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Issue 46                                            October 18, 2010
It Takes Longer Than I Want

 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."  Matthew 28:19


I sat down in the chair.  The chair really isn't that comfortable but I have been sitting in chairs like this one since I was four years old.  After sitting down, John put a plastic apron around my neck that draped over my lap and pulled out his scissors.  He began by trimming my eye brows and then stopped, leaned against his work counter and said, "So Ed, what is the short definition of being a Christian."  I shared with John that a Christian is one who knows that he or she is has violated God's standards and that there is a penalty to pay for those violations, much like a ticket.  A Christian also understands that God loves us so much, that He willingly choose to send His Son, Jesus, to become a man, live a perfect life to die a criminals death because he took our sin upon Himself to pay for our violations against God.  Once committing his or her life to Jesus and trusting in His payment for our sins, a Christian then would live a life that pleases.  The haircut picked up again and we continued to dialog about things spiritual.

John has been cutting my hair for over five years now.  I have shared many spiritual truths with him and he has flirted with attending large churches.  After my last haircut, it seems as though we are beginning to really talk about our souls in a fresh and deeper way.  Next month, John wanted me to come in at his last haircut of the day so we could go to the restaurant next store and grab a cold drink and talk some more...prayfully about following Jesus.

Later in the day, I made a phone call to a local Christian leader to say hello and to chat for a bit.  In the middle of our conversation, this friend began to share how he was concerned that it is now taking longer and longer for people to make and follow through on spiritual decisions.  This is a reality that I and many others are experiencing.  It was of some comfort to hear another leader in our area make this observation. 

I tell you these two short stories as encouragement to never give up in doing what is right.  God is still on the throne and prayer and the sharing of truth changes things.  Whether it takes five years of short interactions with your hair dresser or months, sometimes a year or more, of deeper conversations with friends, sharing the life of Jesus is always fruitful. 

Sometimes, like unseen carrots growing underground, spiritual fruit is maturing in the deep recesses of the soul where no one sees but God.  So don't loose heart but stay focused on the prize, which is Jesus Christ!


Get out there and cast some seeds!


Ed Waken

Originally posted in a letter to Valley Life Church here

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Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities

Nottingham, UK: Organic Leadership & Networks
Tuesday 23rd November 2010 (from 10:00-17:45) 
Trainer: Neil Cole
This day is really for people who are involved in planting simple/organic churches here in the UK and are looking to raise up leaders out of the harvest, multiply churches and form networks. The day is not simply to gain more info or head knowledge but to equip us for the work in our own contexts!
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Beginning the summer of 2010, Shapevine will be launching one of the most unique training opportunities yet. The Missional Quest series is a cohort based learning journey that will give you the opportunity to join in a small group of like-minded sojourners with Deb Hirsch, Alan Hirsch, Dan Kimball, Neil Cole, and others. More...
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Featured Resources

UntamedUntamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship
by Alan & Deb Hirsch
Written for any Christian serious about issue of discipleship, Untamed covers such topics as church, humans as bearers of the image of God, family life, culture, and sexuality. Through it all they seek to answer the question, how are we to think and live day to day as followers of Jesus?

TruthQuest: Facilitator's GuideTruthQuest: The Facilitator's Guide | Updated Version
By Neil Cole
Fresh off the presses, this updated resource contains all you need to facilitate a TruthQuest learning community.  TruthQuest is a system for training emerging leaders in systematic theology and to reproduce that learning amongst their disciples!

LTG - BlueLife Transformation Group Cards LTG - Red
Our Basic Discipleship Tool
Life Transformation Group is a simple way to release the most essential elements of a vital spiritual walk to people who need Jesus. This tool empowers the common Christian to accomplish the uncommon work of reproducing spiritual disciples who can in turn reproduce others.

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Featured Article 

The Influence of Roland Allen on 21st Century Church Planting
by Dr. J. D. Payne

It is essentially in its spontaneous growth and propagation that Christianity, or the Church, is revealed in its true character as indigenous in every country. If we want to know whether anything is indigenous anywhere, we must see it free; if we want to know what its character as indigenous is, we must see how it behaves when in a free condition. Only its spontaneous activity shows us whether it is indigenous, or what it is.
-- Roland Allen (1868-1947)1

In the fashion world trends repeat themselves every decade or so. The other evening my family and I were having supper with a couple when this very issue became a topic of discussion. They noted that recently while walking past a clothing store in a local mall, they were surprised at the cost of a pair of jeans that were torn and tattered while obviously being in-style. Hearing their story was a nostalgic moment for me. Though I am in my early thirties, I recall my high school days when "proper" fashion was deliberately to tear large holes in the legs of our jeans (Okay, so I grew up in the eighties; don't blame me.).

Solomon once said that there was nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Though this statement is true, we are quick to forget that which has gone before us. Over the past few years, I have been impressed at the growing number of individuals who are speaking more and more about principles and practices of missions derived from the missiology of Roland Allen, yet having little knowledge of his influence on their ministries. This situation is most evident when we begin to speak of church planting movements....

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