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Issue 33                                             October 12, 2009
Duck Discipleship
I've been thinking and praying a lot about discipleship and being who God wants us to be- personally and as the organic church movement. We've talked over and over that everybody can be involved in the work of expanding Jesus' Kingdom.  We've said it like this-- the day of the ordained is over and the day of the ordinary is here!

A picture from the world of nature brings additional perspective. It's about ducks-not the kid's favorite Donald-but real ducks. The "story book picture" is mama with a trail of ducklings following right behind her. It's not just for the story book, but it's real life. And it relates to following Jesus.

He is the one in the lead, the Head of the Church. And we all follow Him. Each duck has a responsibility to follow the one in front and that's important for the one coming immediately behind. Each duckling is showing the way for the next one coming along. Many folks have said that everyone needs someone ahead of them in the journey and someone to bring along in the journey (ex. Barnabas, Paul, Timothy). We need people both ways!

Sometimes we get selfish and are looking for people to pour their lives into us. It is also our privilege to pass on what God has taught us to others! As soon as the duckling hatches, it gets inline. And the one in front of it in line shows what it has learned. And so guess what...everybody is involved.

We are following the King- yet we are also helping those who come behind. Follow me as I follow Jesus is how Paul said it (1 Cor 11:1). This isn't limited to those of Paul's caliber (who is that?), but is available for the person who is 4 days old in following Jesus. They can help someone 3 days old in the Lord...and THEY SHOULD! They will mature faster helping others! Those who are in line following Jesus are leading others.

Don't push the metaphor too far, but get the point-- EVERYONE IS A LEADER, EVERYONE IS A FOLLOWER. Everybody is involved! Don't be on the sidelines, learn from God and pass it on!!

Note: Thanks to Curtis Sergeant for the duck metaphor and applications from his talk at the 2008 Organic Church Movements Conference     This article is posted at

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Organic LeadershipOrganic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are
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"It is my belief that the kingdom of God is relational, spiritual, and natural-without all the artificial stuff we tend to use to prop up our ministries today. It is not necessary for people to work as professionals in the church to make it happen. When church and her leadership are natural and organic, they reproduce spontaneously and movements will result."  --Neil Cole

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What are We Supposed To Do When We Gather?   
by Traver Dougherty

When it comes to organic church life, one of the questions I constantly get is, "What are we supposed to do when we gather?" Although I think that's a good question, one that 1 Corinthians 14 addresses nicely, I don't think it's nearly as good of a question as "How are we supposed to be when we come together?"

All too often, in this consumer culture of ours, we look to get something out of a gathering. To this end, we ask ourselves as we seek to maximize our seemingly-valuable time, "What's the take away
value?" Although this particular mode of thinking is very American, it's not very Christian.

Here's the better question...

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