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Issue 44                                            September 20, 2010
Missional Shift - Action

"...but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth."  Acts 1:8

How is your house church doing in the "A" (Apostolic Mission)?  For many, we often need a swift kick in the "A"...if you know what I mean.  This is not unusual however.  Throughout the history of the church and even in the New Testament we find God giving people swift kicks in the "A".  One Biblical example is found in Acts 8.  In Acts 1:8, Jesus tells His church that He will be sending them the Holy Spirit for the purpose of giving the power (indicating the ability, boldness and right words to speak) necessary to be His witnesses to their home town of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the whole world.  By Acts 8, the believers had not left Jerusalem so God gave them a swift kick in the "A" - He allowed the church to be persecuted so that the common believers took off to Judea, Samaria and the utter most parts of the world and spread the good news about Jesus (read more by reading Acts 8).  God wants His good news to get out and He wants it out there through the mouths of you and me - saints of the church.

Earlier in the year, we talked about making a missional shift of sorts in our community and for our community.  You can read more about what this shift is like HERE and you can listen to two podcasts; Missiology 101 Part 1 and Missiology 101 Part 2 (part 2 is better :-).  The key to this shift is to move from thinking about church mostly as a gathering of people to thinking about church as a scattering of people into the world.  If we take Jesus into our world intentionally, there will be a transformation in our neighborhoods, work places and homes.  Jesus always makes a difference when He engages souls.

So how is your church doing in the "A" - Apostolic Mission?

Get out there and cast some seeds!


Ed Waken
Valley Life Church
Phoenix, Arizona
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Greenhouse Story 1Prescott, AZ // Story 1
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Edinburgh, Scotland // Story 1
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Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities

Beginning the summer of 2010, Shapevine will be launching one of the most unique training opportunities yet. The Missional Quest series is a cohort based learning journey that will give you the opportunity to join in a small group of like-minded sojourners with Deb Hirsch, Alan Hirsch, Dan Kimball, Neil Cole, and others. More...
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Partners in Innovation Conference
October 4, 2010
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Featured Article 

What is Organic Church?  An Interview with Neil Cole and Frank Viola
by Keith Giles

When I approached Neil Cole and Frank Viola about the possibility of hosting this interview on my blog, they were both in agreement about one thing: This is not a debate. It's a dialog between two brothers who see different sides of the same coin.

As you may know, both Neil and Frank are seen as thought leaders in the area of organic church. However, the very term itself isn't always very clear. Sometimes we need to stop and define our terms before we engage in a dialog so that everyone understands what we're actually talking about. That's the purpose of this interview between Frank and Neil. We hope to engage in an encouraging dialog concerning the Church....

Question 1:
As simply as you can, define what "Church" looks like to you in practical terms. (Looking for an example of how an "Organic Church" would function - how a typical meeting might look - in your version of "Organic" church). What is your definition of "Organic Church"?
Neil: Many scholars attempt to describe church with a list of ingredients that they believe are found in the New Testament. Here is a typical list: a group of believers that gather together regularly and believe themselves to be a church. They have qualified elders and practice baptism, communion and church discipline and agree on a doctrinal foundation and have some sort of missional purpose.

I have no problem with these ingredients being a part of church, though not all of them are indeed biblical (no where in the NT does it say that we have to consider ourselves a church to be a church-that is a cultural reaction to calling bible studies or parachurch organizations churches. There are also NT churches that have not had elders appointed yet on the first missionary journey-Acts 14:21-25). I believe that this understanding of church is missing the most essential ingredient: Jesus! If we can define church without Jesus than we can do church without Jesus and that is a tragedy at best and treason at worst....

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