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Issue No. 2            Tools and Trainings for Organic Church Movements

In this second issue of Tools and Trainings for Organic Church Movements, we want to explain the three things we want to highlight in these e-newsletters.
  • Upcoming Training Events-  we have trained thousands of people over the years but we probably haven't done a good job of letting people know when and where we will be next.  We want to do better at this to serve you!

We would like draw your attention to the  new One-Day Workshops we are offering.  We know that our weekend long Greenhouse trainings are sometimes difficult to create the time and money for, so we are offering some one-day trainings on particular topics in Organic Church Movements.

The next couple workshops will be offered in Long Beach, CA in the coming weekends.  Please check out the information below about the "Organic Leadership" and the "4-1-1 on the 4/11 Leadership Team" Workshops which are scheduled. Download workshops information here: LB Organic Workshops (PDF) 
  • Featured Resources- to spur on a movement we feel called to provide some tools to help on the way.  We want to provide access to tools that will bump us all forward.  Right now we have a couple of items which have just been released in addition to a host of time-tested resources.  Check out some featured ones below and don't forget to browse our website too. 


  • Feature Article- we regularly post articles from the practitioners in our movement on our website.  We would like to shine a spotlight on some of the new and old articles to serve you in your journey.  Maybe you have something to share with the movement,  if you would like to submit an article for posting, please send it to Mike (

It is our hope that this e-newsletter will enhance your work in your context and spur on a multiplicity of Organic Church Movements. 

If you would like to continue to recieve these emails, please confirm your interest in receiving email from us if you haven't already. Also if you would click the link at the bottom of this email which says "UPDATE PROFILE/EMAIL ADDRESS" we would appreciate it. 
We are walking with you towards the multiplication of healthy disciples, leaders, churches and movements!
Serving you and our King,
Church Multiplication Associates
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Workshops Logo //

August 25th (Sat) in Long Beach, CA   8:45am-4pm (with lunch)
The 4-1-1 on the 4/11 Leadership Team:  Recovering the New Testament Leadership Team for a Fully Functioning Church.
Trainers: Neil Cole & Paul Kaak
September 8th (Sat) in Long Beach CA     8:45am-4pm  (with lunch)
Organic Leadership: Rediscovering Biblical Leadership for Organic Churches
Trainer: Neil Cole
Download workshops information here: LB Organic Workshops (PDF) 

>>Go here to register for one or both workshops

Greenhouse Logo //
September 20th - 22nd  First and Second Story Greenhouse in St. Paul/Minn,MN.

October 5th - 7th First Story Greenhouse in Cary, NC.

October 5th - 7th First Story Greenhouse in Fond du Lac, WI.

October 19th - 21st Fiirst Story Greenhouse in New Jersey.

November 2nd - 3rd  Second Story Greenhouse in New York City.

November 16th - 18th First Story Greenhouse in Grand Rapids, MI.

Featured Resources

blueprint picBRAND NEW>> In The Blueprint, Jaeson Ma offers a powerful vision of what God is radically doing in this generation on campuses across the world. Students are already being set on fire for God, planting missional communities, praying fervently and stepping out in faith to see God move in power to reach the lost.
Through his own personal stories, student testimonies and practical biblical teaching, Ma envisions and practically equips student and staff leaders, just like you, to change themselves and their campuses for Christ. The Blueprint will give you a clear vision for revival and reformation of society, specific spiritual DNA and practical tools to see the vision for reformation become a reality.
Organic Church Movements Conference 2007 --  DVDs & CDs
    Keynote sessions:
  • Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill? The Dark Side of Organic Church- by Neil Cole
  • Qualities of a Missional Leader- by Reggie McNeal
  • Thinking Prophetically and Acting Apostolically- by Wolfgang Simson
  • Jesus Made Me Do It- by Alan Hirsch
  • Starfish Organizations: the Unstoppable Power of Decentralized Movements- by Ori Brafman
  • Mobilizing the Other Half of the Army: Women in Leadership Roles- by Felicity Dale

>>PLUS 14 workshops on many facets of Organic Church. Buy one session or all of them! (DVDs are only of Keynote Sessions).

Feature Article

Postmodern Opportunities

by Neil Cole

Postmodernism is like a bar of soap in dirty bath water, as soon as you think you have a good grasp it slips out of your hand and is lost in the murky water leaving you groping again blindly.

Perhaps it is hard to get a hold of because it isn't really born out of a linear, cognitive thought process-that would be too modern. It is really more of an emotional reaction to modernism than a philosophical choice. I find it almost a little humorous to read how people analyze postmodernism from the viewpoint of a linear philosophical process as though it was all thought out in advance and we all agree on a chosen philosophy of life. Postmodernism is not a logical choice as much as an emotional and even cultural reaction.

There really shouldn't be a postmodern manifesto as though someone sat down and wrote out what our thoughts are and where we are heading. As soon as someone does it will be offensive to the rest of us, after all, we're postmodern and angry at the world! You can't put a label on us!

Even the name "postmodern" lacks logic. How can we be post-what is now? Does that make us futurists? However, the word really is fitting in many facets because postmodernism is really just a reaction against something. It is looking at the modern experiment and declaring it a failure. It is more about what it isn't than what it is. Defined by what it is against rather than for.

Modernism, born in the enlightenment, lied to us. It told us that the human mind could solve all our problems. President Lyndon B. Johnson declared that poverty would be done away with in our generation. Johnson is gone, poverty remains. Science promised we could eliminate all disease like they did with small pox. Today we have more disease than ever, new diseases are running rampant--and small pox is threatening a comeback. Modernism has failed. Welcome to a world of postmodernism.

Read the rest of the article HERE

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