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Issue 26                                           April 23, 2009
We are excited about all that is going on in the Organic Church Movement world...amazing!  WeNational Day of Prayer want to make sure and invite you to jump in with the Bride in the USA and pray for our country on our National Day of Prayer- Thursday, May 7th.  Many cities and regions are having special events at city hall and you can find out about local ones at

Enjoy the goodies below!
Upcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse

Greenhouse Story 1Phoenix, AZ  //  Story 1
April 24-26, 2009
  Walk up Registration available for this weekend!

Mobile, AL //  Story 1
May 1-2, 2009
for United Methodist Churches
Greenhouse Story 2

Dayton, OH //  Story 1
August 21-22

Trainings in the planning stages for 2009:
Atlanta, GA // Story 1 // October
Alberta, Canada // Story 1
Chicago, IL // Story 2
San Diego, CA
  //  Story 1
Westwood, CA (UCLA) // Story 1


Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities

Exponential Conference 09
April 20-23, 2009
Neil Cole will be presenting.  More info HERE

Moving Beyond Business As Usual: Making Evangelism and Discipleship a Priority in Ministry- RCA Pastor's Conference
May 4, 2009
Byron Center, Michigan
Neil Cole will be presenting here  More info HERE
Student CPX
Student Church Planting Experience
July 19-31, 2009
Lawrence, Kansas
More info HERE-

CMA Logo2010 CMA Conference

January 28-30, 2010
> Save The Date
@ The Grand

Long Beach, California
Featured Resources

The Forgotten Ways Handbook: A Practical Guide for Developing Missional Churches
The Forgotten Ways Handbookby Alan Hirsch with Darren Altclass

Just released...get it before Amazon and just as cheap!
The practical guide for developing missional churches implementing the principles from the best-sellerThe Forgotten Ways. This is actually advancing the concepts and bringing them down into the place where they can truly ignite change.

Special SALE Items

Jim & Casper Jim & Casper Go To Church: Frank Conversation about Faith, Churches, and Well-Meaning Christians
by Jim Henderson & Matt Casper

An atheist goes to churches around the USA and this book records his observations...  Save $3.50  >>  Order Now

House That Change The WorldHouses That Change World: The Return of House Churches
by Wolfgang Simson

The primer on simple/house church...

Now only $8.29  >>  Order Now

The Way of JesusThe Way of Jesus: A Journey of Freedom for Pilgrims and Wanderers
by Jonathan & Jennifer Campbell

It weaves their poignant story with a thoughtful exploration of the intersection of culture, community, and spiritual identity...Save $7.00 >> Order Now

For the whole list of resources on Sale >> click HERE

OCM-08med Check out the Organic Church Movements Facebook Group

OCM-08medvideo by Neil Cole on the essence of Organic Church
Featured Article

Your Mama Told You Wrong
by Erin McCrum

One thing my mom taught me when I was growing up in the 70's in America was not to invite myself over to others' houses.  I expect the reason for this was so as not to put the potential host in a bad position - a position of choosing to either reject my request or allow me to intrude on their plans for the evening.  If my request was accepted, my friend's mother may have to go out of her way to accommodate me by changing her original plans.  If your friend or acquaintance wants to invite you over, he or she will - so goes the traditional thinking.

This seems to make good sense.  But I don't think the underlying assumption - that if your friend or acquaintance wants you to come over, he will invite you himself - is necessarily true.  Sometimes people may not know it is an option for you to come over - they might think that you wouldn't want to or that you might be too busy.  They may not have ever thought of inviting you over for whatever reason.  They might be shy.  They might be busy and haven't taken the time to plan for you to come over.  But if you ask, they may be happy for you to come over.  They might be pleasantly surprised by your self-invitation...