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Issue 40                                            April 20, 2010
Less is More 
In our quest to be part of a powerful move of God's kingdom, we often are tempted to think the solution will come from a complex composite of things that produce the results we so desperately long for. We cry out to the heavens for a solution that will finally change the church forever. Many travel every year to new seminars and conferences, buying the latest books and binders full of new methods in our search for the answer.

The primal scream of our hearts is a search for spiritual success that will ultimately change the world. To our query of the universe, Albert Einstein once commented, "When the solution is simple, God is answering."

There is something special about the power of simplicity. Many of the most profound things in life are indeed simple. Simple, however, does not mean simplistic. We tend to overlook simple things thinking that anything of value and substance will be complex, require professional oversight and will be very expensive. A valuable lesson that we have integrated into all we do as a church multiplication movement is that "less is more."

- Neil Cole
  (From the article Why Less is More).
Upcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse

Greenhouse Story 1Oslo, Norway
May 10-11
@ H°yskolen for Ledelse og Teologi
With Neil Cole & Dezi Baker
Details and Registration: Here
Check out:

Hamburg, Germany // Story 1
May 28-29
With Neil Cole & Dezi Baker
Details and Registration (in German): HERE
Greenhouse Story 2

Orlando, FL // Story 1
@ Northland Church
June 11-13
Early Bird Registration open now

Also a House2House Mini-Conference Friday June 11 with Tony & Felicity Dale!

Click HERE for more Details and to Register

Trainings in the planning stages:
Long Beach, CA // Story 1
Twin Cities, Minnesota// Story 1

Detroit, MI // Story 1
Canada, Kenya. maybe your city?

Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities

Exponential 10

April 19-22
Orlando, FL
Neil Cole teaching a Church 3.0 Workshop

South Texas House Church ConferenceSouth Texas House Church Conference
Disciples, Leaders, Churches, Multiplication
April 30-May 1
with Neil Cole
San Antonio, TX
Only $30 with 3 meals!
More Details & Registration HERE (PDF)
Local Coordinator: Gail 210-525-9954 or email
Videoabout this movement

Norway- Opportunities with Neil Cole & Dezi Baker
Gathering with the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church
May 7-9
Location: ┼pta Camping og Misjonssenter
More information contact ěivind Augland

Tribal gathering in Bryne
May 12-16
A gathering of churches and friends with a decentralized structure.
More information hereor contact: Thomas Rake

Featured Resources

Church 3.0 Video Intro

UntamedUntamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship
By Alan and Debra Hirsch

Discipleship is costly. Are we willing to critique and even challenge much we've been taught for the sake of the kingdom? For this is the radical nature of the discipleship to which Jesus calls us. He did not allow the outside culture to hold him captive; instead he established the kingdom of God and turned the world on its head. Jesus was untamed, and he calls his church to be the same.

For the whole list of resources on Sale >> click HERE

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Missional Movements ConferenceFREE Audio from the Missional Movements Conference with Neil Cole and Michael Frost

Intro to Missional - Michael Frost - Session 1

The Seeds of Church Multiplication Movements - Neil Cole - Session 2

Important Leadership Insights for Movements - Neil Cole - Session 3

Crash Course on What it is to Be Missional - Michael Frost - Session 4

Essential Questions for Being Missional - Michael Frost - Session 5

How Movements are Formed and Released - Neil Cole - Session 6

Summary of Missional Thoughts - Michael Frost - Session 7

Online Map of Organic Churches and Networks

Check it out here and add your group!

Featured Article

Church Planting is Messy
by Guy Muse 

Church planting is messy because people are messy. Four nights of every week are spent training four different groups of church planters. All are in various stages with their newly forming house church groups. Anyone engaged in church planting will quickly find they are up against some messy situations.

We usually approach the tough messy questions from three angles. I admit to having used the first two, but believe the third is the best.

1) The urge is often to run to my library of heavily marked writings and see what David Watson, Neil Cole, Curtis Sergeant, Wolfgang Simson, Tony and Felicity Dale, Steve Atkerson, George Patterson or Frank Viola have to say about the matter. After all, they are the CP experts, right?
While I have greatly benefited from the writings and teachings of these, I have learned that each case is fairly unique to the particular situation. Therefore there are few copy-and-paste answers that work neatly every time.

2) A second solution is ...

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