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Issue 48                                            November 28, 2010
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 We have always sought to have an open hand to bless the practitioners who are on the front lines advancing the Kingdom of God into the dark places of our world.


In fact, our logo seeks to communicate this very idea.  If you follow the arrows, you'll see the black arrows represent those who come in from darkness to meet our Jesus and then are sent out to the four corners of our world in light. Then they repeat it all over again!


Over the last two years, we have worked hard to price our resources in our online store at low prices which are competitive or better than other online booksellers. As a further blessing, there is a coupon code at the bottom of this email that will give you 15% off your order on CyberMonday (not available for Greenhouse Registrations).

We also are regularly adding free content to the features and articles portion of our website: written articles, videos and audio files.  We hope you will glean from these resources and pass them on to others to continue to spur on the building of our Lord's Church.

It is a joy to walk with you on this great adventure...let this be the hour when we draw swords together!

Upcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse

Greenhouse Story 1Philadelphia, PA // Story 1
December 3-5
with Neil Cole & Jared Looney
Online Registration ends Nov 28
At the Door Registration Available

Dallas, TX // Story 1
January 12-14, 2011
with Neil Cole & Ed Waken
Online Registration Open Now

Click HERE for more Details and to Register

Featured Resources

Search & Rescue
$7  Search & Rescue Sale 
by Neil Cole

Full of heroic and even humorous stories, Search & Rescue captures readers' imaginations and hearts and doesn't let go until they want to make a difference and know how to go about doing it.
Special Sale -- only $7 per book through December 1st!

Upward, Outward, InwardUpward, Outward, Inward: Passing on the Baton of Discipleship 
by Mitsuo Fukuda
Brand New English Translation!
"This book by my friend Mitsuo Fukuda will surprise you - and, I promise, change some of your perceptions for good..." - Wolfgang Simson

"Upward, Outward, Inward describes an intensely biblical pattern of growth that mirrors our Lord's Great Commandment and Great Commission. Brother Mitsuo offers wise insights into how God desires to use spiritual disciplines in our lives to bring about kingdom growth and multiplication in the world today." -  Dr. David Garrison

TruthQuest: Facilitator's GuideTruthQuest: The Facilitator's Guide | Updated Version
By Neil Cole
Fresh off the presses, this updated resource contains all you need to facilitate a TruthQuest learning community.  TruthQuest is a system for training emerging leaders in systematic theology and to reproduce that learning amongst their disciples!

M2MMentoring 2 Multiply (M2M) - Mentoring Guides
Mentoring Guide Forms are a tool to be used by a leader or mentor to take notes on during a mentoring appointment with an apprentice. A key recording tool for the growth & multiplication of leaders, that is: Mentoring 2 Multiply - M2M.

For the whole list of resources on Sale >> click HERE

Free Resources

New Audio files posted:

Leading in a Missional Movement by Neil Cole

Stories of "Going Organic" for Conventional Churches Part 1   &    Part 2
h Ken Eastburn, Phil Helfer, Bill Levin, Kevin Rains & Ed Waken. Stories of "Going Organic"

Also there are a host of audio files for you to listen to or download >> HERE or on iTunes

New Videos posted:

  1. What is the DNA of Church- Interview with Neil Cole
  2. Reaching Europe & Beyond- Interview with Neil Cole
  3. Church as a Living System by Neil Cole
  4. Make Disciples Like the Apostles Did by George Patterson
  5. The Deal - A Simple Video on Disciple Making by Ed Waken
  6. Game Changer - Inspirational Story from Jaeson Ma
  7. Disciple Making for Jesus Movements by Alan Hirsch
  8. Apostolic Environments for Jesus Movements by Alan Hirsch
  9. How Jesus Sees Lost People by Neil Cole
  10. Preparing Disciples to Make Disciples by Neil Cole

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Online Map of Organic Churches and Networks

Check it out here and add your group!

Featured Article 

What Do You Do with the Kids?
by Erik Fish

Kid"What do you do with kids at a house church?"

I've heard this question many times. As a father of four kids, the question of what you do with kids when you're part of a house church (or network of house churches) isn't a theoretical one; it hits at the heart of the responsibility to parent well and equip your children in the faith.

People in the house church movement in North America are developing some creative and meaningful responses. I wanted to share a simple way the kids in our house church have become an important part of our gatherings (rather than a group to be entertained!) and are learning to organize themselves and interact with the adults around the scriptures.

The last few weeks, the kids in our house church have been creating...

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