Our veterinary hospital in Russell Vale, is all about animals - keeping them happy, healthy, safe and doing it as simply as we can, so there is more time to enjoy being with them.
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  • 2016 - A big year
  • We apologise that there were no/few newsletters in the first six months of the year for various personal reasons. I was busy planning and booking my European Adventure with my youngest daughter, aswell as personal grief on the loss of Dirk's parents. We are back on track for our monthly Animail Tails though, as you can see!
  • September 2016 - Preventing Disease, its up to you!
  • Preventing Disease - its up to you. Shampoo tips, Parvo alert, introducing new products, information on novel diets.
  • August 2016 - We-re Back
  • We're Back - in more ways than one. Monthly Animail Tails is back on deck, updating on Local Business Awards, Dental care
  • June 2016 - Vote for Us
  • Local Business Awards were on (and we were Finalist), thanking the locum vets that supported our vet hospital whilst Dr Liz was travelling in Europe
  • 2014 - Starting Strong!
  • In our third year of ongoing monthly e-news. Feel free to browse, and subscribe too if you want it to come into your mail box every month.
  • Santa Paws time  (12/21/2014)
  • Christmas is always busy. Open up to find out more!
  • Itchy Pet solutions, being Fire Safe and Sugar  (11/2/2014)
  • Handy hints on how to help your itchy pet, as well as how to prepare for emergencies (such as bush fires, evacuations etc). Diabetes Awareness Month is here too, with free blood glucose test all month for all pets.
  • Our Dog Beaches and Other Spring Dramas  (10/1/2014)
  • We talk about the loss of George, (the stray that stayed), update you on the fight for our right to our beaches (i.e we speak for our dogs), and some hints to help you cope with the spring onslaught of ticks, fleas, snakes, storms, bees.
  • Open Day 2014 - Prize Winners! Woo Hoo  (9/16/2014)
  • Our Third Annual Open Day and "Thanks to You" party was a success, despite the weather. This email shares some initial photos until we get our official ones back, with an early invite to our Santa Paws photo shoot for 2014.
  • Ticks, Venom, George and You're Invited to our Open Day  (8/5/2014)
  • Do you love reptiles... we do too. Open to find out more about First Aid. Update on George (obviously), and an invite to our OPen Day... plus much more.
  • Healthy Joints and Wee  (6/30/2014)
  • Since the June newsletter didn't happen, this July edition is packed. Information on urinary diseases in cats and dogs and how to help them. Updates on our Prince (George), helpful tips on crate training, and the official invite to our Thank You party (and Open Day) in September 2014. Open up to find out more.
  • Ears, Bum George and More  (4/30/2014)
  • May edition is packed with information about ear problems, itchy bottoms (eew), our new resident senior, George and lots lots more.
  • Itchy Pet Help and Appdate Yourself!  (4/13/2014)
  • April is our birthday month, but this edition is a pressie for all of you. Help about itchy pets, giardia medic alert, and exciting news about our two new apps and much more.
  • What is Max?  (3/1/2014)
  • The March edition which showed off Piper's the Practice Manager's BREED DNA result, and asked a question - What is Max - his breed DNA was very interesting.
  • New Year, New Pup  (2/2/2014)
  • Welcome to 2014 - the New Year - and introducing our new puppy, Piper. Find out more about DNA testing, and how to help your pet when the fear of noises gets too much.

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