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Issue 37                                             December 29, 2009
I no longer try to start churches
I no longer try to start simple/house/organic churches. I think these churches are great.  They provide a place for people to experience participatory, everyone-matters church life.  They provide a way for people to really connect into authentic, one-another community.  They often provide a place for people to recover from some of the pains caused by institutional church life.  But house churches are no longer the end game for me.

Jesus invited us to join him, organically, in the reproduction of life.  His church is a living, thriving, reproducing organism (Mark 4) that allows life-in-the-Spirit to spread virally from one disciple to the next.  His church is alive as illustrated by a seed (Mark 4) that brings forth 30, 60, or 100-fold reproduction.  That is the life of the kingdom.  His life in me is passed on to the life of another (2-fold) which is passed to the life of another (4-fold) which is passed to the life of another (8-fold), etc.  That is the way of organic/viral life and this is what the kingdom IS.  This is ultimately what Jesus invited us to become part of: discipling viral disciplers.  (More here)

- Roger Thoman

Upcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse

Greenhouse Story 1San Luis Obispo, CA // Story 1
March 7-9, 2009

Chicago, IL // Story 1 & 2
February 2010

Orlando, FL // Story 1
June 2010

Trainings in the planning stages for 2009/10:
Greenhouse Story 2
Long Beach, CA
// Story 1
Twin Cities, Minnesota // Story 1

Detroit, MI // Story 1
Canada, Kenya, Germany, Norway

Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities
Student Church Movements National Gathering
January 1-4, 2010
St. Louis, MO
Info & Registration

Missional Movements Conference
Missional Movements Conference

Jan 29-30, 2010
with Michael Frost & Neil Cole
Limited space and a 3 course lunch!

Verge: Missional Community Conference
February 4-6, 2010
Austin, TX
Neil Cole, David Garrison, David Watson, Dave Gibbons and more

Gathering in Globe
CMA Conference 2010

We'll be doing a "Gathering in Globe, AZ"
A woodstock-esque festival- retreat, reconnect, refresh
April 9-11, 2010
Globe, Arizona
Stay tuned for details

Featured Resources

Organic Church Audio CDsOrganic Church- AudioBook
By Neil Cole

Just Released: Audio Version of Organic Church

Missional RenaissanceMissional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church
by Reggie McNeal

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Church 3.0Church 3.0: Upgrades for the Future of the Church
By Neil Cole
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In this next-step book, he answers questions about how to deal with theological and organizational issues that come up. He talks about issues such has what to do with finances, children, heresy, leader training, and rituals and ordinances.
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Search & RescueSearch & Rescue: Becoming a Disciple that Makes A Difference
by Neil Cole

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Featured Article

The Secret to Church Multiplication Movements
by Neil Cole

I have given my entire adult life to trying to discover the secret to starting spontaneous church multiplication movements. It has literally been an obsessive curiosity that has become a life calling. Unhappy with anything less, I have abandoned much in its pursuit.

One of the things I figured out through many failures along the way is that the potent DNA of a movement is not found in books, seminars or with elite scholars or specially gifted personalities. The true ingredient necessary for a movement is not just in China, India and certain third world countries. No, the potent mix necessary to release a real spontaneous multiplication movement of God's Kingdom is found in the most obvious but least expected place of all. All along, the secret has been under our nose...literally!

The ingredient most necessary to start a spontaneous movement of God's expanding Kingdom is found...

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