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October  2013

Dr Liz @ Russell Vale vets

To everyone who came along and joined in Pandora's 40th birthday party, wasn't it fun? 


To everyone else who couldn't make it, we hope you can next year! (but she will be older, like the rest of us)


Here is Pandora's cake, which, I am sad to say, there is none left!  


It has been a surreal year for all of us at Russell Vale Animal Clinic - there have been alot of renovations and some major changes and improvements,  but we hope that we never change the way we care about what we do, and the animals that we look after.  



We will be at the Momentum Energy Illawarra Business Awards this year, as we are Finalists - are you going to be there too?  If so, please come up to say G'day, as we would love to see a friendly, familiar face. 


 And then comes Halloween!  This year we are going to have a bit of Halloween fun, so either visit us for a bit of trick or treating, or watch our facebook page, to follow our Halloween madness.


Dr Liz

 womo 2013 service award
PS Thank you to those who have reviewed us on WOMO.  If you haven't reviewed us yet, why not do so now?  Everyone can review us... it is a great way to let others know what you know we are like. 

Did you know we have a google+ page too, if facebook or twitter is not your thing?

Halloween Fun & Dangers
3 pets trick or treat
Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? It will be on a thursday, so we are.

As for Pandora, I suspect she will go au naturale. 

But there are some essential health and safety tips too! (gotta love OH&S)

1. No chocolate for our pets please - there are alot of other yummy stuff they can eat instead which is safe - such as apple, or carrot.  Or you can invest in doggy chocolate treats or liver jerky.

2. When the trick or treaters come knocking on your door, make sure your pet doesn't escape out through the door, or get over excited. Always make sure your pet has a collar and tag (especially important on this day for the idiots that let off fire crackers).   

3. Candles in the Jack O Lanterns can be attractive to pets, but make sure that they can't knock them over (and then start a fire). 

Halloween treat bags for our pets will be available if you want to come trick or treating that day.  
There will be "Dirk's Dastardly Delights" for our dogs, and " Pandora's Perfect Pieces " for our kitty cats.  


A world full of kindness & making a difference! 

Christian The Lion - An uplifting story about friendship
Christian The Lion - An uplifting story about friendship

We are all Earth Keepers. Let's begin with forgiveness and kindness to others and ourselves.


Pandora's Box Birthday Winners


pandora banner  

Pandora's Box was shaken, stirred.... and opened, and eight lucky people (and pet's) won some happy prizes.



First Prize: "Arnie" and Carmen Kramer ($500 Vet Dollars to spend at Russell Vale Animal Clinic)
Second Prize: "Coco" and Jett Hyde (Pet & Baby Health Pamper Pack - value $300)
Third Prize: "Bowmont" and Sam Murray (Vaccine Titre test for Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus PLUS DNA test (value $190))
Fourth Prize: "Henry" and Charlotte Cook ($100 Vet Dollars to spend )
Fifth Prize: "Channel" and Jade Hyde($100 Vet Dollars to spend at Russell Vale Animal Clinic)
Sixth Prize: "Billie" and Sienna Humphrey($100 Vet Dollars to spend at Russell Vale Animal Clinic)
Seventh Prize: "Sharpay" and Bill Humphrey (7 year Vet Check - Value $75)
Eighth Prize: "Billie" and Kyah Humphrey(7 year Vet Check - Valu e $75)



We have to thank 

- Delaney's Cakes for making and designing Pandora's Cake

- Cafe2U for the yummy coffees and frappe's which kept us going all morning

- Mathilda's Farmyard Nursery - for the baby animals 

- Wollongong Jumping Castles - for bringing Shrek along!

- Creative Appetite - for the yummy rice paper rolls and other food

- King's Photography for being our official photographer


Keep your eyes open for an "extraordinary" e-news where we will share special photos of our Open Day. 


Planning is underway for next year, so we are keen for any comments and suggestions. We would love to have someone famous (other than Pandora and Dog (see below), come along - do you know anyone we can invite as our special guest for next year? 


 Feel free to email me.



Product Alert - Bayer changes Packaging
Those of you who are using any of the Bayer family of products, their packaging is changing to one with a gold base. 

Hopefully this will  make it easier for you to purchase the right product for your pet (we had in the past seen people on Advantage thinking that it did worms also, when it does fleas and lice only). 

Have you got any questions about your pet's preventative care?  We have a free online veterinary consultation service for everyone (we have had many online consults helping pets in India, the Philippines, US and UK.  I would love to help you too. Visit our consult request page.

After all, we would prefer you get the right information from the experts.
Our Dog is Famous - or will be! 

Did I write earlier that this year has seemed surreal.... and it isn't even over yet! 

Several months ago we got a phone call from an Art Director from Melbourne.  They saw 
our Dog on the internet
 and thought he was just perfect for a special role in their new movie. It wasn't the first of April, so I thought it was perhaps one of those radio jokes.  It wasn't. 
After the movie's people negotiated with Dog's  people (that is us), an arrangement was reached where all of Dog's demands were reached. After a donation to the Lost Dog's Home (and a the double storey movie trailer, unlimited liver treats and a walk twice a day (just joking)), he agreed to be shown off as the face of their fictional veterinary hospital.
So, Dog is going to be in a movie, called Now Add Honey, which is going to be released in 2014.  It is a quirky comedy, starring Portia
  De Rossi and Hamish Blake, just to name drop a few! 

Cat is not jealous (much). 

We will keep you posted closer to the release date! 


 Want to know more about Cat and Dog? Find out more here (on our website) and here. (on our blog) 

 Postman Paws for Monthly Revolution for cats and dogs with  FREE worming for dogs

Russell Vale Animal Clinic are involved in Postman Paws, which is a program where Revolution gets delivered to you each month to ensure that you do not miss a dose. 

Why not consider Revolution for your pet.  Come in to pick up your card with the specific information and access code.   What it includes is a monthly delivery of Revolution for dogs and cats appropriate for your pet's size, and for all dogs, FREE three monthly intestinal worming.  It is delivered directly to you from Zoetis, and all funds we receive, will go straight to our Good Sam fund (towards funding our work with injured or uninjured stray dogs, cats and wildlife).

Drop in or call for your card for your pet's protection.
PS This is not suitable for those dogs who are on the Proheart SR-12 injection.
A recent dental case - shared on Facebook

We sometimes share cases on facebook and google plus.  Social media, in a scary way, means that this photo has been shared around the world by my colleagues as an example of the importance of dental xrays, AND, that severe dental disease can occur in young dogs. 

 If you are not part of our Facebook family, why not like us now?


Let PocketVet app keep  you app-dated.

PocketVet is more than just an app so we can keep in touch with you  You can put in information about all of your pets, and set up your pet's reminders.   It has a link to off leash areas, Lists lost and found pets (New feature), and handy pet care information.

Don't forget - once you have downloaded the app, let us know what information you need to help you fill out the reminder section. We will happily forward you the information on your pet's next worming, vaccination, dental check as well as microchip information for you.

Of course, select Russell Vale Animal Clinic, and be kept in the loop of times of when we are open/closed, special events, medical alerts etc.

Available for iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets.

Mine is on my ipad and phone! So I get updates to know what I am doing too!

Get your PocketVet app now.     

Pandora "the boss"

Thank you to those who open and read Animail Tails. 


September was a busy month planning for Pandora's birthday party, aswell as all of the other things that came along, and I apologise for the delay of getting this October edition out to you. 


My goal is always the first of the month, but this month, it wasn't possible.


Keep an eye out for our "extraordinary Animail Tails where the photos of our open day will be shared, and as always, feel free to  "like us" on facebook. 



 Till next time....

Yours sincerely, 


In This Issue
Pandora's Halloween Fun!
A world full of kindness - Christian's Story!
Pandora's Box Winners!
Our Dog is Famous! Now Add Honey
Postman Paws is HERE!
Shared on Facebook
Santa Shoot in November/December
Days we are Closed in October - for Awards!
animalclinic cafe is now OPEN
For Fun!

Santa is coming to Russell Vale Animal Clinic - 

Planning is underway for our own special pet friendly photo session with Santa Claus, and Kings Photography 


More information will be released in early November, but keep us in mind for this year's Santa Paws photos.



It will be by appointment to ensure great photos (as pets like children) don't always smile on cue!


Pandora, well, she is unlikely to stay still!  

Days we are Closed in October
There are special events that we need to attend this month, and this means that we will be closed.

Saturday 19th of October -  we will be in Newcastle

Friday 25th, and Saturday 26th of October - we will be at the WIN Entertainment Centre (and then recovering the next day). If you are going to be there for that Award night, let us know, so we can say hallo.

If you have the Pocketvet app, it is on there for easy reference.


How to make your pet's mouth a "Healthy Mouth"
new product
I am sure some of you know the frustration of knowing that a particular service or product is available in another country, but not here?
For the past two years, I have been dreaming of Healthy Mouth coming to Australia.  The Canadian and American dental specialists love it!  I have tried to order it (importation not allowed), tried to cajole colleagues of mine experienced in importation to arranging it, to no avail until now.  I was almost close to booking a flight over to grab a few "jugs" of it (well, almost - would've got side tracked in Hawaii, I think and not come back home.)
Finally.... Healthy Mouth.... a water additive, which has the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) approval is available in Australia, and is available from us.
It is suitable for dogs and cats, and we recommend it's use in all pets where periodontal disease has been diagnosed.

Those of you who are familiar with Aquadent (the green liquid), this is not the same thing. 

It is available for dogs and cats, and in the 250 ml size. 

 We will be offering it an introductory price of $55.00 (normal retail price is $61.95) until the end of October 2013.
Award Winning Vet & Finalists too!

And we have to be closed to receive these awards - for this we are sorry

Finalist -
Illawarra Business Chamber's Momentum Energy Illawarra Business Awards 2013 -  

in the Category of Excellence in Retail and Professional Services.

We are not underestimating what a big achievement this is, as all we did was write about what we do, day by day for our loving pet owners, and of course, their very special fur-babies. 

The award presentation night is Friday, 25th of October at the WIN Entertainment Centre.  Dirk will have to wear a Tux (I promise to provide photo proof of Dirk in a suit), and me, well, I have to go all "formal", which is very scary for me. 

Russell Vale Animal Clinic will be closed from 2 pm to allow us plenty of time to dolly ourselves up for this very formal evening. 

If you are going to be there too, let us know as we would love to see a friendly and familiar face! 

Semi-Finalist - NSW Regional and Community Achievement Awards. 

 We are in the top ten of NSW businesses from 380 business entries in the Excellence of Business Awards. We were indeed surprised to be invited to enter this award, and even more surprised to make it to semi-finalist. 

Dirk, the younger kids and I will be travelling up to Newcastle on Saturday 19th of October to be part of the event.

award 2013 Award night 2013
For Happy, Healthy Pets..Always!

Local Business Awards
Outstanding Pet Care

Other Awards we have been honoured to receive this year.




womo 2013 service award

This is given to only 5% of registered businesses, and is based on the recommendations of you.


Other Awards we have been honoured to be Finalist this year.  



Finalist in the Best Business Category in the Illawarra Women in Business Awards 2013 - the first time we have entered.




champion award Finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, which we were invited to enter.


The winner in this category is a multi award winning veterinary hospital in Sydney, who are amazing in the work and care that they do. A truly inspiration animal care centre.  

Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFind us on Google+Visit my blog 


What to know about what is involved in a dental packages? We have information on Grade 1 disease, Grade 2 disease online.

The reality is, if there is any redness of the gums, smell from the mouth or brown stuff sitting on the tooth - then that is dental disease, and it should not be ignored. 

Call us on 42 845 988 or txt 0401349849 or book online for your pet's FREE dental check. 



Book Now different logo    

The animalclinic cafe is now open

Have you been in to see us lately?  Our waiting room transformation is almost complete, but our latest addition, our cafe corner is complete. 

Whilst we can't make you delectable looking coffees such as above, you can help yourself to a soft drink, fruit, bikkies, as well as coffee/tea/hot chocolate whilst waiting or visiting us.  

Now, whilst your pet is enjoying their complimentary pigs ear or liver treat, you can enjoy some complimentary yummy stuff too.

We know that "going to the vet" is not always on the Top Ten list of fun things to do, but it doesn't have to be on the list of the worst things to do either. 

We would like to make you and your pet's visit with us as relaxing and stress free as we can.