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Issue 63                                           October 24, 2011  



Wow...there is a lot in this Tools & Trainings e-newsletter.  Below we unveil a brand new resource-- Life Change Groups which are being used in dozens of prisons to spawn discipleship among inmates.  Make sure you check them out!  We are delighted that we were able to work together with those doing the ministry in Texas to help resource them and the rest of the movement!   


As always, there are trainings coming up around the globe, so see what's coming close to you.  And if you are interested in hosting a training or consultation, please send us an email and we'll be glad to work together with you.


Part of our name is Resources, so we have put tons of free resources -- articles, videos and MP3 files-- up on our website. Below is a list of the newest stuff.  Also some of our sale items are listed along with some sale items from   


Hopefully there are a couple of WOWs for you the deals or better yet in the help you get from our resources.


Press On,

Mike Jentes   


We hope these words along with the trainings, resources and the articles below encourage & challenge you as you are sowing seeds and showing Jesus in your part of God's World.


TrainingsUpcoming Trainings- Organic Greenhouse   
Greenhouse Story 1Romania  // Story 1 
Satu Mare -  November 30-December 1
Cluj - December 3-4
Bucharest - December 7-8

with Neil Cole, Dezi Baker & Neil Gamble

Local Coordinator: Adi Curta  


Milwaukee, WI // Story 1
January 2011
with Neil Cole & Katie Driver
Registration coming soon!

Others in the works:  Harrisburg, PA; Houston, TX; Boise, ID; Sydney, Australia; Los Angeles

Click HERE for more Details and to Register

Other Organic Church Learning Opportunities


Church Leadership Seminar 

@ Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Neil Cole - October 25, 2011

Theme: Journeys to Significance- Raise Up & Empower Leaders 

Time: 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (Registration 9 a.m.) 





















Maximising existing churches' disciple-making and multiplication potential.
  • Discussion on How established churches can be transfused with fresh life and reproductive DNA.
  • Network and share with other pastors and leaders who are on the same journey.
  • Trainers: Neil Cole and Phil Helfer

28 October, Friday from  9am to 1pm 

Details and to Register  




 Connect Live - Leadership Network 







A Leadership Network Online Conversation with 6 Authors -- including Neil Cole, Reggie McNeal and more!
Thursday, November 10, 2010

@ 11am Eastern Time


For more details and to register 




Verge 2012

February 28-March 2, 2012
Austin, TX
Group discount ends Nov. 30th! The only way to register for $79!

HeroFeatured Resources 

Life Change Group Life Change Group Cards

A new discipleship tool targeted for those in prison 


A Life Change Group [LCG] is a group for people who need Jesus to change them from the inside-out. This tool has been adapted from the effective Life Transformation Group format and was crafted by those who ministering with those incarcerated.  


These four-fold brochures have their wording scaled back to a 3rd grade level (ex. "change" rather than "transformation"), yet the questions are still penetrating. Attached is a tear-off bookmark which can be used for the weekly meetings. In dozens of prisons, this tool is being used for discipleship among the inmates!


>> To see a sample & more info



GruposGrupos Que Transforman Vida
by Neil Cole  

 This booklet, translated into Spanish, is based upon several chapters take from Neil Cole's book, Cultivating a Life for God and the Life Transformation Group System (LTGs).  




The Shaping of Things To Come The Shaping of Things To Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century
By Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch
This important book explores why the Church needs to recalibrate itself, rebuilding itself from the roots up. Frost and Hirsch build their case around real-life stories gathered from innovative missional projects from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England.  

>> Special Sale save $11



Special Sales at  

Life Transformation Groups Cards: Simplified Version-Blue 100 Pack
by Neil Cole by CMA Resources
Pamphlet List Price: $85.00 
Our Price: $59.95
Buy Now

Life Transformation Group Cards: Original Version-Red 100 Pack
by Neil Cole by CMA Resources
Pamphlet List Price: $85.00 
Our Price: $59.95
Buy Now 

Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (Shapevine)
by Neil Cole by Baker Books
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $6.00
Buy Now 

Recent FREE Articles, Videos, MP3 files

Moody Missions Conference Chapel by Neil Cole for the Moody 125th Anniversary | Audio  

Neil Cole was asked to share at the Moody Bible Institute Missions Conference in October...


Discipleship is Job One by Phil Helfer
And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth....


Sharing His Story & About CMA - Mike Jentes | Video
Mike Jentes sharing some of the story of CMA and of his own journey....


Staying Strong...When You Aren't by Ed Waken
The bad news kept coming.  A friend is battling for his life, a low tire ended up meaning I needed two new tires at the cost of $400.00, my wife wa...


So How Many Churches Did the Apostle Paul Start? by Neil Cole
Some have said that Paul only started 14 churches in his lifetime. If so that is a remarkable thing, but I tend to think there are more than 14....


Selecting and Making Disciples by Neil Cole | Video
Neil shares about where to start when making disciples....



ReTooling Leadership Series by Ed Waken


Transparent Leaders: ReTooling Leadership 7 by Ed Waken
I walked into the workout room in the hotel I was staying at and found one of the two treadmills available.  I jumped on it and began to jog at a s...


Release People Immediately: ReTooling Leadership 6 by Ed Waken
If the church is going to expand and multiply on an ongoing basis, there are some issues that must be admitted to, repented from and transformed to be...


Leading People to be Scattered: ReTooling Leadership 5 by Ed Waken
If the church is going to expand and multiply on an ongoing basis, there are some issues that must be faced, admitted to, repented from and transforme...


Equip to Gather or Scatter?: ReTooling Leadership 4 by Ed Waken
Leadership can simply be described as influence. In the community of saints, leaders are to be influencing people to be more like Jesus....


The Leader's Priority: ReTooling Leadership 3 by Ed Waken
As we follow Jesus' leadership style, we notice something very interesting.  Jesus spends most of His time, energy and resources on the few, not wi...


Jesus' Example: ReTooling Leadership 2 by Ed Waken
As we continue this discussion on leadership, we find some striking differences in how many churches are led today as opposed to what Jesus clearly ...


Who Is In Charge?: ReTooling Leadership 1 by Ed Waken
If the church is going to expand and multiply on an ongoing basis, there are some issues that must be faced, admitted to, repented from and transfor...


ArticleFeatured Article

Paul's Last Missionary Journey     

by Neil Cole  Mammertine Prison in Rome


The apostle Paul's last arrest landed him in a damp and cold dungeon in Rome where he wrote his final letter, which we call 2 Timothy. In 67 AD Paul was executed by beheading, which launched him on his final journey home. After traveling 15,000 miles (8700 by land), enduring four shipwrecks, starting churches in seven or eight people groups (perhaps as many as ten), writing 15 letters that we know of (13 of which are in the New Testament), enduring multiple imprisonments and uncounted beatings, he ended his life almost alone.


According to 2 Timothy, his last days were spent short on time (4:9), cold (4:13), lonely (4:11), rejected by his own spiritual children (1:15), abandoned by his son's in the faith (4:10) and betrayed by someone he trusted (4:14). Nevertheless, in spite of so few that stood with him in the end, he was a success (4:6-8).  

My oldest daughter, Heather, and I visited Rome a few years ago. We landed early in the morning and knew we needed to stay awake all day if we had any hope of adjusting to the time zone. We dropped off our luggage and took a train into the city looking for one place: the Mamertine prison.


This is where it is believed that Paul wrote 2 Timothy at the end of his life, hidden among some of the most famous ruins in the world. In preparation, we decided to read 2 Timothy every day while on the trip, which made the experience and the Scriptures come alive for us.  


We descended into ... 


...>>Read the rest here  


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