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Issue 74                                            November 19, 2012   
The Way to Get Big is to Go Small

big & small All multiplication movements begin small. Jesus described His kingdom as starting with the smallest seed known to man at the time-the mustard seed. All reproduction occurs on the cellular level. In essence, if the cells of your body are not healthy, your body is unhealthy. It doesn't matter if you have a killer wardrobe, a face lift, and a winning smile on the outside if the cells that make up your body are ailing.

While most pastors are considering ways to get a bigger church, the key to true success is to go smaller. In the end, if you get the small things right, global impact will eventually come. When it comes to church transfusion, you must begin by planting health in the smallest unit of church life-the disciple in relation to other disciples. If you can't multiply at that level, you will never multiply at any larger and more complicated level.

Most pastors, missionaries and church planters are in a hurry to grow big, but mistakenly pass over the small places where the life actually starts and transforms. "Do not despise the day of small beginnings."  


- Neil Cole


 (from his blog Cole-Slaw )

TrainingsUpcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse   
Greenhouse Story 1   
Denver, Colorado
Greenhouse Story 1 Training 
February 1-3, 2013
Trainers: Neil Cole & Katie Driver

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GH Story 2Appleton, Wisconsin  

Greenhouse Story 1 Training   

March 22-24, 2013  

Trainers: Neil Cole and TBA

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Denver, Colorado
Greenhouse Story 2 Training 

June 2013
Trainers: Neil Cole & Katie Driver




Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities

  Church Transfusion Training  

Church Transfusion Training   

January 15-16, 2013
Long Beach, California

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Church Transfusion Training   

March 1-2, 2013

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Featured Resources  

Life Change Groups Life Change Group Cards
Discipleship multiplication tool targeted for those in prison

A Life Change Group [LCG] is a group for people who need Jesus to change them from the inside-out. This tool has been adapted from the effective Life Transformation Group format and was crafted by those who ministering with those incarcerated.  

These four-fold brochures have their wording scaled back to a 3rd grade level (ex. "change" rather than "transformation"), yet the questions are still penetrating. Attached is a tear-off bookmark which can be used for the weekly meetings. In dozens of prisons, this tool is being used for discipleship among the inmates!


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Cultivating A Life For God Ebook Cultivating A Life For God - E-Book
by Neil Cole

Cultivating A Life For God Ebook This best selling book is a clarion call to the work of disciplemaking and provides profound and practical help to any who would step up to the task of making disciples.  


This classic work was recently released in an E-Book form on Kindle and Nook.  The E-Book version is sporting a new cover designed by Neil Cole himself. We now have it posted in EPUB and KINDLE versions on our site for only $6.99! 

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Insightful presentations by some of the finest leaders in our movement including:

Neil Cole, Alan Hirsch, Deb Hirsch, Tony Dale, Felicity Dale, Reggie McNeal, Jaeson Ma, Dezi Baker, Ed Waken, Phil Helfer, Paul Kaak, Steve Sjogren, Dave Gibbons and many more!     


Your $.99 investment goes a LONG way with these great teachings! 

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Church Transfusion: Changing Your Church Organically--From the Inside Out (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series)
by Neil Cole by Jossey-Bass
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Featured Article 

Old vs. New Leadership: A Study in Contrast
by Neil Cole        

Old vs. New Leadership

Someone wisely pointed out that our organizations are perfectly designed for the results that we are currently seeing. More of the same will only produce more of the same.


Today there is something new happening. With the advance of technology making the world flatter and mass communication easier we are rediscovering movements. Bestselling authors are pointing us to a more "movemental paradigm" of how to lead. The Tipping Point (Gladwell), The Starfish and the Spider (Brafman/Beckstrom) and Tribes (Godin) point us toward a new way of leading as well as organizational principles that defy the status quo and break open new ways that are actually quite ancient. Jesus and Paul both catalyzed this sort of "movemental" influence in the first century... 


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