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Dates we are Closed 

We will be closed on Friday 19th August and Saturday 20th August due to a family wedding (out of town).

We apologise for any inconvenience, but if you have any concerns, hit reply and let me know.

NEW - Online booking
We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded two things recently - our online booking system and our phone system (now NBN driven)

If you have bookmarked our old online booking system, please remove it, and add in in this one instead. 
Click here.

IF you hear a "disconnected" signal if you try to call us, we are still on Learner Plates with this phone, so try again or SMS us on 0401349849.

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August 2016

Yes, it has been six months since you have had a decent Animail Tails from us. I am deeply sorry about that, but it has been a difficult year, with emergency family trips for Dirk back to New Zealand, to planning (and then going on) my big European Adventure with our youngest daughter Paige.

We want to get you up to date on what has been happening, and so in future newsletters we can go back to the usual "filled with information to help you help your furbabies" that we love to do. 

Please be patient with this newsletter as it is a "get us up to speed" one.

It is hard to believe that I have only been back 2 months from my trip to Europe with my youngest daughter, but we had a great time, and saw alot!   I will try to write a bit about it on the bellambivet blog, especially how common it was to see dogs in restaurants and on trams/buses.
Any questions just hit reply.  If you wish to unsubscribe, just click the unsubscribe button below (though we hope that you don't)

Dr Liz
Congratulations to Tegan
Local Business Awards
2016 is turning out to be a big year

Tegan, our vet nurse is a Finalist in the Local Business Awards in the "Outstanding Youth Award" .  We are very proud of her skills, knowledge and contribution to our vet hospital.

Congratulations Tegan.

I, (Dr Liz) am also a Finalist as Outstanding Business Person, which is certainly a humbling surprise. 

Finally, we are again Finalist in the Local Business Awards for Outstanding Pet Services. It is a category that we have won twice, and we congratulate all fellow past and current nominees.  It is humbling to make it to Finalist, and look forward to the Award night in August.

If you are going to be at the awards, let us know so we can keep a look out for you.

We'll be tweeting and instagramming throughout the night.

Our Awards 2016 

NSW Council Pet Registry is now ONLINE
Responsible Pet Ownership has gone up a notch (or three) in NSW with the introduction of the new pet registry.

What does this mean for  you?

You will be able to modify your address, add phone numbers, and register your pet online.

The user guide on how to set everything up is available here.

To access the pet registry to create your user profile click here.

We are more than willing to help you in this transition phase now and in the future.  You can call us on 42845988 or you can contact Wollongong City Council on 42 277111.

Smile - it is "happy visit" time
It is our favourite month of the year, with the focus of veterinarians all around the nation on the pearly whites of our pets.

 It is Pet Dental Month!

We offer FREE dental checks every day all year round, as every day is Pet Dental Month here. 

Who are pet dental checks for?
- Any pet who has teeth in their head of any age.

Dental disease isn't just for the old - young pets can suffer as well, such as malocclusions or juvenile peridontitis.

What does a dental check involve?
- a weigh in, and check of your pet's microchip number
- lots of liver treats or greenies
- a happy visit with huggles and cuddles
- a squiz in your pet's mouth making sure the gums are nice and pink, and to assess the crowns of the teeth.
- a review of what you are doing to keep your pet's teeth healthy, and how we can improve that.

Goodbye to Pusski
We were sorry to have to announce the  passing of Pusski - many of you would have met this friendly old man this year.

Unfortunately, he had multicentric lymphoma, affecting his stomach and his kidneys, and the saddest decision any pet owner had to make, had to be made. 

Pusski came in to us 13 years ago, who ended up living with my father (now also gone)   Pusski stayed with him for most of those years.

Rest in Peace sweet Pusski, we will never forget you.
Camden Pet Fair and Dog Parks

Recently, we travelled to the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital at Camden for the Annual Camden Pet Fair. 

We (Dirk, Piper and I) had fun! We met some interesting people, saw rabbit jumping, and bought some new books for our animalclinic library.

Afterwards, we visited a fully equipped fenced dog park, which Camden now have five of them. Wollongong is still yet to get one!

 We have visited many fenced Dog Parks in Sydney, West Sydney, Goulburn, Canberra, Shellharbour and now Camden.  We have seen good ones and ones which could have done with some common sense.

What are the good things to look out for?
- small and large dog area
- double gated entry and a separate double gate exit with pool type latch
- shelter in case of rain and basic seating
- easily accessible poop control bags and bins
- multiple water supply which is easily flushed (to keep water fresh)
- 1.8 m quality fencing
AND - a large area, of at least 4000 to 6000 square metres.  

Want to read more?  I have written multiple blogs of my previous visits to many dog parks. Visit the Bellambivet blog.

Credit Card Surcharge Free 100%
We have NEVER charged
a credit card surcharge fee even when it was legal to do so, and when many business gurus thought I was crazy not to.

I agree, I am mad, but I stand by my decision to never ever charge a credit card surcharge fee,
and we NEVER will.

We are happy to accept
Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express, EFTPOS, and Bartercard
as well as payments via Paypal.

Pet seating upgrade!
Our waiting room is undergoing a change -
and it starts with ensuring comfort for our animal friends.

Here is Milo testing one!

What do you think, should we get more?

Email us and let us know
what you think!

Retirement of our Rectal Thermometer
We are sorry (not) to announce that our thermometer that used to make some pet's eyes bulge, or made their tails tucked so hard underneath that we needed the jaws of life to move has been given the "Gold Watch" retirement.

We now have an infrared thermometer that we can apply to gums, ears or abdomens, to get an instantaneous reading.

And it talks to us (with the option of multiple languages)

NEW Video Otoscope

This is a wireless scope called the "Firefly", which we can use to look down ears, look at tiny lumps (such as the cyst pictured above).

The image is projected onto the monitor to show everyone how clean (or not) their pet's ears are.  We are also using it on other parts of the body as well, such as skin and the mouth.

The picture above is of a cyst the size of a pin head on a dog's ear. 

Technology advances so quickly, and we try to be at the forefront of it.

European Highlights of Dr Liz and Paige
Abu Dhabi
Our 20 hr layover was filled with visiting the Falcon Hospital and general sightseeing (and shopping)

I was struck by the "richness" of the place, the feeling that "no expense was spared".

Fascinating place.
Paige and I  visited Dirk's relatives in Amsterdam. One of his cousins  has three children, a lizard, five fish and two bunnies.
The bunnies watch TV with them each evening, sitting with the kids on the old lounge. So there is animal madness on Dirk's side of the family too!
Here is Paige with her new friend.
The few days we had in Krakow were filled with leisurely walks through their parks. Simply beautiful in Spring.

We also paid a visit to Auschwitz, with my heart still heavy with the cruelty and sadness of that place.

Bialo Krynica (Ukraine)
The birth place of my father - This village was part of Poland in pre WWII days, had over 2000 inhabitants. 
As I walked around the house, the stories my father told me came to life. 

The village has dirt roads, a cemetery, a bus stop and a church.

An emotional visit.
Watford Junction (UK)
London was the last stop, and it coincided with my birthday.
We went to the London Zoo, visited the West End (saw the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night), and went to visit the world of Harry Potter.

I even got to be one of the first to open the doors to the Great Hall (birthday surprise).

This is the Diagon Alley Pet shop. 

What else is new?  We have a new Biochemistry analyser (we are now able to do electrolytes and thyroid levels as well as the usual liver, kidney and protein tests), as well as a Haematology analyser (full red and white cell counts) to check for infections and anemias.  We have updated our microscope camera, as well 

Thanking you for being part of the animalclinic family.  Please make sure that you add us to your address book so we don't end up in junk mail. I promise our future newsletters will get back to its normal format filled with lots of information.

We are in the process of organising another professional photographic shoot so we can have great up to date photos for our website and advertising material - if you are happy to have your pet be part of it (and you can be too), just make sure to watch out for the news in upcoming newsletters  - we will advertise the date on Facebook, via our PocketVet app, and via twitter.

Dr Liz

50% off
Nail Clips or Anal Glands Expression

Is your pet "tap dancing" or doing the "bum scooting" dance on the new carpet?   Let us help you by trimming those nails or expressing those smelly glands.

Book now online.
Offer Expires 25/11/2016. Up to 2 pets per family. Must present voucher and let Dirk/Tegan know at time of booking.

ALL Prozyme Dental Products
To celebrate Pet Dental Month, we are offering a whopping 40% off Prozyme Dental care products, such as Prozyme toothpaste, Prozyme Solution (water additive with special RF2 which breaks down the biofilm) and Prozyme Dog Dental Chews (small and large dog).

Whilst stocks last !!!!
Offer Expires 02/09/2016 Must present voucher at time of purchase. Whilst stocks last.
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