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Main Session Speakers:

Reggie McNeal is back with us just as his new book OCM-08medMissional Renaissance comes out which follows his bestselling book The Present Future. This is a book that questions our old score card of success in church and gives more appropriate suggestions to measure how we are doing. This is very needed today.

DD Gibbonsave Gibbons who started and led New Song Church in Irvine has a new book being released in February called The Monkey and the Fish. After leading a fast growing megachurch in Southern California, he took a year off and went to Bangkok to start churches there. While there he came to realize that more organic expressions of a missional church are needed. New Song has been evolving over the past couple years to be more decentralized and empowering of its members in whatever vocational field they are called to. I really enjoyed his new book and I am sure you will as well as he identifies the need to be multi-cultural in a fast changing world.

Neil Cole will see the release of Organic Leadership this OCM-08medFebruary 1st. This is a much-anticipated follow-up to Organic Church. It will answer many of the questions that the previous book raised. It will also provoke people even more than the first book did as it addresses some of the fallacies we have about leadership in church. It will be controversial, radical and practical at the same time.

Register now as there are a few free books yet available-- the first 100 paid registrations receive a free copy of Organic Leadership!

Workshops Updated

Details are still firming up and our workshops are getting better and better!   A new one by Reggie McNeal, the line up for the Greenhouse Story 1 trainers, and more are filling in on the workshops page. 

Organic Leadership
CMA Conference 2009
February 19-21, 2009
 the grand
The Grand
Long Beach Event Center
 4101 E. Willow St.
Long Beach, CA 90815 

Church Multiplication Associates
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