Tools & Trainings  for  Organic Church Movements  
Issue No. 23                                                                                         01.22.2009

Does is surprise you that Jesus was intentional?  He intentionally became a human zygote, grew up in His mother's and Joseph's home, He intentionally impacted humanity, He died and rose again intentionally and His current intention (absolute promise) is to return and take us all home one day.  Yeah, it should not be surprising that Jesus knew where He was going as walked on this earth and He intentionally sent His followers ahead of Him to impact people with His good news.

How is your spiritual intentionality?  Bumping through life should not be the way of a Christ follower - we should be making the most of our time (Eph. 5:15-16).  We should be moving about this life with spiritual intentionality.  This will include things like; waking up early to commune with Jesus, being filled with the Spirit, aggressively looking for opportunities to share the life of Christ and being available to help and encourage people around us.

Follow the example of Jesus - be intentional about it.
Organic Leadership Conference
Glad to be with you on this journey.  Thanks for all you are. 


Ed Waken
Valley Life Church Peoria, AZ

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Long Beach, CA   //  Story 1
February 19-21, 2009
As a Workshop Track at CMA's Organic Leadership Conference
Details HERE

Iowa City, IA  //  Story 1
March 6-8, 2009

Seattle, WA  //  Story 1
March 27-29, 2009

Phoenix, AZ  //  Story 1
April 24-26, 2009

Trainings in the planning stages for 2009
  • Atlanta, GA // Story 1 
  • Dayton, OH // Story 1
  • San Diego, CA  //  Story 1
  • Mobile, AL // Story 1  
  • Chicago, IL // Story 2

February 19-21, 2009 Organic Leadership - CMA Conference 2009
Long Beach, CA @ The Grand >


Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities

January 27-28, 2009
in Dallas/FW with Leadership Network 
Neil Cole will be presenting

C-21 Conference: Pushing the Envelope
January 30-31, 2009
with the Virginia Baptist Convention
@ 13600 Minnieville Rd Woodbridge, VA 22193
Neil Cole will be presenting

Excelerate Leadership Weekend Conference
February 6-7, 2009
at Southcliff Baptist Church  Fort Worth,TX
Neil Cole will be presenting

Exponential Conference 09
Neil Cole will be presenting

Featured Resources

ReJesus coverReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church.
by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch

Just Released!

"How has it come about that the development of Christianity and the church has given birth to a society, a civilization, a culture that are completely opposite to what we read in the Bible, to what is indisputably the text of the law, the prophets, Jesus and Paul?" So adduces Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch from the introduction of their newest book citing philosopher Jacques Ellul.

In ReJesus, Frost & Hirsch examine the practice of everyday Christian spirituality and ultimately ask if what we practice today is what Jesus passed down to his first century followers. The authors note that many institutionalized forms of Christianity have traded the radical way of Jesus for the stability of outward religious expression. Frost & Hirsch issue a call to the church, therefore, to refocus its spiritual practice upon the true Author and Foundation of our faith.

organic communityOrganic Community: Creating a Place Where People Naturally Connect
by Joseph R. Myers

Community is a fundamental life search and one of the key aspects people look for in a congregation. But community can't be forced, controlled, or easily created. The problem, says Joseph R. Myers, is that churches are too focused on developing programs instead of concentrating on environments where community will spontaneously emerge. Organic Community challenges key leaders to become environmentalists-people who create or shape environments. Outlining nine organizational tools for creating a healthy environment, Myers shows readers how to diagnose their current situation and implement patterns that will develop possibilities for healthy communities.

spontaneous expansionThe Spontaneous Expansion of the Church: And the Causes that Hinder It
by Roland Allen

Written in 1927 as a follow up to his Missionary Methods, the following was penned in the forward by Kenneth Grubb in 1960:

"It is only gradually that Roland Allen's Spontaneous Expansion of the Church has established its reputation among those who are concerned with the mission of the Church. This is odd since it is in many ways both a more mature work than Missionary Methods: St Paul's or Ours? and also more relevant to the particular tasks with which churches and missions have to wrestle today. Nevertheless, the fact that a new edition is called for at the present juncture is, perhaps, a recognition that the book contains much that needs to be said and read just now."

What Allen was calling for 80 years ago and affirmed in the decades to follow has "a lasting validity, and can be studied and re-studied with profit."

Featured Article

Organic LeadershipThe Baby Has Arrived!
from Neil Cole and his blog 1/19/09

My newest book, Organic Leadershiphas arrived at my house. It looks good. Not as thick as I was afraid it would be even though it is longer than my previous books. I will have some on hand (pre-release) for any of my upcoming conferences this month (January '09). We are also providing a free copy to the first 100 to register for our Organic Church Movements Conference in February 19-21, 2009 in Long Beach CA.

In Organic Leadership, I challenge many ideas about leadership and church life that we all take for granted. Many of them are faulty ideas about church leadership, which we continue to support but which have never really been evaluated in the light of Scripture...