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Issue 74                                            July  16, 2012   
How Big?


Oh the playground banter that goes on between children. Ever remember hearing this one, "My dad can beat up your dad?" We just knew our dads would come to our rescue.

As a child of God, how big is your Father? How you view Him has a lot to do with whether you'll have that running conversation with Him and experience victory over your drugs of choice. The bigger your view of God is the smaller your challenges become.

Whether you like or not, you have another father looming large in your world - Satan, the father of lies. Whoever is bigger is the one you will run to when challenges come, and will be the one you'll listen to for solutions. There is a battle going on for your mind. Victory over your drugs of choice depends on the one you spend time with throughout your day - the lie-based messages or the truth-based messages in your head.

Power of Presence You received a new Father when you placed your faith in Jesus. How big is your new Daddy? The Bible records that we have a God so big that words will never be quite adequate to describe Him. We also have a Father who loves to blow up our boxes about who we think He is. He wants to loom larger than life in your mind so you will run to Him as your refuge, and be comfortable enough to have that running conversation with Him.

Get a larger view of your Heavenly Father by daily getting into the Word of God and listening to Him. Come near God today and He will come nearer to you (James 5:8). Peace is just a conversation away.


-Chris Suitt



 (from his book in process More Than a Sunday Faith )

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August 24-26  with Neil Cole
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Sentralized Conference 

September 27-29, 2012
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Spanish Translation-Cultivating A Life For God Ebook Church Transfusion: Changing Your Church Organically - From the Inside Out
by Neil Cole and Phil Helfer


To Be Released in September. Pre-Order Now!  Like all our resources, this book will be chock full of real life stories and examples as well as the type of ideas that can only be forged in the flames of true experience. We will pull no punches. The book will tell the glory stories right next to the gory ones

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Life Change Groups Life Change Group Cards
Discipleship multiplication tool targeted for those in prison

A Life Change Group [LCG] is a group for people who need Jesus to change them from the inside-out. This tool has been adapted from the effective Life Transformation Group format and was crafted by those who ministering with those incarcerated.  

These four-fold brochures have their wording scaled back to a 3rd grade level (ex. "change" rather than "transformation"), yet the questions are still penetrating. Attached is a tear-off bookmark which can be used for the weekly meetings. In dozens of prisons, this tool is being used for discipleship among the inmates!


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Cultivating A Life For God Ebook Cultivating A Life For God - E-Book Only $6.99
by Neil Cole

Cultivating A Life For God Ebook This best selling book is a clarion call to the work of disciplemaking and provides profound and practical help to any who would step up to the task of making disciples.  


This classic work was recently released in an E-Book form on Kindle and Nook.  The E-Book version is sporting a new cover designed by Neil Cole himself. We now have it posted in EPUB and KINDLE versions on our site for only $6.99 for a limited time! 

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Insightful presentations by some of the finest leaders in our movement including:

Neil Cole, Alan Hirsch, Deb Hirsch, Tony Dale, Felicity Dale, Reggie McNeal, Jaeson Ma, Dezi Baker, Ed Waken, Phil Helfer, Paul Kaak, Steve Sjogren, Dave Gibbons and many more!     


Your $.99 investment goes a LONG way with these great teachings! 

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Featured Article 

The Power of Presence
by Jay Stiegelmeyer       

Power of Presence

I think the best way I can talk about the "Power of Presence" is to share a story from my own journey. Let me tell you about my Life Transformation Group and how the Power of Presence has allowed us to plant kingdom seeds in people's lives.  


In the summer of 2011, my friend David led my friend Harry (both part of this group) to Christ at a table in a Chipotle restaurant close to our neighborhood. Since that night, a group of guys has been meeting every single week in that same Chipotle. We bring our Bibles and simply talk about what we've read that week and what's going on in our lives.We don't come with a hard agenda and we aren't particularly flamboyant. What we are is consistent. We are there every single week.  


Over the months, we've gotten to know many of the staff and even developed friendships with some of them. It's been fun to watch the relationships grow. I remember the first time I realized that they had taken note of our consistent presence. It was Christmas Eve, and I strolled in there by myself to get my wife and I some lunch to go. One of the people there asked if our group was meeting early that day because of the holiday. Then, she stopped herself, and said "Oh, wait, it's not a Thursday." I knew then... 

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