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In this Resource Update, we highlight some of our new resources as well as our sale items.  ENJOY!


Brand New Resource  


Life Change Groupsare being used in dozens of prisons to spawn discipleship among inmates. We are delighted that we were able to work together with those doing the ministry in Texas to help resource them and the rest of the movement!     


A Life Change Group is a group for people who need Jesus to change them from the inside-out. This tool has been adapted from the effective Life Transformation Group format and was crafted by those who ministering with those incarcerated.  


These four-fold brochures have their wording scaled back to a 3rd grade level (ex. "change" rather than "transformation"), yet the questions are still penetrating. Attached is a tear-off bookmark which can be used for the weekly meetings. 


We encourage chaplains, churches, and those ministering in prisons to share this viral tool so that imprisoned Christians might accomplish the uncommon work of reproducing spiritual disciples who can in turn reproduce others. 


>> See a Sample & get more details at LifeChangeGroups.com  



Organic Leadership IndonesianINDONESIAN TRANSLATION of

Paperback Indonesian Translation of the English work Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are  


Cole addresses: 

* How the church has carried on for far too long with faulty leadership ideas, without questioning them 
* Shows how healthy and growing disciples can emerge naturally as leaders in God's kingdom
* Presents simple leadership development practices to raise up homegrown leaders from the harvest for the harvest 
* Introduces us to real-life leaders who exemplify the ideas he presents

Grow more leaders for a greater harvest!   

>>More Details HERE 


Cultivating in Japanese JAPANESE TRANSLATION of

Paperback Japanese Translation of the English work Cultivating a Life for God 


The prime directive given to us by Jesus is to go and make disciples of all the nations. There is hope. We can still fulfill the great commission in this generation, but we will need to get back the power that spread the gospel across the globe in the first century. We will need to see multiplication of disciples occur among all those in the church. An experienced church planter and pastor shares a tool called Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) and explains how it can release the awesome power of multiplication in your church.   

>>More Details HERE 




GruposGrupos Que Transforman Vida
by Neil Cole  


This booklet, translated in Spanish, is based upon several chapters take from Neil Cole's book, Cultivating a Life for God and the Life Transformation Group System (LTGs).   




The Blueprint The Blueprint: A Revolutionary Plan to Plant Missional Communities on Campus
by Jaeson Ma
This catalytic book has help spawn hundreds of churches on college campuses around the world.  Students are already being set on fire for God, planting missional communities, praying fervently and stepping out in faith to see God move in power to reach the lost. Get a copy for cheap -- only $5!  

>> Special Sale only $5



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