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Issue No. 17                                                                                          10.20.08 
It is Autum in Minnesota. Leaves are turning colors and falling to the ground . The days are getting shorter and colder and its time to put away the deck furniture, lawn mower, dump the now dead flower baskets, mulch the gardens and prepare for winter.  If I didn't love the fall so much, I'd hate this time of year for I know the cold weather that will descend upon us for the next five months.  However, seasons remind me of the constant living momentum of creation and the design of God to use seasons to produce life and fruit.

I'm grateful that God has given us seasons in our spiritual life as well.  Fall seasons of harvest and a time to prune away dead and lifeless branches from our lives that steal future fruitfulness from us.  Winter seasons that quiet us, cause us to be still and to draw nearer to Him for warmth and intimacy.  The awakening of Spring and the bud of new life that begins to spring forth from previously trimmed and planted areas gives us excitement and expectation of what lay ahead.  Then the warm of the sun filled days of summer that is filled with life, growth and propagation.

Whatever season you may find yourself in at this time is a good season with God.   He is at work within you, patiently and perfectly tending you "so that you walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God." Colossians 1:10

What joy and expectation we can have knowing that He will accomplish His purposes for us in the season we are in and we can look forward to the next one in this constant flow of life.

Enjoying my Autumn!

Katie Driver
St. Paul, MN

Church Multiplication Associates

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Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX  //  Story 1
October 24-26
@ University of Texas Arlington
At the door registration only

Chicago, IL  //  Story 1  
Oct 31-Nov 2  
@ Moody Bible Institute  
Online Registration ends Oct 26

Long Beach, CA  //  Story 1 & 2
November 7-9
@ Los Altos Grace Brethren Church
Online Registration ends Nov 2

Trainings in the planning stages for 2009
  • Memphis, TN // Story 1  January 16-18
  • Atlanta, GA // Story 1  January
  • Dayton, OH // Story 1  March 27-29
  • Phoenix, AZ // Story 1  April
  • San Diego, CA  //  Story 1
  • Mobile, AL // Story 1  May

Other Training Opportunities:

November 3-5  in France-  Neil Cole & Dezi Baker will be teaching Greenhouse Story 1 principles. Filled to Capacity.

November 3-13 in Raipur, India - Ed Waken & Josh Wilshusen will be sharing evangelism principles and a Greenhouse Story 1.  More info contact Ed

February 19-21, 2009 Organic Leadership - CMA Conference 2009

Long Beach, CA @ The Grand > stay tuned HERE

Featured Resources

Raising Leaders cover
Raising Leaders for the Harvest
by Robert Logan & Neil Cole

Raising Leaders for the Harvest introduces the concept of Leadership Farm Systems, an organic process of leadership development which results in natural and spontaneous multiplication of disciples, groups, ministries and churches. You will be guided step-by-step through the development of your own leadership farm system and learn how to:
          • Release ordinary people to make and multiply disciples
          • Maximize learning through life and ministry experience
          • Identify emerging leadership in your church
          • Empower people through mentoring relationships
          • Cultivate character and skills in emerging leaders
          • Accelerate leadership production and mobilization
          • Generate momentum for a church multiplication movement
This resource draws upon the example Jesus set for raising leaders from the harvest for the harvest.  This self-study resource comes as a 3 Ring Binder with six CDs, worksheets and practical tools you can use.

Mentoring 2 Multiply--Mentoring Guides (M2M)

Mentoring Guide Forms are a tool to be used by a leader or mentor to take notes on during their mentoring appointment with an apprentice. A key recording tool for the growth & multiplication of leaders, that is: Mentoring 2 Multiply - M2M.

Three-hole punched and made with duplicate paper for 2 copies of the notes (for the mentor and the apprentice) to both have a copy.
25 forms per pack.

Making of A Leader cover
The Making of A Leader: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development
by J. Robert Clinton

A foundational study on leadership development finding the trends and commonalities from studying the lives of hundreds of leaders.  It will then examine the following questions: Where do leaders come from? What does it take to be a leader? When does leadership begin? In this book, Dr. Clinton identifies the patterns God uses to develop a leader.

J. Robert Clinton has determined the six stages of leadership development and he establishes checkpoints to clarify where you are in the process. This book will help you:
  • Identify those with leadership characteristics
  • Direct the development of maturing leaders
  • Recognize where you are in the development process
  • Counsel those who are experiencing periods of trial or frustration
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Featured Article Organic Leadership

The Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders
By Neil Cole
An excerpt from his book Organic Leadership (coming out in February '09)

Perhaps the single most consistent need among Christian leaders is for people who can lead ministries. The vast majority of churches I have encountered in my travels all could use more leaders to maintain their ministries. So many churches have more children than child workers and more students than student workers. Everyone could use more musicians.
There are always a few churches, however, that do not have this struggle. There seems to be at least one church in every city that doesn't have the same overbearing need. They have all the leaders they need, and more.
Why is that? Why are some churches full of more leaders than they need, while the rest are all struggling in manpower poverty? I know the secret. I will share it with you now and you too can have more then enough leaders and resources to accomplish all the work God has called you to do.
The Problem with Recruitment
The churches that have the most leaders do not recruit leaders at all...