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Sugar, Itchies &
Being Fire Safe
Nov 2014
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Preparations are underway for the Second Santa Paws shoot, where you and your pets can have your family Christmas photos with our animalclinic professional Photographers, Kings Photography.  Read more below on how to get early notifications of dates.

The off leash debate is heating up in Wollongong, so why note write a friendly note to your Councillors, and thank them for caring enough to review this important issue.  I fully support the review of our "off leash" areas, as there is a lot that needs improvement, such as decent signage, increased areas for our dogs (on the beach, and in fully fenced dog parks), and a decent Animal Management Plan.  

Dr Liz

Cataracts or blindness can be a sign
of diabetes.
Diabetes Awareness Month is on right now.

Did you know that your pet can suffer from Sugar Diabetes too?  I have seen it dogs, cats and budgies.  Even rabbits.

Signs include
  • Drinking more
  • Always hungry
  • Losing weight

And some you probably didn't realise  

  • Cataracts
  • Chronic skin infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Incontinence

We are offering for FREE  

  • Blood glucose reading - appointment needed, but no vet fee charged unless you ask for a check up
  • Urine test - you can just drop off a urine sample that you have caught, and just drop it in

Learn more Diabetes Awareness Month

A wistful Piper
Beach Dangers
We love our beaches, and so do our dogs (especially Piper).  They run along, weaving in and out of the waves, jumping through the sand dunes, and overall, having a darn good time.  And which human doesn't enjoy a long walk along the beach too.

But there are dangers out there.  It isn't just the poo that idiots do not pick up, and the politicians who are threatening to shut down the off leash access,  but a range of other things too.

Puffer Fish
The best option is to avoid them, and make sure your pet does not pick up anything at the beach.
This mea
Drawn by my daughter, Paige.
ns you need to be observing what your dogs are doing at all times.

Signs include vomiting, collapse and respiratory arrest, and this can occur within 5 minutes to be as long as 3 hours after  ingestion.

Immediate veterinary attention is required as dogs can die from this.

Blue Bottles

The best option is to avoid them.

In general, they do not hurt our dogs, however, there is the occasional one where the stings can cause respiratory distress and extreme pain.

I have known many dogs to eat them, with no adverse effects, except when we try to remove them (we can get stung).

Dog Fights

You need to make sure pushy dogs your pet is OK with other dogs BEFORE you go to the off leash beach or park.  If in doubt, keep them on a long leash so you always have control.

DO encourage your dog to NOT  approach other dogs or people.  Whilst your dog may be friendly, the others may like to be left alone.

IF you are unfortunately in the presence of a  "dog fight", you can  use the WHEELBARROW method - grab hold of the dog's back  legs, and walk them backwards... please make sure you are not going to get hurt.

Brown feet can often by a sign of Malassezia infection - use of an antungal
shampoo twice a week, and treatment
of the underlying allergy may help.
BUT - it can also be a sign of an Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder too.
Itchy Pet Help
It is the season to be itchy, and there are things you can do to help your pet.

The information below is general in nature, and is not designed to replace a vet visit.

Flea Control

Even though you may not see a flea, all itchy pets needs awesome flea control.

Our preferred products when we are conduting a "Flea/Insect Hypersensitivity Trial"
- Fortnightly Comfortis  OR
- Fortnightly Advantage

The majority of  insect allergic pets will show a 70% or greater improvement by the end of the first month, with over 90% showing an improvement by the end of the second month.

If we are performing a sarcoptes mite trial, then we would use Revolution each two weeks for three applications.


Overwashing is a common cause of itchy pets, as is using the wrong shampoo for your pet's skin type.

More expensive doesn't always mean better, but it is true that a good shampoo is money well spent.

For dry looking skin or those that have red dots (not pustules but look like insect bites)  -  Choose an oatmeal based shampoo, followed by a Oatmeal based "leave in conditioner" 
                    My choice is PAW Nutriderm Shampoo and Conditioner  OR Troy Oativeen Shampoo and Conditioner

For smelly, greasy skin - Choose an antifungal keratolytic type shampoo 
                    The problem is many dogs and cats need a cytology test to confirm that this is the right type of shampoo for them.  Some pets benefit from systemic antifungal tablets, aswell as other measures to treat the greasiness.

Your options include Dermcare Malaseb shampoo, followed by Dermcare Pyohex conditioner   or PAW Mediderm Shampoo followed by PAW Nutriderm conditioner

For skin with pustules, large red infected looking areas -  Choose an antibacterial only shampoo
                     The problem is many dogs and cats need a cytology test to confirm that this is the right type of shampoo for them.  Some pets benefit from systemic antibiotics.

Your options include Dermcare Pyohex shampoo, followed by Dermcare Pyohex conditioner   or PAW Mediderm Shampoo followed by PAW Nutriderm conditioner

Please avoid most of the supermarket branded medicated shampoos.  They are only suitable for dogs and cats with normal skin, not those with skin problems.

Soothing Lotions

There are a couple "over the counter" from the chemist lotions you could try, but make sure your pet does not lick these.  The veterinary branded ones are "lick safe", in general.

Paw Paw Cream - is useful for small irritated spots

Hydrozole Cream Or 0.5% hydrocortisone cream -  is useful for those infected ear tips and armpit/groin type dermatitis

PAW Manuka Honey - is useful for open non healing sores, such as dog bite wounds and deeply infected hot spots.

 The majority of itchy pets benefit from a vet visit, as we will perform skin cytology tests (to look for yeasts, bacteria), skin scrapings (to look for mites and lice), and make any other recommendation as needed to nut out why your pet is itchy.  

 For more information, visit our website

Skin Management Solutions
Shampoo Choice Made Easy
Surviving Allergy Seasons


Cicero is our newest fa
mily member, and he is a rabbit.

And thanks to him, we are now local stockists for Oxbow Specialised Animal Nutrition, as we were unable to buy locally the high quality rabbit food which our research told us he needed.

i.e high fibre, low protein, low calcium pelleted feed (not the mixes as rabbits often choose and pick out the yummy bits only), and Timothy Hay. Of course, access to fresh grass and lots of fresh water

We are also stocking guinea pig food also (juvenile and adult).

Learn more about Cicero and general rabbit care on our blog

To learn more about the best nutrition for your rabbit or guinea pig, why not visit the Oxbow website.

 "Rabbits seem to perform better when fed pellets than when they are fed mixed grains or textured feeds, primarily because the animals are not able to sort out preferred items (Cheeke, 1994)."
The Top "5" reasons to "pick up the poo"

1.  Reduce the
My daughter Paige picking up Piper's pressie.
odours in your backyard 

2. No one likes to step in "dog poo" 

3. Dog poo can be a health hazard - giardia, Ecoli, roundworm and hookworms - for your pet and for your family.

4. Stop contamination of our waterways and catchment areas.

5. It is the law to pick up after your pet in a public place. 

Thank you!

  Join the list to get first notification and first choice of the available times.

Bad Fire Season ahead?
It feels (and has been already) a bad start to the Fire Season. 

Would you be prepared if a bushfire (or even a house fire) hit you?  Or any other kind of emergency.

What every pet owner should have
  • An Emergency Information sheet for each family pet
  • A First Aid kit for each pet
  • A packed Emergency kit
  • A sticker on their window advising our Firies that there are pets inside.

I know all of this sounds overwhelming, but visit here for those resources
as we have made it all ready for you - all you need to do is fill out the forms, save it, and pack your kit. 


Know what to do in the event of a bushfire in your area?



Get the information!
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Screen your pet for Diabetes Mellitus Now! 
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Nail Clip
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Book them in for their complimentary nail clip now.
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Intestinal worming only
As the weather warms up, the risk of infection of pets with intestinal worms increases dramatically.
All pets should be wormed against Roundworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm (and in our dogs Whipworm also).

Offer Expires 30/12/2014 Must bring in voucher. Only for registered pets of Russell Vale Animal Clinic. Up to two pets only per registered household.  Value cannot be transferred to any other product.
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