    Resources: Nexus & The Blueprint
    Article: Personal Intimacy with Jesus by Rich Hagler
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CMA Resources Update
Featuring new and highlighted resources offered by CMA that are useful for growing disciples, churches, leaders and movements. 
  • TruthQuest - Doctrinal Learning System  (9/4/2012)
  • A closer look at this outstanding "underground Seminary" approach to growing and multiplying leaders who know the whole counsel of God.
  • MP3 Downloads - APEST & OC Movements Conf.  (7/3/2012)
  • Learning on APEST leadership roles from practitioners and much more...
  • MP3 Downloads - Organic Leadership Conference  (6/6/2012)
  • Some pure gold in the main sessions and workshops. So worth it!
  • TruthQuest - A Tool for Training Emerging Leaders in Theology  (5/14/2012)
  • A closer look at this innovative tool!
  • LTG Lifetime Permission  (4/19/2012)
  • Email invitation for securing lifetime permission for churches & ministries to adapt Life Transformation Group cards
  • Found: Special Sales   (12/6/2011)
  • Our resources - LTG cards and TruthQuest were put on sale by!
  • $5 Friday Sales  (11/18/2011)
  • A couple dozen of our resources...only $5!
  • ResourcesUpdate14  (10/27/2011)
  • New Resource- Life Change Group Cards
    Books in Spanish, Japanese & Indonesian
  • ResourcesUpdate13  (8/23/2011)
  • With Order- Free CD of Alan Hirsch
    Letters to the House Church Movement by Rad Zdero
    Small is Big
    Blueprint $5 sale!
  • ResourcesUpdate11  (7/12/2010)
  • Summer 48 Hour Sale - Search & Rescue
  • ResourcesUpdate10  (4/24/2010)
  • Free Audio from the Gathering in Globe
    Also New Releases-- Army of Ordinary People and Untamed
  • ResourcesUpdate9  (3/16/2010)
  • Missional Movements Conference Audio with Neil Cole and Michael Frost
  • ResourcesUpdate8  (2/6/2010)
  • Limited time-Download Organic Church Audio for $.98
    Just released- Church 3.0 by Neil Cole
  • ResourcesUpdate7  (6/4/2009)
  • Just Released: The Rabbit & The Elephant
    Other Language Resource Links- Spanish, German & French
    Sale items: Forgotten Ways, Houses that Change The World, Jim & Casper
  • ResourcesUpdate6  (4/21/2009)
  • Just Released: The Forgotten Ways Handbook
    New to CMA: The Camel
    Sale: Jim & Casper, Houses That Change The World & The Way of Jesus
  • ResourcesUpdate5  (2/3/2009)
  • New Releases: Organic Leadership, The Monkey & The Fish, Missional Renaissance
    Sale: Past Conference CD's
  • ResourcesUpdate4  (12/22/2008)
  • New stuff
  • ResourcesUpdate3  (10/30/2008)
  • New book by Neil Cole coming February 2009: Organic Leadership
  • ResourcesUpdate1  (10/31/2007)
  • Good Sellers Fall 2007: Blueprint, OCM CD's, & Starfish & Spider

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These e-newsletters help people know about what are the upcoming Greenhouse Trainings, CMA Conferences and other events.
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