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Issue 73                                            June  15, 2012   


Jesus said to go and make disciples. He is asking us to go about our every day lives listening to and doing what Jesus says. As we do, we will come into contact with those who don't know Jesus; and thus, we should "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (1 Peter 3:15)

This can be very messy, though. Jesus prayed for the disciples in John 17 that the Father would not "take them out of the world" but rather that the Father would "protect them from the evil one" while they lived in the world. We are not to live like those around us, but we are to be a light while being in the midst of them. We are not to hole up in our buildings, hoping people will come to church. We are to enter the buildings of those who need Jesus and then invite them to come to Jesus.

This means we will be around people that among other things don't look, act, or think like us. It also means we will come across evil, which is why Jesus is still praying for our protection today. This is why living with our biblically-based truth filter in the "On" position is so important. We must also be ready for any and all opportunities to share our Jesus stories, the reason for your hope!  


-Chris Suitt



 (from his book in process More Than a Sunday Faith )

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Featured Article 

The Importance of Hospitality
by Katie Driver      


I can't emphasize enough the importance of hospitality as an element of simple church life. If you have come from traditional church paradigms, your used to thinking of "the gift of hospitality" as referring to those women who laid out the coffee and donuts after a service, or put together a meal after a funeral.  


Possibly, your experience might have included "home groups" that met for fellowship and possibly a Bible study where the host/hostess provided some snacks and drinks using her "gift of hospitality" on you. That is NOT what I'm talking about!   


That's a western, and completely water-downed version of what Biblical hospitality really is. The Scriptures are clear that hospitality is far more than what we usually think it is, and it's not just the gift of a few women. In fact, it has as much to do with men as with women - but that's another blog post for the future...


The real practice of hospitality makes... 

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