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For Dogs - Use Nexguard Monthly or Bravecto three monthly.

For Cats - Try Seresto collar (change each 4 months) or Frontline spot on each two weeks


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September  2016


Preventing disease in our pets - whose responsibility is it?

Is it mine, as a vet?  Is it yours, as a pet owner?

The answer?  --- Both of us. We need to work together, as a team to keep your family pet healthy.

What are preventable diseases? Obviously, these are diseases that can be prevented, simply, easily and affordably.  So why do our pets still suffer from them?  Why do I, and other vets, still see these preventable diseases?

There are vaccines against the fatal viruses that affect our dogs, cats and rabbits. 

There are effective worming medications to kill intestinal worms, and prevent Heartworm Disease.

There are amazing, effective flea and tick control therapies, with new ones being made available all the time ( as our fleas/ticks adapt so quickly, they are able to develop resistance to products that were effective even five years ago).

All I can do as a vet is to let you know what is available, and what is effective.   I can only do that if I get the opportunity to see you and your pet on a regular basis.  That is why it is up to both of us.

As we are heading into warmer weather, we are also heading into the higher risk for gastrointestinal disease (virus driven and food poisoning).   Watch for parasites (slugs, ants, flies) infecting food, and make sure all food bowls are cleaned between feeding.

Slugs can also carry a parasite that can cause neurological disease in our dogs and cats (and people too).

But, be careful with the rat and snail baits that you may choose to lay out - they can cause poisoning in non target species (like our dogs and cats (and birds). 

What about bones?  Bones are 21% fat (believe it or not), and are difficult to digest - so on hot days, please do not give your pet bones.  It is the most common cause of the constipated pet  in summer, and is a true preventable summer problem.

And don't forget the most common preventable disease of all - dental disease. Take advantage of our free dental checks all year round, as our pets hide dental pain very effectively.


Dr Liz


We recently treated a mother dog with Parvovirus. Her puppies at the time of writing are OK, but they are still at risk themselves, though we are taking all steps to protect them. 

Prior to this, the last pet I treated was over 8 years ago - I thought it was a disease long gone from our area.

Parvovirus destroys the lining of the intestine, so that the dog dies of dehydration of severe bloody vomiting and diarrhoea.

Treatment includes aggressive intravenous fluid therapy, anti-vomiting medication and nutritional support.

Cost of treatment can be anywhere from $1000 to $4000 or even more.

This is a PREVENTABLE disease, with vaccinations available at all veterinary hospitals.

It is for this reason that we recommend all pets remain current on their vaccinations or be aware of their pet's vaccine status through titre testing.


Need help with your access to the pet registry?  We can help

Each Tuesday from 5 pm to 7 pm we are offering a FREE (for existing animalclinic family members) service to help you with the NSW Council Pet Registry


NSW Council Pet Registry is now ONLINE

Responsible Pet Ownership has gone up a notch (or three) in NSW with the introduction of the new pet registry.

What does this mean for  you?

You will be able to modify your address, add phone numbers, and register your pet online.

The user guide on how to set everything up is available here.

To access the pet registry to create your user profile click here.

We are more than willing to help you in this transition phase now and in the future.  You can call us on 42845988 or you can contact Wollongong City Council on 42 277111.

Wash and Dry - Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner

In choosing the right skin care products for your pet, you need to follow some essential rules.

- Hypoallergenic

- Soap Free

- Correct pH (be careful with human shampoos)

- Use a good quality, leave in skin conditioner

How often to wash?

In the normal pet, only when they are smelly or dirty. 

In pets with skin conditions, they may need more frequent bathing, even as often as each 2-3 days.

Which shampoo when?

Ask us at your next vet visit, but here are some general tips. For more detailed tips, go here.

We like Ivory Coat Sensitive Skin Shampoo and Condidtioner -  it is suitable for general cleaning, as well as those with allergic skin disease (assuming no infections). For puppies and kittens, the Troy range of Oatmeal based shampoos and conditioners work well.

For dogs with a history of "Hot Spots", use Dermcare Pyohex shampoo, followed by Dermcare Pyohex Conditioner, or PAW Mediderm shampoo followed by PAW Nutriderm Conditioner.

For dogs with a "smell" or that has a history of yeast infections, use Dermcare Malaseb shampoo, followed by Dermcare Pyohex Conditioner, or PAW Mediderm shampoo followed by Dermcare Pyohex Conditioner.  Alternatives include Austrazole rinse twice a week.

ALWAYS.... follow up any shampoo with a good leave in conditioner please!

NEVER .... use the 2 in 1 dog shampoos.  Always use a seperate cleansing shampoo, and then follow with a moisturising leave in conditioner.

At the Dog Lovers Show

Keeping it simple - Feeding the allergic pet

Diet can help allergic dogs in two ways

- Skin support diets have higher Omega 3/Omega 6's than regular foods

- Novel Protein or hydrolysed protein diets remove a potential cause of the allergy (if the dog is allergic to a food protein such as beef, chicken, soy, rice, pork, lamb), and get it below its allergy threshold (if they are allergic to grasses and pollens - things we can't control)

What is a novel protein?

It is a protein that the pet has never been exposed to before, and thus, has not developed a sensitivity to. Crocodile and Kangaroo are novel proteins.

What protein are dogs  and cats allergic to?

Any protein - chicken, beef, lamb, pork, rice, soy, milk, eggs .

For example, our dog Piper  is allergic to chicken, eggs, milk, rice, turkey, oatmeal, yeast, kelp and fish.  So putting her on a hypoallergenic diet that includes any of these will not work for her.

Royal Canin Anallergenic is a 99% hydrolysed protein diet which we recommend for ALL dogs whose owners are interested in a Food Allergy Trial. It needs to be fed exclusively for 8-12 weeks.

For cats, you have the choice of Hills z/d or Royal Canin Hypoallergenic or Sensitivity.  Alternatively, you feed kangaroo meat only exclusively for 6 weeks (not longer than this  as this is not a balanced diet).

Once Food Allergy is confirmed (by resolution or reduction of signs when on the food, and restarting of the signs once normal food introduced), we can then use introduce different foods as trial and error.

We are now stockists of the Vet Dermatologist recommended novel protein food, Prime100 (see our special introductory offer below), in both the rolls and  BARF.  Thanks to this food, we are able to give Piper a bit more variety.

Did you know? 

Food Allergies in dogs can show up as recurring ear infections/itchy ears or anal gland disease/scooting. 

Southern Highlands - a place for the WHOLE family!

Belango State Forest

Need ideas for a full family day trip?  Go to the Southern Highlands!

Read my most recent blog about the Bowral Dog Park, and the most amazingly beautiful (and quiet) Belanglo State Forest (if you overlook its history)

There is a childrens playqground next to the Centennial Drive Dog park, so it suits the entire family.

At Belango State Forest, there are toilets, BBQ facilities, picnic tablets, and lots of walking trails.

As a funny aside - when we got lost (as we tend to do), we used the map feature on our Pokemon Go to help with directions, but there are no Pokemon there (just deer, rabbits and quiet).

Bellambivet blog.

Psyllium benefits for dogs and cats -

Psyllium is the main ingredient of Metamucil, which is a soluble fibre ideal for improved gastrointestinal health.

Did you know that many pets  with chronic or intermittent diarrhoea benefit from the addition of soluble fibre to their hypoallergenic food?  A recent analysis of cases of chronic diarrhoea to an American University showed that over 50% improved when they were placed onto a novel protein or hypoallergenic diet with the addition of psylium.

How much to add?

Toy Breeds - half a tablespoon

Small dogs - one tablespoon

Medium dogs - two tablespoons

Large dogs - three tablespoons

Being Catty.

Cat rules

So What's New?

Puppy/Kitten Checks

Are you thinking of a new puppy or kitten to join your family?  (or a pet of any age, if they are new to you)

If so, we strongly recommend an independant vet check within the first 48 hours

We can check for

- heart murmurs

- luxating patellars

- eye abnormalities

- hip dysplasia

- ear mites and other ear infections

- parasites

- and much much more


SERESTO - Flea/Tick Collars

for Cats and Dogs

Introductory Price of $76.50 (normal RRP is $80)

It contains Imidocloprid (the same flea killer as in Advantage), and Flumethrin (repels ticks).

Provides up to four months of tick protection, and up to 8 months flea control.


For more information, visit the Seresto website.

Coming Soon -


At the time of sending this, we are awaiting the arrival of a NEW dental chew for dogs.

This novel chew combines Delmopinol, which coats the tooth surface, stopping bacteria from latching on, with a textured chew, to physically massage the tooth and gums.

We now have Greenies, Prozyme and Oravet chews, to give your pet the choice of which they prefer.

Informational Dog Leads

Some of us have met the "He's friendly" line from the pet owner as their overenthusiastic dog runs up to ours.

Some of us have dogs who just do not cope with their private space invaded so quickly even if the other dogs intention is "friendly"

Let these leads help you and your dog give other people "information" about whether they are friendly, nervous, a working dog, deaf, blind etc etc.

Make sure you are get "appdated", by keeping these important apps on your smartphone or tablet.

- Pocketvet - Select Russell Vale Animal Clinic to receive updates from us

- First Aid for animals - Select Russell Vale Animal Clinic to be able to access this app.

And everyone should have this app - the Australian Emergency Plus app -

We are in the process of organising another professional photographic shoot so we can have great up to date photos for our website and advertising material - if you are happy to have your pet be part of it (and you can be too), just make sure to watch out for the news in upcoming newsletters  - we will advertise the date on Facebook, via our PocketVet app, and via twitter.

Dr Liz

10% off

Ivory Coat Shampoo and Conditioner

Australian made, Soap Free, Hypoallergenic shampoo

Perfect for allergic dogs, or those with sensitive skin.


Offer Expires 25/11/2016. No limit. Must present voucher for the discount.

50% off

Nail Clips or Anal Glands Expression

Is your pet "tap dancing" or doing the "bum scooting" dance on the new carpet?   Let us help you by trimming those nails or expressing those smelly glands.

Book now online.

Offer Expires 25/11/2016. Up to 2 pets per family. Must present voucher and let Dirk/Tegan know at time of booking.

Buy 1, get 50% off second



We have

- Lamb and Rosemary 2 kg rolls  $11.50

- Crocodile and Tapioca 2 kg rolls $21.00

- Kangaroo and Pumpkin 2 kg rolls $14.50

BARF - Lamb

- Kangaroo

-  Crocodile   600 gms  $6.50

Amount to feed - 200 gms per 10 kg.

Offer Expires 31/10/2016 

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