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Issue 65                                            November 28, 2011  
CyberMonday Sale on Truth Quest & $5 Deals

 We have always sought to have an open hand to bless the practitioners who are on the front lines advancing the Kingdom of God into the dark places of our world.  



In fact, our logo seeks to communicate this very idea.  If you follow the arrows, you'll see the black arrows represent those who come in from darkness to meet our Jesus and then are sent out to the four corners of our world in light. Then they repeat it all over again!


We've been trying to put good resources in your hands the last couple of weeks with some great deals.  For Cyber Monday we are continuing the $5 Deals

and also adding a special one day sale on our Truth Quest learning community resources.     


If you aren't familiar with this resource, it is a revolutionary one year learning process for proven leaders where they learn theology in a small community by teaching it in a highly reproducible manner.   


To find our more about this excellent tool, check out the webpages below or the promotional brochure (PDF)

Facilitator's Guide: Save $10 - Only $14.99
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Learner Notebook: Save $15 -       Only $24.99!
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These are the cheapest prices EVER for these tools. Take advantage of this One-Day Deal!    



We also are regularly adding free content to the features and articles portion of our website: written articles, videos and audio files.  You can see a sampling of those featured items below. We hope you will glean from these resources and pass them on to others to continue to spur on the building of our Lord's Church.     


Make sure you scroll down to the end of this email to read the compelling article from Neil Cole on  Church: No Longer "Business" as Usual



TrainingsUpcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse   
Greenhouse Story 1Romania  // Story 1 
Satu Mare -  November 30-December 1
Cluj - December 3-4
Bucharest - December 7-8

with Neil Cole

Local Coordinator: Adi Curta  


Milwaukee, WI // Story 1
January 27-29, 2011
with Neil Cole & Katie Driver

Los Angeles, CA // Story 1 & 2

February 3-5

Registration coming soon  


Others in the works:  Harrisburg, PA; Houston, TX; Boise, ID; Sydney, Australia;  Seattle, WA

Click HERE for more Details and to Register

Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities


Verge 2012
February 28-March 2, 2012

Austin, TX 

Group discount ends Nov. 30th! The only way to register for $79!
More Info 
Featured Resources for $5

Search & Rescue
Search & Rescue: Becoming a Disciple Who Makes a Difference 
by Neil Cole

Full of heroic and even humorous stories, Search & Rescue captures readers' imaginations and hearts and doesn't let go until they want to make a difference and know how to go about doing it.  

 Upward, Outward, InwardThe Rabbit & the Elephant: Why Small is the New Big for
 Today's Church

by Tony & Felicity Dale and George Barna
" Micro church" planters Tony and Felicity Dale use the "rabbit" illustration to show the pace at which the Christian faith can (and should) be growing-through evangelism that is explosive and transformational.

TruthQuest: Facilitator's Guide Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (Hardcover)  by Neil Cole

Cole builds on his previous works, offering insight on church leadership today.

Inthis work he addresses:  How the church has carried on for far too long with faulty leadership ideas, without questioning them, and much more...

M2MMentoring 2 Multiply (M2M) - Mentoring Guides
Mentoring Guide Forms are a tool to be used by a leader or mentor to take notes on during a mentoring appointment with an apprentice. A key recording tool for the growth & multiplication of leaders, that is: Mentoring 2 Multiply - M2M.


For the whole list of resources on Sale for CYBER MONDAY >>  click HERE

Featured FREE Resources 

Leading in a Missional Movement by Neil Cole

Stories of "Going Organic" for Conventional Churches Part 1   &    Part 2
h Ken Eastburn, Phil Helfer, Bill Levin, Kevin Rains & Ed Waken. Stories of "Going Organic"

How do we move from Making Disciples to Starting Churches? by Neil Cole

Also there are a host of audio files for you to listen to or download >> HERE or on iTunes


  1. What is the DNA of Church- Interview with Neil Cole  
  2. Reaching Europe & Beyond- Interview with Neil Cole  
  3. Church as a Living System by Neil Cole  
  4. Make Disciples Like the Apostles Did by George Patterson  
  5. The Deal - A Simple Video on Disciple Making by Ed Waken  
  6. Game Changer - Inspirational Story from Jaeson Ma  
  7. Disciple Making for Jesus Movements by Alan Hirsch  
  8. Apostolic Environments for Jesus Movements by Alan Hirsch  
  9. How Jesus Sees Lost People by Neil Cole  
  10. Preparing Disciples to Make Disciples by Neil Cole  

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Featured Article 

Church: No Longer "Business" As Usual
by Neil Cole  

Kid I was asked what I think about the upswing in the trend of church mergers. I first responded with a question of my own:

"Do you want the real answer or the nice one?"


To his credit he asked for the real one and I gave it. You didn't ask, but here is my real answer...  


"Merger" is a business term where two separate corporations consolidate all their assets to form one single and larger organization. Usually, this strategy is driven by greed-for money, influence and greater control of a market.

I mentioned to him that this is actually a symptom of a very serious affliction in the kingdom of God-the view of church as a business. The thinking behind a merger is that the church is a business with assets, employees, a board of directors and a commodity it offers to its constituents.  


This understanding of church is so prevalent that I imagine right now many are reading that last sentence and thinking it is a true description of what their church is today. Friends, that is how far removed we are from the New Testament.


Delving further into a false paradigm in an attempt to do it better is a bad idea. Why would you....


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