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Issue 54                                            May 9, 2011  

Safe Jesus?  

Jesus is not about safe. He is the one who said things like... "I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves." "I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." "He who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." "Let the dead bury the dead-you follow me." These are not safe and wholesome words, they are words that shake us up and toss us out way past what is safe.  


I have come up with two acronyms to expose some of our delusion regarding these things. The first reveals our inadequate theology of SAFE. The other is how Jesus wants us to embrace a theology of DEATH.



Safe is...  

Self-preservation = our mission  

Avoidance of the world and risk = wisdom  

Financial security = responsible faith  

Education = maturity  


This is what a theology of death looks like...  

Die daily to who we are  

Empowerment of others (not self) is our life  

Acceptance of risk is normative  

Theology is not just knowledge, but practice  

Hold tight to Christ with an open hand for everything else.


Jesus said, "He who clings to his life shall lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake will find it." We need to embrace a theology of death, our lives depend upon it! 


Pressing on,


Neil Cole  


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We hope the trainings, resources and the article on How can I make disciples and work too? by Traver Dougherty below encourage & challenge you as you are living it out in your part of God's World.


TrainingsUpcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse   
Greenhouse Story 1Orlando, FL // Story 1 & Story 2 
June 10-12, 2011
@ Northland, A Church Distributed
with Neil Cole, Ross Rohde, Bill Levin and more
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Cleveland, OH // Story 1  

July 22-23, 2011
with Neil Cole & Ed Waken

Austin, TX // Story 1
Greenhouse Story 2
August 11-13, 2011
with Neil Cole & Ed Waken
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Others in the works:  Harrisburg, PA; New Orleans; Sydney, Australia

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Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities



SENTralized 2011 


September 29 - October 1

Olathe, Kansas

with Alan Hirsch, Neil Cole, Hugh Halter, Michael Frost, Dan Kimball and more!


HeroFeatured Resources 


The Faith of LeapThe Faith Of Leap: Embracing a Theology of Risk, Adventure and Courage
by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch

"This book hits on one of the most crucial elements we need to release church multiplication movements--if not the most significant missing ingredient. This is, in my opinion, Hirsch and Frost's best work to date and is must reading for anyone who wants to release missional movements."--Neil Cole

>>For more Info, Excerpts or to Order



Live SentLive Sent: You Are A Letter
by Jason C. Dukes

See how giving yourself away in daily life means being to other people the letter of God's love that has been written on our hearts. Our community needs us, and our world needs live sent.

>>For more Info, Excerpts or to Order




Journeys To Significance Journeys To Significance: Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul
by Neil Cole  


"Neil gives the best interpretation of Paul's progress of ministry breakthrough insights that I have seen.... This interpretive biography of Paul is a valuable resource for a leader who wants to pursue the Leadership mandate (Hebrews 13:7,8) and learn from Paul's examples." -Dr. J. Robert Clinton  




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Also there are some helpful works by folks in the CMA movement that have been self-published that we think you'll benefit from:

This Is My Body: Ekklesia as God Intended

This Is My Body: Ekklesia as God Intended

By Keith Giles

Print: $9.99

Download: FREE

This book explores the radical difference between Church as we know it, and ekklesia as God intended it.

Subversive Interviews

Subversive Interviews  

By Keith Giles

Print: $8.99

Download: FREE

A collection of subversive conversations with Dallas Willard, Neil Cole, Frank Viola, Walter Kirn, Matt Redman, Jim Wallis, Todd Hunter, John Fischer, Dr. G.K. Beale and Dr. Scott Bartchy.

The Gospel:For Here Or To Go? w/ New Forward

The Gospel: For Here Or To Go? w/ New Forward

By Keith Giles

Print: $12.97

Download: FREE

The Gospel message is one we must embody with our whole life. It's not a bumper sticker slogan or a call to repeat a prayer of confession.  This new edition of the book features a forward from Neil Cole, author of "Organic Church" and founder of CMA Resources.

Pioneer Mission


Pioneer Mission: The Travel Guide for Missional Adventures  


By Tim Nash and Peter J. Farmer

Paperback: $15.11
Pioneer Mission is a rediscovery of one of the most important yet most overlooked aspects of Jesus's teaching. It cuts... More >

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#JourneysToSignificance gives the best interpretation of Paul's progress of ministry breakthru insights that I have seen- J.Robert Clinton

Church 3.0 // Igreja 3.0 - @Neil_Cole w/ Portuguese Subtitles | Video

"It is not the local church that will change the world; it is Jesus." - @Neil_Cole (RT @birgitdotcom)

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Handy churches: What could you learn from an illiterate Indian woman half a world away. By @godgrown

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You do not finish well accidentally. Determine now that U will finish well or die trying! - @Neil_Cole



New Free Articles 
ARTICLEFeatured Article

How Can I Make Disciples and Have A Job Too?
by Traver Dougherty       



For about the last decade I have studied hard to answer questions like these: What is a disciple? How do we make them? What does one look like when we're finished? Do we ever finish?  


While I've made significant progress in answering these questions, for the better part of the last twenty years I have practiced making disciples as a full-time pastor. Now, as an "organic" church guy, that's gone. Whereas I used to meet weekly with guys, say once a week, at 6am, 8am, 10am, and 2pm, that's a thing of the past. Now, I work a "real" job. Talk about a game-changer. How in the world did the Apostle Paul do it?...   


Schedule...About a month back, at Starbucks, a close friend of mine got out a piece of paper and started drawing a grid. On the grid, he detailed what he did during the week: family time, prayer time, Bible time, work time, and so on. The reason he scribbled out his schedule was to set a framework by which we could discuss making disciples. After finishing the rather detailed on-the-fly Excel sheet, he nervously started tapping the paper with the tip of his ballpoint pen. Over the next few minutes, while I just listened, he made statements like these: "I used to pride myself on time management, but now where am I supposed to find time to make disciples?" ... 


...Read the rest HERE>>>

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