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  April, 2015

We hope this finds all of you  well and healthy.  For some of you, this will be your first email from me, and you missed out on your "welcome email". If you are really desperate for a copy of that, just hit reply, otherwise, read on and enjoy. 

This isn't my usual Animail Tails, which is usually pages long packed with info. We want you to spend time with your family this Easter, so we have made it short and sweet (to keep you in the loop of the clinic's happenings).

Dirk is now in New Zealand with our two youngest children to visit his brother and his parents, and as a result, our hours at the vet hospital will be changed temporarily.  The hours are listed below. Tegan, our other vet nurse has another job commitment at the moment, so in the past, she was able to fit in full time, but not this time.

It is school holidays and Easter after all, so we hope we do not inconvenience too many of you.  We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

However, I am taking it as an opportunity to do all of the essential upgrades to software, protocols, systems etc that need to be done, but are usually done late at night or at weekends. So, no, I am not on holidays, as such.

Our next Animail Tails (the proper edition) will be out in May, which we hope you will enjoy.

Our April Hours

New Product

Bravecto is due to be released this month.

Once it is in, we will send an email directly to those who are on the "medic alert list", (you can adjust your email subscription to join that list).

It is for dogs only (sorry cats)!

It is a single tablet that will kill fleas for 3 months, and paralysis ticks for 4 months.

It is available as single packs only, which everyone seems to ask for on the other flea control products we have.

Safe to give with vaccinations, Heartworm prevention and intestinal worming.

Don't forget, we also still have for flea control
- for dogs and cats - Activyl, Comfortis, Advantage, Advocate, Revolution, Frontline Original
- for dogs only - Nexguard


Easter Eggs are Yum, but not for pets
Each year, many pets manage to snaffle some of the yummy chocolate that we love to eat so much.

The problem is, it can make them sick.

Very very sick.

How much is too much?

We do have a link to a chocolate calculator on our website, so click here.

If the previous link doesn't work, go here.

We have addictive pet toothpaste
Just ask Caash, one of our animalclinic family members, who just loves having his teeth brushed.... or is it that he loves our  toothpaste.

Either way, he is keeping his teeth healthy.

Are you? Are you keeping your pet's teeth healthy the same way?

Do you have a video of your own pet's antics that you would like to share? Why not share them with me (and the entire animal clinic family).

Can't help myself - sharing photos of some animalclinic family members
We love to see family photos, and we add them to our family album online.
If you would love to have your pet's photo part of our family album, why not email me a photo.

 Our animalclinic family album

Need to get hold of us?
Do you need to get hold of us?

Well, if its not urgent, you do not need to rely on the traditional phone.

You can...
  • email me on russellvalevet@gmail.com
  • Private message on Facebook
  • SMS us on 0401349849


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You can do all of the above, or you can go to our online booking system.  



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