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October 2015

There is nothing like the "last minute" to get something done....

"For the Love of Animals" is our theme for this year's Russell Vale Vets Family Fun Day (aka Open Day). Whilst I have been planning, booking and organising things for months, it is not until the last minute that you are getting a last minute reminder of our fun day.

The excitement starts at around 10 am, and will finish when it finishes (aiming for around 1-2 pm).

This year is our biggest one yet, but it is only as good as the amazing people who come along to be part of the fun!

So, please come along.... it is for everyone who has a love of animals, as it is all "For the Love of Animals".

Don't forget to sign our "Thank You to our Vet Nurses" card, as Friday, 9th October was Vet Nurses Day!   Let Dirk and Tegan know that their hard work, dedication is appreciated.  We all like to know that we are making a difference in our little corner of the world!

Our competition is on again, with some great prizes! We have to thank Bayer (for the Advocate prizes), and MSD (for the Bravecto prize). 
Essential Info
Where: At Russell Vale vets - 17 Bellambi Lane, Russell Vale

What time: Starts around 10 am - expecting it to wind down between 1 and 2

Why: For the Love of Animals, of course!!

Get Wild - With All of our animals
Last year, Get Wild amazed us with reptiles, insects and a baby croc.

This year, they will be there but with TWO displays - who doesn't love farmyard animals - bringing the country to us city folk.  And, Aussie Wildlife - with many natives there to educate all of us on how to behave and act around them.

Both displays will be in our backyard, so don't be frightened if you don't see them as you come into our carpark!
Karen and Spiro from Cafe2U 
Not only are they animalclinic family members, with Lotti, they also are wonderful people who  make great coffee and awesome frappes.

They have been with us since our first every Open Day (Pandora's birthday a few years back).

We are thankful that they are still happy to come back to be with us year after year!

Come along and say thanks to them too!
Wayne and Mary from Kings Photography
From being our Santa Paws photographer, as well as our animalclinic family photographer, their love for our animals just shines through their amazing photographs!

They will be roaming on the day, to capture the spirit of the animalclinic family fun!

They will be the ones with cameras around their necks, so don't be frightened to say hallo, and have your photo taken.

Free Family Fun
Who doesn't love to have their face painted in the most unusual animal they can think off?

Who doesn't love to jump and bump around in an air filled plastic thingo?

We do... just don't tell the kiddies!

Professional facepainters will be available on the back deck to turn you or your child into anything they want!  Just ask.  They will be there until noon.

Jumping Castles are always popular - so much fun!

Oooh... let us not forget the balloons!  It is a party after all, and we can't have a party without balloons!

Food and Fun
We are extremely thankful to have wonderful animalclinic family members, especially ones who know how to offer great food!

A big thanks to Sandy and Dave from Subway Warilla, as they will be delivering platters of their awesome subs. (last year, the platters were bare in about 10 minutes, as they were so yummy!)

This year, we have ordered alot more.... and to help us out, Subway Warilla will be delivering them for us too!

A big Thank You Subway Warilla Grove.

We will also have the usual chippies, snackies, fruit,  and we are going to see how we go with Hot Dogs (I can't even make toasted cheesies without the added charcoal, so let us hope the Hot Dogs go OK - but at least the bread should be yummy, thanks to Baker's Delight Corrimal Court. 

And yet, there's more!  We will have nibblies, danishes and scones.

Our cake will be cut around 12ish, and this year it is Red Velvet and Choc Mud from Delaneys Cakes! Yummy!
Tours of the Vets
We will have tours of the vet hospital - so you can see the "backend", such as our laboratory, operating theatre,  hospital area and treatment room.

As a fully licenced and equipped veterinary hospital, many are surprised at our facilities given that we are "small". . For example, we were the first to offer dental xrays, and one of the first to offer digital dental and full body radiography.

Avondale Florist is our animalclinic family florist, and if you see a beautiful display, you will know where it came from. Thanks Chris!

For the love of our animals - all of them!
This year, we will have something a bit different and special - we have dedicated a room to remember those pets whom we have loved, and lost, but will never forget.

They are forever in our hearts!

A Dusk candle will be lit (a gift given to us by an animalclinic family member on the loss of their beautiful Indi) , and a book will be available, for you to add in a photo and/or some words on those special ones whom you love, but are with us in spirit only. 

It will be in our smaller (second) consult room, so feel free to visit this room at any time during the day for quiet reflection, to remember those whom we have lost, not to feel sad, but to remember, with love, the impact they have had on our lives. 

This book will be available always in our waiting room for anyone, at any time, to add to it.

So what could go wrong?
Last year, alot of things went wrong. We were broken into multiple times, we suffered multiple graffiti attacks (well, that wasn't new but it does get draining), and generally, it was a demoralising year.

Life as a vet is stressful enough, without "life" throwing bad stuff at us!.

What kept us going was getting back to basics - why do we do what we do.

It is for the love of our animals that we put one foot in front of the other, and do the best we can for all of the animals that cross our path.  The love of our animals gives us the strength to continue. It wasn't about us, but about how we could help our animals. Hence our inspiration for this year's theme for our Open Day - For the Love of Animals!

We have no doubt that something will go wrong this year, as it has in every other Open Day we have held - but it is about family, love, being together, and enjoying the journey.

We thank each and every one of you for choosing to be part of our animalclinic family.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you

Dr Liz

Russell Vale Animal Clinic | 02 42 845988 |
17 Bellambi Lane
Russell Vale, 2518