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Issue 71                                            May 9, 2012   
Am I Ready to Die, Right Now?


One of the Navy Seals in the movie, Act of Valor, makes a statement similar to this. "I don't want to die, but I'm ready to die. I have lived my life the way it should be lived. The worst thing is to die and then ask God for more time. More time for what? If you've lived each day with a purpose, then you don't need more time. A person who begs their enemy to not kill them because they want more time to get things right, has not lived each day they way they should."


This statement hit home with me. Am I ready to die, right now? Would I beg for more time to make things right with a certain person, to accomplish that task God gave me? Or could I say the words Jesus said on the cross, "It is finished."  


He came. He lived each day in the presence of His Father (John 5:19). He accomplished the task His Father sent Him here to do. Jesus' death and resurrection puts me into a relationship with my Father who told me who I am - a child of God. Jesus' death and resurrection gives me a significant purpose for living each day, right where I am. I can be used by the Spirit to affect other lives for eternity.


Every day counts. This is the essence of living with a Biblical worldview. I can filter out life's distractions in order to stay focused on Jesus in every moment of every day. This means I can do this in every area of my life, which makes each task I do significant.


I don't want to die. But as I live each moment for Jesus, I can leave this planet with no regrets. I will be able to say as Jesus said, "It is finished." And I believe I will then hear my Father say, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Welcome home."  


-Chris Suitt


 (from his book in process More Than a Sunday Faith )
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Featured Resources   

Cultivating A Life For God Ebook Cultivating A Life For God - E-Book Release
by Neil Cole

Cultivating A Life For God Ebook This best selling book is a clarion call to the work of disciplemaking and provides profound and practical help to any who would step up to the task of making disciples.  


This classic work has just been released in an E-Book form on Kindle and coming soon on Nook and other e-book formats.  The E-Book version is sporting a new cover designed by Neil Cole himself.

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  Church Transfusion Church Transfusion: Changing Your Church Organically - From the Inside Out
by Neil Cole & Phil Helfer   

This book seeks to help conventional churches become the seedbeds of mission and multiplication they were meant to be. There is a lot of talk today about how to make the church more missional. This book exposes the roadblocks that keep churches from changing and offers an achievable approach for seeing churches everywhere transfused with the life and presence of Jesus Christ.    

Faith of Leap
The Faith of Leap: Embracing a Theology of Risk, Adventure and Courage 
by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch

"This book hits on one of the most crucial elements we need to release church multiplication movements--if not the most significant missing ingredient. This is, in my opinion, Hirsch and Frost's best work to date and is must reading for anyone who wants to release missional movements." --Neil Cole 



Untamed Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship
by Alan & Deb Hirsch 
Discipleship is costly. Are we willing to critique and even challenge much we've been taught for the sake of the kingdom? For this is the radical nature of the discipleship to which Jesus calls us. He did not allow the outside culture to hold him captive; instead he established the kingdom of God and turned the world on its head. Jesus was untamed, and he calls his church to be the same...


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Featured Article 

Intro to Six Ingredients To Catalyze Movements
by Neil Cole     


What a catalyst does is it maintains its own integrity as it interacts with other properties increasing their rate of effectiveness without losing its own potency or integrity. In other words a catalyst accelerates a natural occurrence, without being consumed by that process.   


The art of designing catalytic ideas and methods is basically my role in our movement. I am an architect of ideas with catalytic elements to fuel the acceleration of Jesus movements everywhere.  


Through trial and error over the past 20 years, I have found that there are six ingredients of a good catalyst that ignites and accelerates movements.

  1. A Simple Process 
  2. A Small Pattern
  3. A Surprising Proposition
  4. A Significant Principle
  5. A Sticky Potential
  6. A Spreading Pathway

In this series of six articles I will elaborate on each one.  


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