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Pusski and Pumpkin playing!
Pusski and Pumpkin playing!

Piper clutching her blanket watching Snow Dogs!
Piper clutching her blanket watching Snow Dogs!

  July 2015

Welcome to another edition of Animail Tails, with this one being my "hodge podge" one.  

I often use the phrase "hodge podge" after I come home after a long week at work, with very little in the pantry and fridge, and try to create a meal for four people out of it.  It is a meal created with a heart and love, but very few ingredients, but still feels the hole in the stomach (and soul, I hope). aka  My "hodge podge" meal. 
Thank you to many of you who have asked how we have been going this year, after last years multiple break ins!  So far (touch wood), no break ins this year, but we are constantly battling graffiti on our signage and on our walls.  Unfortunately, the damage is below what insurance will cover, but the ongoing costs mean it still costs several thousand by the end of the year - I just wish that those who do the damage realise the personal harm it causes. 

We did have a scary moment earlier this year, when our alarms did sound off, but when we
 looked at the CCTV image, we could see our culprit - it was our own cat Pusski who managed to open two doors, and a sliding door to find a warm spot in the sun! 

We have our own "cat burglar", but all he steals is our hearts (and food).

Winter is the perfect time to catch up on those Free Dental Checks that we offer, and now, for a limited time, Free Arthritis Checks too.

What happens in an arthritis check?   Well, we watch how your pet walks, sits/lies up/down, and then we go and check each individual joint, ,including the back and neck.  If there are any sore points or problems, we work through some exercises with you to help improve your pets mobility. 

It is for all dogs and cats, of any size and breed (we know of many young dogs with arthritis/joint disease). 

Our animals hide pain, but it is a common reason why our dogs may avoid interaction, or may bite/snap, and we know that dental and joint pain are the TWO most common sources of hidden pain in our animals. 

Thank you all for being part of the animalclinic family, and supporting us, as we hope that we support you. 

Dr Liz

Ivory Coat Venison in 13 kg bags
Guess what?

Ivory Coat is now available in the 13 kg sizes, and that the much anticipated Venison has arrived.

Ivory Coat is an Australian Made, using Australian product Grain Free food, with range for puppies, adult dogs, and those who need a low fat food too. 

It has helped many pets with their skin, coat and ear infections, aswell as those with food intolerances.  

New shared pathway for Bellambi Lane
Bellambi Lane is undergoing a huge change!
The first and most immediate change is that Council have started to form a new pathway on the southern side of Bellambi Lane extending from Brompton Road to Memorial Drive, including the front of the vet hospital.

They are building a shared pathway - suitable for bikes and walkers.  We have been advised that there should be no impact on access to the vet hospital at all.

The second change is that the development application for Bunnings has been submitted into Council.  The building is going to be on the railway end, with the parking etc at the Watt's Lane end. 

Our area is going to look and feel totally different in a few years - let us hope that it is a good thing! 

Unstiffen those joints - Passive Range of Motion 
 It would probably surprise you to know that arthritic dogs can still run
 and play around.  It is what they do in the days after a big activity that means that pet owners need to take action.

If your pet is not keen to move after activity, or moves stiffly but quickly warms out of it, you still need to take steps to help them.

Exercises that can help 
- Always warm the muscles up prior to any massage or passive range of motion exercises
- Passive Range of Motion exercises will improve the range of motion of the joints (hind leg video is shared here)
- The Scrunchie - placing a hair scrunchie on the lower foot - the pet shakes and shakes their foot trying to get it off 

From 1st June to the 30th of September, we are offering FREE arthritis checks for all dogs and cats. 

Limited available on Wednesday and Thursday only, and by appointment only. 
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 Select Z - any other procedure, and select a time on Wednesday or Thursday.
Thanks to you we are Finalists in the Local Business Awards
The award ceremony isn't on until end of July, we will let you all know in the August Animail Tails (and via Facebook and twitter too). Don't forget to follow @theonlypandora on twitter for tidbits on the night!

Are you going to be there?  Let us know!  We always like to see a familiar face!  

Each year, there is usually a special inspirational story shared by fellow business owners - stories I have heard in previous years include a single mother starting her own business upon the death of her own mother to whom she dedicated her award to, and the story of the business that had been handed down from one generation to another. 

Dr Liz in the Media again.....
In December, we were in the Vet Practice Magazine because of our bellambivets blog. 

Most recently, I was again in the Vet Practice Magazine because of our online consultation service that we offer to all pet owners. 

 Our online consultations is available to all of you too - and it is as easy as hitting reply to this newsletter or visiting here. 

You can ask any question at any time, but it is important to remember that we cannot diagnose or offer treatments via email.  A full examination is always needed if your pet is unwell.  

At the 2015 AVA PanPac, @theonlypandora was also one of the recognised tweeters to follow during the vet conference. Not bad for an "old fogey" like me.

Follow me on Twitter 


In My Opinion..... Should you keep up flea and/or tick prevention during Winter?

Fleas and Ticks and Winter - they do mix! 

Who stops their flea and tick treatments over winter? 

Most pet owners do, believing it is too cold for them to be out and about.   

Unfortunately, that is a myth - flea and tick numbers are reduced, but they are still problem for many pets. 

Those pets who definitely need year round flea and tick control 
- if you live in woody/bushy area, 
- if your pet suffers from "summer eczma" during the summer months - controlling this condition starts in winter
- if you are noticing scaly or scurfy skin
- if your pet has been previously diagnosed with allergic skin disease (whether it be food, grasses, contact) 

((F = fleas only,  FT - Fleas and ticks))

For Dogs - a single dose of Bravecto (FT) now will get you to Spring, or give monthly Comfortis (F) or Nexguard (FT), or topical Activyl (F)
For Cats - you will need to continue with your monthly topical medications (Activyl(F)/Advocate (F)) or your monthly Comfortis (F) tablet.

Any questions on flea or tick control?  Just hit reply.
Vote for Pumpkin
Vote for Pusski
Is Pumpkin the next 
Clinic Cat of the Year Winner?
With the help of you and your friends, Pumpkin or Pusski or Pandora can be.

Voting Closes 15th July 2015
Is Pusski the next winner?

Pusski is on a "weight loss" visit at the vets, and he has gone from 8.9 kg to a slimmer 8 kg

Voting Closes 15th July 2015 

Pandora (the boss) - is she a winner too?

Pandora is the original elusive "black cat" of Russell Vale vets.

Vote here for Pandora

Piper - is not a cat, but acts like one!

But she did know the most comfortable spot in the house recently, 

Why not share your photo with us (to add to our animalclinic family album) or on facebook. 

Russell Vale Animal Clinic will be there! 

We will be offering 
nail clips
anal glands
cheap microchipping

There will be competitions with some great prizes

Don't forget to stop in and say Hi! 

Our Open Day 

 Sunday 11th October 2015
"For the Love of Animals"
is our theme for 2015.

This is currently in the "planning stages", so watch out for updates in the next few newsletters. 

But, we promise it will be bigger and better than previous years.

For  free, family animal mad fun! 

Thank you again for reading, and sharing our "hodge podge" news.  Don't forget to put the dates of Spring into Corrimal AND our "For the Love of Animals" Day into your calendar. 


Dr Liz



Is your pet rubbing their bottoms along the ground?  You have wormed them and it is still happening.

It could be their "anal glands" causing problems. 

Take advantage of this offer now!
Offer Expires 30/08/2015. Must Present Voucher at time of appointment. Value $25.00


We still see puppies, kittens and adults infected with intestinal parasites, and this is sad.

All pets need intestinal worming EACH three months.
Offer Expires 30/10/2015. Must Present Voucher. Only available for currently registered pets at Russell Vale Animal Clinic to a maximum of TWO pets only.


The water intake of a pet should be between 60 to 90 mls/kg. Anything more than that, definitely needs a check up!

Our urine test will check for sugar, blood, pH and concentration.
Offer Expires 30/10/2015. Must Present Voucher and urine sample. Only available for currently registered pets at Russell Vale Animal Clinic. No consultation needed to test the sample, but consultation is needed and payable if we need to discuss an abnormal result.
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