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Issue 29                                            July 30, 2009
Follow Me--Becoming a Little Jesus

Following Jesus involves more than simply accepting him as your Savior via some prayer of commitment, no matter how sincere that prayer might be.  In order to follow Jesus you must also emulate him, using his life as a pattern for your own. We call this emulation becoming a "little Jesus."

When we call ourselves little Jesuses, we aren't claiming to be able to walk on water or die for the sins of the world.  No, being a little Jesus means that we adopt the values embodied in Jesus' life and teaching.  Only Jesus was able to feed thousands with small amounts of bread and fish, but as little Jesuses we can embrace the values of hospitality and generosity.  We might not be able to preach to the multitudes, be we can commit to speaking truth to lies.  We can't die for anyone's sins, but we can embrace selflessness, sacrifice and suffering.

We hope to see a conspiracy of little Jesuses unleashed all of the world, transforming communities the way Jesus transformed his.
by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch from ReJesus p. 6

Upcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse

Greenhouse Story 1Dayton, OH //  Story 1 and an Organic Leadership Workshop
The two trainings will run concurrently
August 21-22
@ Apex Community
Early Bird Discount ends Tomorrow 7/31
Check out the Schedule and more here

Dallas, TX // Story 1
September 4-6
@ Grand Hyatt DFW
Workshop Track during the National House Church Conference
Greenhouse Story 2
Check out details here

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN // Story 1
September 25-27
@ Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Atlanta, GA // Story 1
October 9-11
@ Dunwoody Baptist Church

Trainings in the planning stages for 2009:
Detroit, Michigan // Story 1
Alberta, Canada
// Story 1
Chicago, IL // Story 1 & 2
Westwood, CA (UCLA) // Story 1


Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities

OCM-08medStudent Church Planting Experience
August 10-20, 2009
Austin, Texas
More info HERE-

2009 National House Church Conference
The Rabbit and The Elephant - Kingdom Impact by networking the streams!
September 4-6, 2009
Dallas, Texas
Organic Greenhouse Story 1 Training Track by Neil Cole
Full Details Here

CMA Logo2010 CMA Conference is going to be the Grassroots Missional Conference     
January 28-30, 2010
> Save The Date
@ The Grand

Long Beach, California

Stay tuned for more details
Featured Resources

Movements That Change The WorldMovements That Change The World
By Steve Addison
Just Released!

A movement is a group of people pursuing a common cause. Movements are characterized by discontent, vision, and action. From biblical, historical, and contemporary case studies, we can identify five recurring characteristics of dynamic missionary movements. Jesus calls us to participate in a missionary movement that will one day reach every tribe, every language, every people, and every nation.

"A thoroughly readable description of the dynamics of missionary movements, as well as how to initiate, maintain, and extend them." --Alan Hirsch
"It would be foolish to not take advantage of this resource."  --Neil Cole

                                      >> For more Info or to Order- Click HERE

There's a Sheep in My BathtubThere's a Sheep in My Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement
By Brian Hogan

An intensely personal memoir, this book still manages to pack a powerful dose of missionary insight and Biblical principles for seeing the Church explode into life among peoples that have never even heard of Jesus.

Special SALE Items

Search & Rescue Search & Rescue: Becoming a Disciple that Makes A Difference
by Neil Cole

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Organic ChurchOrganic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens
by Neil Cole

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Featured Article

The Power of Two or ThreeMultiplication Triangle
by Church Multiplication Associates
- Neil Cole, Phil Helfer, Mike Jentes & Ed Waken

It took six open-heart surgeries to get Zac's attention.  While recovering from the last surgery, he sensed a call from God to initiate a non-profit organization for young people.  He explored the possibilities and listened to the needs of his city to see how his burden for youth would fit.  Zac buzzed around the city trying to start a few things, but none of his efforts were gaining traction.  His heart grew for his city, particularly for the youth and their unmet spiritual needs.  He prayed, planned, poked around, only to become provoked when he couldn't break through.  At this point of provocation, he met Brent.

They had a conversation at one of Zac's son's baseball games and a special friendship was kindled. Brent was a believer and solidly involved in a different local church than Zac.  As their friendship developed, Zac shared his heart about what God was calling him to do for the youth in their city.   A huge smile came across Brent's face as he shared a similar vision.  In short order Zac, Brent and their families joined hands in reaching out to the youth of their city.

They prayed, strategized, networked and eventually formed a youth ministry ( and youth council for their city.  This youth council was recognized by the city council and now they directly report to them as well.  The youth council offers a variety of programs to invest in the lives of young people and their families.  People have come to Jesus and the city's spiritual needs are beginning to be met.

Zac and Brent are regular guys who go to different churches, yet they chose to link arms because of the common call on their lives to reshape the youth of their city.  They both found a place to serve. God brought them together to partner and they have brought God's plan of peace into the lives of hundreds as a result.  Apart they both seemed to be spinning their wheels, but once God brought them together things began to happen....