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Issue 42                                            June 15, 2010
A Story from the Field
Yesterday I was talking to one of our church planters who has invested in folks from the Los Angeles area and beyond.  He was sharing about how there is a growing favor with leaders and churches in his denomination as he and his family have been about the work of loving and leading lost people to embrace King Jesus.

This often happens with folks in our movement, as they pursue what the Lord wants, their denomination or spiritual family wants to hear from them.  They often become an important voice. Like any prophetic voice calling people to follow our radical Jesus, these voices also get lashed out against as well.  There is hurt, pain, progress and victory all wrapped together.  (Reminding me of some helpful stuff written recently by Katie Driver in her blog about 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifters in the movement.)

He even told me of a pastor who had emailed him some very hurtful things and driven a wedge into his heart in the last 18 months or so.  This pastor has been touched by the Lord recently and has had a change of heart.  Just last week affirmed that he was praying for our church planter as he was going to a training to share with the denomination.  God is doing his reconciling work!

As we were wrapping up the conversation, this church planter bubbled with excitement as he shared about one of his friends and disciples who has been advancing Christ's Kingdom in the darkness on the other side of the globe.  The Lord sent off this friend to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Over the last several months in the UAE, this disciple has been casting seeds of the gospel. He gathered another person to do a Life Transformation Group (LTG) together.  They talked about what the LTG was about and did it the first week.  The next week there were two LTGs because the new partner found someone else.  The third week it fostered another group again.  Soon they were meeting on the steps of a mosque--sharing about Jesus and how He was transforming them. Each week they got back together the group had spawned another one! This continued for the first twelve weeks!  Now they are meeting in a mall area seeking what the Lord might have for them in that soil.

The symmetry of this conversation- spiritual growth and impact in both the church and in the lost world- resonated with me.  Hopefully this story from the field will encourage you to press on in what the Lord has called you to in your field!

by Mike Jentes

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An Army of Ordinary People contains the key to explosive, transformational, 21st century evangelism. Renowned church planter Felicity Dale shares stories of how God has always used-and is still using-ordinary believers to carry out his work in simple ways throughout the world.   Check out the story of CMA church planter Hank in the first chapter!

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Organic Evangelism Principles to Empower Every Believer
by Ed Waken

"Follow Me and I will make you become fishers of men." Mark 1:17

The principle of being actively involved in bring people into the Kingdom is the privilege and responsibility of every believer. Here are four simple yet powerful truths that will give you the confidence you need to share the truth of Jesus with 100% success every time.
Four principles to remember when you share your faith.

1. You have the AUTHORITY of God (Matthew 28:16-20).
In this passage we find Jesus stating that He has all authority on heaven and on earth. He also states that He is with us always, even until the end of the age. Therefore we should learn that Jesus, who has all authority in heaven and on earth resides/abides in us and sends us out with that authority to spread the good news of His kingdom. When you share the truth of Jesus, you share it with Jesus' authority!

2. You have the POWER of God (Acts 1:8).
Jesus promises his followers for all time to have the power of the Holy Spirit upon them to be His witnesses in all the world. According to Acts 1:8, one purpose for receiving the Holy Spirit is so that we have this God strength power every time we talk about Jesus with people. Every time we share our faith with someone, the Holy Spirit makes sure the message communicates to the need of the hearer. Remember that God is always responsible for the results of your sharing truth with people. You are not responsible for the response of people you share with.

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