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Issue No. 9                                                                                                                    02.21.08 
Wow did we have a great time at the Organic Church Movements Conference in Ontario, California.  The picture to the right is the view we had each day, so if you didn't get to make it, at least you have the feel of the scenery.
Our musical worship was lead by Eric Herron and team who brought us to center on Jesus all weekend. Deb Hirsch kicked off the conference on Friday night and spoke about Seven Obstacles to Living on Mission. She pulled no punches in what her hubby calls a "hot message."
Saturday morning was a bit different as we had Matt Casper share about what his perspective of the church in the USA is from his vantage point as an atheist.  His story is recorded in Jim & Casper Go to Church. He was tag teamed with his friend and organic church planter Jason Evans  for an insightful conversation and interaction with the conference.
ocm08Then a slew of workshops and back for lunch and a challenge from Neil Cole that "JESUS IS THE GIFT."  He also explored the rest of the Ephesians 4 passage and particularly the gifts mentioned in verse 11 of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds & teachers.  Then we broke out into workshops around those particular giftings.  A really great time of learning.  Saturday night was time to build relationships.
We came back together for workshops in the morning on Sunday and then ended with a challenge from Alan Hirsch to keep living the adventure of following Jesus on mission.  It was the fitting send off to close out the great weekend! 
Here's one comment about the weekend:

"I was recently at the Organic Church Movement Conference, which was awesome, and my husband and I enjoyed very much. In particular, I liked the format of having so many workshops and the subjects offered. Most of the faciliators gave out their email addresses in case we had further questions, etc., which was very generous of them.  Thank you for helping to put on a wonderful, helpful weekend."

We hope that those of you who went are putting feet on what the Lord showed you. And for those of you who couldn't--stay tuned because we will soon be offering the audio of every session to spur you on in the work Jesus has called you to.  Also we posted below some helpful links from the conference
Press on,
Mike Jentes
Church Multiplication Associates
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February 20-21  Greenhouse Story 2 Trainingn in Bergen, Norway  by Neil Cole

    Contact person for more info:
February 29-March 2 First Story Greenhouse in Grand Rapids, MI by Neil Cole and Brad Fieldhouse.
For details and to register go to
April 12-14
  First and Second Story Greenhouse Training in San Jose, CA (details coming)

>>Want to host a GREENHOUSE Training in your area?--Click here to Email Mike for details

  Links to Stuff from the Conference
Video Recap/interviews with Don Graves  Simple Church Network
Click Here for the Google Video

Seven Obstacles to Living On Mission-- presentation by Deb Hirsch at the Organic Church Movements Conference- 02-08-2008 in Ontario, CA.  Notes by Roger Thoman

Click HERE for Word Document online



Eric Herron (worship leader)
   Free Downloads of the MP3s and Chord Charts for the new worship songs:
Asylumz Music
We have received a bunch of requests for where to get Asylumz music at (our organic rap friends from the streets of LA) 
Cover Art Xealot Music Presents Asylumz


Release Date: Sep 01, 2007
Genre: Christian & Gospel
(p) 2007 Xealot Music

if you want a physical copy just let us know,  thank you very much,  cue

PS. Some folks wanted to support the Conference financially because we didn't end in the black, you can do so with a credit card here.
Featured Resources
Mentoring Guides: 
A tool to used by the mentor to take notes on during mentoring appointments.  The forms are on duplicate paper so that both peole can have a copy.  They are centered around our DNA and encourage balance in Divine Truthg, Nuturing Relationships and Apostolic Mission. (25 guides per pack) 
makinglead pic
The Making of A Leader-  Dr. J. Robert Clinton
Where do leaders come from? What does it take to be a leader? When does leadership begin? In this book, Dr. Clinton identifies the patterns God uses to develop a leader. He has determined the six stages of leadership development and he establishes checkpoints to clarify where you are in the process. This book will help you: Identify those with leadership characteristics, Direct the development of maturing leaders, Recognize where you are in the development process, Counsel those who are experiencing periods of trial or frustration.

To Order Click HERE

Featured Article

Churches and the IRS  

by Mike Jentes
Death and Taxes are the only two things that are for sure my dad used to say.  Well, as followers of Jesus we know that the first one has been defeated, and our Saviour taught us to pay Caesar what was due him.  We live in a country where the government provides benefits for  not-for-profit organizations--like churches.
Many of us don't exactly know what the Internal Revenue Service (fancy name for tax-collector) has as law for churches.  So the following two articles are resources to help those of you here in the USA know that you are rendering to Caesar and also what benefits that Caesar is giving you.  

a) Churches--if they meet the requirements of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization--are granted with the privileges of tax-exempt status without having to apply for a 501(c)(3). We thought it would be helpful for you to have some documentation about what the IRS says about churches.

Check HERE
for PDF compilation of important and relevant statements from the IRS about Churches and some ideas and hints for doing things legally in setting up your church for tax-exempt status.

b) Important IRS Publications for Churches--We put together a list of important publications by the IRS for Churches. These are helpful documents if you are starting a church or wanting  to know what the Federal Tax laws are and what you can do legally.
Click HERE
for a PDF document to download/print.


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