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Issue No. 10                                                                                                                    06.07.08 
We are excited to announce the release of Neil Cole's new book:

"I wrote this book to appeal to ordinary Christians and inspire them to live a more sacrificial and heroic life for Jesus. While it does explain Life Transformation Groups, it contains a lot of new content not found in my previous works on the subject of disciplemaking which was discovered from several years of learning on the field. More importantly, it aims past the pulpit into the pews to challenge ordinary Christians to follow Christ fully into a life of significance.

Using real stories from years of lifeguarding, it brings to life principles from 2 Timothy about living a life that makes a difference.

I am personally convinced that we will not see a true movement unless ordinary Christians rise to the task of living for Christ in an heroic manner. I believe that we must lower the bar of how we do church and raise the bar on what it means to be a disciple. If we can't reproduce healthy disciples, we will never reproduce leaders. If we cannot reproduce leaders, we'll never reproduce churches and if we can't reproduce churches we will never see a movement. Search & Rescue is written to captivate the imaginations of Christians to a vision larger then themselves. Filled with exciting stories and practical insights the book is easy to read and hard to put down. It not only challenges followers to a higher life, it also puts in their hands a simple tool to start to make a difference immediately."

Here is what a couple others have said about the book...

"Simple, uncluttered, apostolic, organic, and eminently doable. I heartily recommend this book to you!"

--Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways and The Shaping of Things to Come.

"Cole makes Christian disciple making come alive. A captivating story that is solidly biblical and down to earth, with practical application. Right on target!"

--Robert Coleman, distinguished professor of evangelism and discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, author of The Master Plan of Evangelism and The Master Plan of Discipleship.

Pressing on,
Neil Cole
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June 13-15  First Story Greenhouse Training in Cologne, Germany

>>Want to host a GREENHOUSE Training in your area?--Click here to Email Mike for details

Other Training Opportunities:

June- 1st Japan House Church Conference in Osaka details at

July 20- August 1 Student Church Planting Experience in Kansas City Jaeson Ma and more as trainers.
Details at

August 28-31 in Dallas, TX - House2House Labor Day Conference. All the information is at

August 28-31 in Ethiopia Neil Cole will be sharing organic church principles.

organic leadership conf
February 19-21, 2009 Organic Leadership - CMA Conference 2009
 Long Beach, CA @ The Grand > stay tuned HERE

Featured Resources

The World Needs Heroes. Are you one of them? Christians today are on a rescue mission. Each of us is called to get involved in God's plan to make disciples. Church planter Neil Cole knowa about saving lives: he is a former California lifeguard. In Search & Rescue he takes the lessons learned form that experience and applies them to our mission of rescuing people from darkness and leading them into the kingdom of God.

Weaving together his personal experiences of saving lives with biblical principles for how to make and multiply disciples, Cole shows how to create Life Transformation Groups that can help a Christian grow in a safe and transparent relationship with one or two other spiritual pilgrims.

Full of heroic and even humorous stories, Search & Rescue captures readers' imaginations and hearts and doesn't let go until they want to make a difference and know how to go about doing it.

Read 2 chapters free: - "Between a Rock & a Hard Place & What is a Real Hero in God's Kingdom?

Organic Church Movements Conference CDs

OCM Conf 08
Great stuff at the Organic Church Movements Conference Feb 8-10, 2008 in Ontario, California.  Buy individual sessions or the whole set!

Main Sessions: (5 Audio CDs - all 1 CD except for the one marked 2 CDs)

7 Obstacles to Living on Mission: Deb Hirsch, Fri pm* (2 CDs)
Casper and Jason talk about Church: Matt Casper & Jason Evans, Sat am
Christ is the Gift: Neil Cole, Sat afternoon
Communitas: Alan Hirsch, Sun afternoon

Workshops: (Sets of 2 Audio CDs per workshop except for ones marked as * 1 CD; Total of 31 CDs)

Organic Church Urban Strategies Panel
Is the Miraculous Missing in our Movement?* (1 CD)
Women in Organic Church Leadership Roles* (1 CD)
Organic Community-what if it works?* (1 CD)
Detox: Walking the Valley from the Known to embrace the Organic Church Lifestyle
From the Campus to the Marketplace: Organic Student led Movements Bridge into the Workforce
Apostolic Leadership in OC Movements
Prophetic Leadership in OC Movements
Evangelistic Leadership in OC Movements
Pastoral Leadership in OC Movements
Teaching Leadership in OC Movements
Being a Disciple Worth Reproducing
Organic Church in the Black Community
Organic Church and the Tough Question of the Gay Community
Transition or Transfusion: Conventional Churches Moving to Organic Church
The 4-1-1 on the 4/11 team of Ephesians 4:11: Understanding the APEST roles together
Transformation of a City

Featured Article
Jesus and the Kids
By Jason Evans
We've tossed out several Bible story books in our home. In a Western world painted with pictures of Middle Eastern "terrorists" the last thing we want is for our children to forget that Jesus looked a lot more like bin Laden than their white dad. We realized this one evening when reading out of one these books that had been given to us as a gift. Our daughter quipped to her brother, "Maybe you'll look like Jesus when you grow up!" Jesus did have blond hair in the cartoon, just like her brother. I quickly pulled out a news magazine with photos from Iraq. "I'm pretty sure Jesus looked a lot more like that guy than this cartoon drawing." Their faces were puzzled. The book was in the trash by the time the kids were in bed.

In great part, my wife and I have practiced "church" the way we have due to our children. When I resigned from professional ministry, my wife was pregnant with our first child, our daughter. Around that same time, I had the privilege of interviewing author and pastor Chris Seay of Ecclesia in Houston, TX. He said something that I thought was quite profound. Out of all the interviews I've conducted, his words have stuck with me more than most:

We tend to subdivide the Body in a way that has no natural relationships or interaction because we're built on felt-need models. Instead, single people need to learn from married people; young marrieds without kids should learn from married people with kids; and married people with kids should learn from married people with grown kids.

I don't know if Seay would have drawn the conclusion I did from that statement. But when he said that it was as if the light was turned on for me.
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