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Smile - its Pet Dental MonthMay 2012
smile big teeth


Greetings!  and family,
May is a busy month with the National focus of Pet Dental care, Heart Disease, and  National Dog Bite Prevention Week. 


This month, vets all over Australia are offering free dental checks for all animals.  Many of you already know that we offer six monthly dental checks on all our registered patients, but many pets don't see a vet regularly.  Spread the word.


We all have a heart, but our pets don't tell us if their heart is acting up.  Science has come in to save the day. All cats should be screened, and only dogs who have a history of a heart murmur or abnormal rhythm. 


Every time there is news of another dog attack, my heart sinks. National Bite Prevention Week brings home the point that we can minimise the impact through awareness of our own pet's body language (cats bite too and their bites hurt!)


Oh, and don't forget the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk and Auction on the 20th May. We have put in some fantastic vouchers, so bid and save!


PS Our Yellow Pages listing has gone "missing" but we haven't.  We still have White Pages listing, and we are still here. Ring for a fridge magnet and make sure our number is by the phone.



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Stressed Out Cats
Ask Pandora
For Fun
Did you know.... Dental Xrays
Dog Bite Prevention Week
Feline Heart Health
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Stressed Out Cats   
happy cat

After the success of last months Polite Pets Month, I was surprised to hear that many people did not think of their cat as stressed. "What stresses cats out?" I was asked.  


Well, cats are creatures of habit. They love the same old-same old and changes in routine can really upset them.


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Dental Health: How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth
Dental Health: How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth
Dear Pandora.... 
  I really don't like having my mouth played with at all, and no matter how much I hiss and carry on, they still try to brush.   What do I do? 
Toothless Tiger


A:Dear Toothless,

The reason why they want to brush your teeth is that they don't want you to be toothless.   

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For Fun 
Dental Xray

In April, $37.50 was raised for Guide Dogs with Proheart 12 injection -

so we will donate $100

to Guide Dogs NSW.

Well done! 

Did you know -

A toothy picture

Dental Xrays are an important part of the assessment of your pet's teeth.

 digital dental xray

Many vets still call getting a pet's teeth assessed under an anaesthetic  a " dental". What many people do not realise is that it does not mean the same thing to all vets (or owners). 


Intraoral radiographs are an essential part of every pet's dental assessment, as most of the tooth is under the gum. Cleaning the brown yucky stuff is just not enough.  I have also seen enough smelly mouths, which look pristine harbour significant infection causing pain.


That is why xrays are so important - you wouldn't want your vet fixing your pet's broken leg without Xrays, would you?  At Russell Vale vets we have had digital dental xray since 2009.


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Dog Bite Prevention Week 
Dog Bite Prevention PSA I drsophiayin.com
Dog Bite Prevention PSA I drsophiayin.com
Dr Yin has great videos and information sheets on her website, many of the resources which were used during AVA's Polite Pets Month in March. 
Most dogs bite because they are anxious, rather than aggressive, and most people do not pick up on the dog's signs of anxiety.  Growling is a warning signal of a bite, and most dogs growl simply as a way to say... I don't like what you are doing. I would much rather be warned, than get a bite without a warning.

Did you know - Know which hearts to worry about!

Many cats have significant heart disease, and the only sign we see is sudden death.

 cat heart health

Science is there to help identify these cats early, preventing lots of heartache.  


A revolutionary new blood test is now available for cats (and dogs) to help us diagnose asymptomatic pets with early heart disease.


Take advantage of our Healthy Hearts blood test offer, and know which hearts to worry about.

Read on about Heart disease and cats


new productPlaque Off for Dogs and Cats

plaque offPlaque Off was initially tested and used in Norway on people! It has been proven in Europe to aid in removal of plaque (the soft furry stuff on your teeth) and tartar (the brown ugly hard stuff).  It is made from specially selected arctic ocean algae Ascophyllum nodosum harvested from the seas of Norway and Iceland.  


And it won't break your pet's teeth like bones do!


It is free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten and sugar.  It is not a replacement for brushing (at home), or dental care at the vet clinic ( an examination and cleaning under a general anaesthetic), but it will help slow the progression of build up.

Plaque off Cats $ 42.50
Plaque Off Dogs $ 42.50



Until Next Time..... 


Save 10%
dogbrushteethIs there brown stuff sitting on your pet's teeth? Have we recommended
a dental procedure for your dog or cat, but you haven't got around to it?  If so, take advantage of this offer.  We are offering 10% off our published prices  in our May 2011 Dental brochure for our Grade 1 to 3 Dental Assessments and Cleaning.

 Conditions: Discount does not apply to any oral surgery (extractions etc) which may be necessary.
Offer Expires: 30th May 2012  For more information on What grade is your pet.

For only


Check your pet's heart cardiopet
 Book your pet (dog or cat) in to get their heart checked. This includes Full blood count, Biochemistry panel,  Thyroid test, Cardiopet proBNP, (and a Heartworm test if one has not been done in the past 12 months).
Suitable for both dogs and cats. 

Conditions: Does not include the Vet Check fee of $40.00. 
Offer Expires: 30th May 2012. No Rainchecks.



 Free pet dental checks are a great way for your pet to have a stress free fun visit at the vet clinic. And your wallet gets to have fun too as it doesn't need to come out to pay for the visit.

This year we have put together a Gift Pack as a gift TO YOU  for  your pet dental checks

 Conditions: Stocks of Gift packs are limited, so first in best dressed.
Offer Expires: 30th May, 2012