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TruthQuest is a discovery system designed to equip leaders to continue the journey of learning for the rest of their life. Even more than that, it is also intended to help them to introduce the learning process to others who can in turn do the same.

Learner's Notebook
Two Tools - 
1) The Learner's Notebook &
2) The Facilitator's Guide

TruthQuest is a system for training emerging leaders in systematic theology. It requires a learning community size between four and eight and one facilitator. The learning community typically meets one day per month for a year to be prepared to think theologically, and will learn to pass that education on to others.

This innovative system for learning theology suits churches and ministries of all kinds.

TruthQuest Facilitator's Guide
Facilitator's Guide

Each learner needs their own notebook and the facilitator will need a Facilitator's Guide.
Check out these resources online to see more info (including excerpts) .

TruthQuest Learner's Notebook
TruthQuest Facilitator's Guide
TruthQuest Starter's Pack


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