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Medic Alert  - Tick Poisoning Alert
13th August 2012
In This Alert
Tick Poisoning Alert
Cupcake Party

This is an urgent  note out as we have had two Paralysis tick cases in the past 4 days. Please share this with your friends and neighbours and spread the warning please.

Last summer, we saw very few tick poisoning cases, but quite a few pets with ticks on them  (with no poisoning signs).  This was great, and it showed prevention was best. But it is a shock to have the tick season start so early, and has caught us all unprepared.

A reminder that this Saturday is our Open Day, and a Cupcake Party raising funds for the RSPCA. All funds collected on the day will go towards funds against Animal Cruelty.
Dr Liz
Russell Vale Animal Clinic
Tick Poisoning Alert

Are you prepared?


We don't want to panic anyone but it is an early start to the tick season. After a wet summer, a strange winter, and the mid winter warmth, the ticks are out.


Ages of Ticks

Treatment for tick poisoning is available at Russell Vale vets, but we prefer to educate and prevent. 


All animals other than the bandicoot can be affected - over the years I have seen a kangaroo, magpie, chicken and possums with tick poisoning.


Prevention includes daily tick searches. Other options include

- fortnightly Frontline spot on or three week Frontline spray for cats and dogs

- fortnightly Advantix spot on for dogs (not recommended for white fluffy dogs)

- monthly tick collars for dogs

- weekly Permoxin spray (for dogs only).


Also - keep the lawns short (sorry guys!)

- avoid bushy areas


There are no options for ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs, so searches for these guys please.



Make sure our after hours numbers are put into your phone ready to go, or remember our web address (smart phone friendly).


Our mobile - 0401 349 849


Follow here for our Tick info handout.


Against Animal Cruelty
RSPCA Cupcake Party

Saturday 18th of August 2012

10 am to 12 noon - pets and kids welcome.

RSPCA Cupcake Day 

The excitement is building at the vet hospital for our family and pet friendly Cupcake/Pupcake/Meowcake Party to raise funds for the RSPCA, to help in their fight against Animal Cruelty.

That is on this Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon - and includes clinic tours, Jumping Castle for the kids, Dog wash for the dogs, and yummy cakes for all of us.

Visit our store for online orders of cupcakes which will be available for pick up on the 20th (Monday) which is the official Cupcake Day.  All funds go towards the RSPCA.

For online orders visit our shop.

To make a donation visit our Cupcake Day blog and donation page.

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