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The Xmas Issue
Dec 2014
Ho Ho Ho..Merry Christmas.

Thank you to all who came to our Santa Paws photos, and apologies to those who missed out.   Why not add your name to the 2015 Santa Paws list now, so you can set and forget (until we remind you)

Sign up now for Santa Paws 2015

The Xmas Issue is that as we are all so busy - my gift to you is a "lite" issue.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!
NEW Products

1. Ivory Coat Foods are Hypoallergenic and Grain Free.  It contains pure meat and vegetables (such as broccoli, peas, kale) as listed on the ingredients list, but with no corn, soy or grain.


We are stocking both the 2 kg and 8 kg bags in all flavours - Lamb and Kangaroo, Turkey (low fat), Turkey and Duck, as well as the Puppy Chicken food.



2. NexGuard - Arriving soon - is a once a month flea and tick tablet, which offers protection against paralysis tick poisoning.


Please note - it will not repel the ticks, but once they start to feed, will kill them before they have a chance to cause paralysis.


We will be stocking the single packs, as well as the packs of 3's  and 6';s 


See below for our introductory offer (and Christmas gift for all of you).  




Scan & Check Your Pet's Chip aka ChipChecker
When was the last time your pet's microchip was checked? What about the pets of your friends?

Since we opened, we have scanned all pets who come in to visit us, like most vets.

In 2004, we took it to a different level, unlike others.  After scanning a pet's chip, we then went to check the National and NSW Databases to confirm that the details are up to date.  We found many that had incomplete details, details that were out of date, or worse, pets whose microchip details did not match the owner. 

In 2014, The National Pet Registry have launched "ChipChecker", and we are happy to become an official ChipChecker Station (as we had been doing the same thing for 10 years anyway) 


Share with your friends that their pet's microchip details need to be kept updated when they move.   

The beaches have gone to the dogs... Thank you for that!

In 2014, things got very heated in the Northern Suburbs, with the Council review on "Dogs on beaches and Parks" Policy. 

Fortunately, the status quo remains, but the divisions within our community have not eased. 

The policy will be due for review in 2017.

The complaints that were made were legitimate and real, and it is incumbent amongst all of us dog beach lovers, to encourage others to behave. 

Which means

-  Pick up that poo and dispose of it properly.  There are ample bins, or failing that, carry it until you find one.  No one likes to see little bundles of poo in bags at the edge of the beach, and no one likes to step in it either.

- Always have good control of your dog - off leash does not mean your dog can run rampant and attack/annoy others

-  If you know your dog has attacked other dogs,  always keep a long leash on them or better yet, avoid the off leash areas.

- Respect that the off leash beaches are resource to be shared by everyone - dog owners and dog haters alike. 

In other words, practice basic common sense and civility.

Xmas Present Ideas for your pet

As a practical person, I am guilty of choosing presents that are practical.  So here are some practical ideas that your pet will appreciate.

1. A Pet Tag - If you haven't updated your pet's tag in two years, get a new one now - with current phone numbers too. 

2. Savings Account for your pet.  There are multiple high interest accounts, such as BankWests Hero Account at 4% or Ubank Ultra at 4.02%.  Deposit as little or as much as you like, so when your pet gets sick and needs treatment, you can say "I can afford that", rather than " It costs that much? I can't afford that" 

We have a savings account for all our pets PLUS pet insurance for our dog Piper, as we know vet fees get very expensive at the specialist side of things.   We know that without pet insurance, we would not have been able to have afforded her hip surgery this year (from which she has made a remarkable recovery). 

3. Interactive Dog Toys  - all dogs should have multiple feed dispensing toys (this is how we feed Piper).  It keeps her mentally stimulated, and feeds her at the same time.  We stock several  feed toys which are Piper's favourite, such as the Kong Wobbler pictured above.

4.  Our Santa Paws Bandanna - for only $5.00 is it a colourful fashion statement, ready for your pet to wear this Christmas! 


Spray it with Adaptil, and it will be perfect in helping them cope with the busy-ness of the Christmas parties at home.  

Introducing Pumpkin

Pumpkin the feral kitten - realising that humans arent bad.
Pumpkin the feral kitten - realising that humans arent bad.

Pumpkin is a little man who was found by one of our clients (Thanks Murray) in his garage.   It took us 4 days to be able to get close enough to pat him, but now, he will sit in your lap.  

He has been with us for several weeks now, and his confidence is growing.

Let us know, if you are interested.


His sale price is $200 which includes all of his kitten vaccinations, microchipping, worming, flea control, desexing, and 4 weeks pet insurance with Pet Plan.  It also includes take home flea/worming for a month also.  (Value $395).

 He is not desexed yet, as he is too little, so he will need to come back for that in April 2015. 

Mini - News List

1/  Thank you to the mysterious person who nominated us for Kochie's Rescue my Site competition.

Thank you to all who voted for us which allowed us to get to the second round.  You can still vote, as there is also a people's choice prize- You can vote once per day from a single device.

Today, the 21st of December, we were notified that we were one of the runner up's, receiving a $1000 gift card. 

How amazing.  This will certainly take us to the next level.

2.  Do you know of any great groomers?  Doggie Daycare?  Pet in-home care services? or any other service pet care related?   We are collating a list to be able to share with animalclinic family.  Why not email us your favourites.  Hit reply to this email, and let me know.

 3.  In the December issue of the national Vet Practice Magazine, we were featured in an article on blogging.  This is indeed an honour as this magazine is sent to all veterinarians within Australia.  
Another year is almost over.

For us, it has been a challenging year on many different levels, from the multiple break-ins and saying good bye to many many pets whom I have known since they were young.


I thank you all for being part of our animalclinic family, as without the support of all of you, we cannot continue to do what we do. 

Take care, stay safe. 

Make sure you have our First Aid app downloaded, and your pet's Emergency Checklist is up to date.

AS I finish my final Animail Tails for 2014, I wish to honour the memory of the pet's we have lost this year,  we will never forget.


Dr Liz, Dirk, Tegan and Pandora (the boss) 

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dose of
Value:  up to $20.00

Let us give your pet the gift of a "itch free" Christmas, with a single dose of Frontline Original (which will treat both fleas, lice and ticks)
Offer Expires30/01/2015.  One voucher per household  Must bring in printed voucher
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10% off Ivory Coat Food and/or Nexguard


An introductory offer for you to try our new Ivory Coat food or Nexguard.

(and as an extra gift, we will also include our Ivory Coat Skin Care products which we have stocked for several months now - Sensitive Skin Shampoo, Sensitive Skin Conditioner, Glossy Coat Shampoo, Puppy shampoo)



Offer Expires30/01/2015.  One voucher per household  Must bring in printed voucher
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